New Years Eve Makeup for 2023

New Year’s Day is just around the corner. In a few days, we will be officially saying goodbye to 2020 and saying hello to 2021 – although I must admit, I’m pretty anxious about this transition and I am not exactly excited at the prospect of a new year. I am having so much mixed emotions that I want 2020 to end because honestly I am just so done with it. 

But at the same time I don’t really know if I am ready for 2021. 

Nevertheless, it’s still happening whether we like it or not. And one thing that I am very excited about celebrating New Year is having a reason to actually dress and look a bit more extra — basically make the most out of the last day of 2020 and the first day of 2021. 

I know you’re probably thinking of ideas on how to glam up this coming New Year’s Eve. Don’t worry, I got you! Here are some New Year Makeup ideas that you and I can both try. 

Glam Up: Makeup Ideas for New Year’s Eve



Yellow is probably not something that you’d usually wear or even something that has made your list for this New Year’s Eve makeup ideas but honestly, if there is one thing 2020 taught me is that: Life is too short not to try and be crazy about things. This year has been so full of plot twists and changes and I think it’s about time we all stop being afraid of things and just do it. 

Honestly,  this is definitely not up my alley as well but I think I am actually really digging a yellow pop in my makeup which will definitely look so good and so chic with earth tones. Also, it’s the Color of the Year for 2021! 



I mean, if you want to be extra on New Year’s Eve then glitters is definitely the way to go. Me? I might be taking my cue from Rose’s glitter underliner in How You Like That for this year. This style definitely fits my minimalist aesthetic but at the same time still gives that powerful impact. Also, I really love my eyes so I tend to put more emphasis on them than any other part of my face. 

Keeping the sparkle minimal by putting it under the eyes instead of on top gives a very cool and ethereal vibe. But you also have the option to go full glam with some false lashes. 



The Queen’s Gambit has been one of the most popular 2020 Netflix shows and aside from Beth Harmon’s (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) superiorly sexy intelligence when it comes to chess, another notable thing about her is her signature ‘60s liner look. And I am dying to try that one out myself.

For this year, maybe I’ll swap the black liner with a smoky gray one to match Pantone’s Color of the Year. And the tip for this look: Focus it in the crease not under the eyes. 


This is a look that I am definitely eyeing (I hope you got the pun but in case you didn’t, this is a hint). Level up winged eyeliners to copper cat eyes to take on a more dramatic,sexy yet cool look this New Year Eve. Personally, I love brown hues and I think that this is a sort of refreshing take on my usual nude style and definitely puts my eyes as the focus of the look. 

Pair it with some colored contact lens to really pop the eye makeup and get that fierce cat vibe!


If 2020 is a makeup, I would definitely pick black lipstick. Not because it’s just black which means dark but it’s actually something that not most people would love nor hate and there are just a few who could actually pull off this kind of look. And that is exactly how I felt with 2020. It’s a mix of everything – pain and frustration but also an empowering year of empathy and giving. And there’s just a few who benefitted from it… Okay, I’m not really talking about makeup now but you get me, right?

Anyway, so what better way to cap off the year than wearing black, right? Also, black is just as classic as red and you can try it as just black lips and a bit of eye makeup. But you can also go full glam and match it with equally dramatic eye makeup. (Also can I just say black in a matte finish is a god-tier lip texture?!)


If there’s glitter underliner, there’s also glitter lipstick. These glittery pouts have graced the runways and covers of different and major fashion magazines. Before, applying a sparkly effect on your lips required pro-level because honestly, I’ve tried the trend before and I basically just ended up with glitters on my teeth and none on my lips. 

Thankfully, the gods and goddesses of makeup have answered my call and now we have glitter lipsticks which we can easily apply and less of the mess. This New Year’s Eve, I might take out those glitter lipsticks again and just experiment a new and fancy look. 


Korean Pop and Korean Drama have been big trends this year and alongside that is the increased popularity of K-beauty as well. And probably the most popular look in K-beauty is the “no makeup look” which is very refreshing. If you’re not down for a dramatic and extra look this New Year’s Eve, then this is definitely the look. 

The key points to this look is making your brows look full by adding volume to it and then drawing a subtle line on your upper lash line to fill in the gaps between the lashes and naturally accentuating the eyes, applying a gradient lip because solid colors basically scream that you’re wearing makeup, and lastly giving your cheeks a natural flush to achieve the dewy, moisturized look. 

These are just ideas and you should definitely force yourself to try and look extra on New Year’s Eve. You do you, girl!


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