Quarantine Your Skin

Quarantine Your Skin for Better Health

Worried about damaging your skin with the wrong products? Consider a skin quarantine. Government-mandated stay at home orders has banished us to our homes 24/7, changing life as we know it dramatically. For many, this global pandemic has not only affected our pockets but our bodies. Let’s learn what it means to quarantine your skin.

Because we’re in the house more often than not a lot of us have ditched the makeup and are rocking bare faces. While taking a break from makeup and exploring skincare products can be great for the health of some of our skin, others have unfortunately been experiencing breakouts.

If you’ve been experiencing dryness or breakouts, here’s why:

Increase in Stress Levels

quarantine your skin

Uncertainty about the future coupled with anxiety can undoubtedly increase stress levels. Stress is known to cause skin issues and exacerbate breakouts in individuals who are already predisposed to skin issues.

While it’s not possible to think your way to healthy skin, it can help to channel stress in healthier ways, which can have positive effects on your whole body – including your skin.

Reduce the Effects of Stress on Your Skin, Dermalogica

Stress has been linked to increased cortisol production in the body and the androgenic hormone. This causes increased inflammation and overproduction of sebum oil which leads to acne flare-ups and breakouts.

Dietary Changes Affect Your Skin

diet and skin

Have you been spending a lot of the time on the couch drowning yourself in junk food? Yes, most of us are guilty of overindulging in the comfort food.what many people don’t know is that gut health is tied to the health of your skin. An unbalanced and unhealthy gut environment causes a buildup of toxins which is eventually released into the bloodstream causing inflammation throughout your body including the skin.

Changes In Sleep Patterns Affect your Skin

sleep and skin

In some way or another, we’ve all experienced drastic changes in our routine. This can have a major impact on your sleep schedule. If you find that you are not getting enough shut-eye your skin is a good enough reason to try and get some more sleep. When you are not sleeping enough your cortisol levels will be high which directly affects the oil glands. If you think it will help, give your face a break with a sleeping mask.

Experimenting With Too Many Products

quarantine your skin

With lots of extra time on your hands, you’re finally able to devote some of that time to self-care. People are bored and curious about new products and trends they’ve seen on the internet. Be careful with using all kinds of new products on your face. You’ll end up leaving your skin inflamed and raw.

If the health of your skin has been all over the place during quarantine, consider going back to the basics. Stick with gentle cleansers rather instead of throwing away all your products.

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