Winter Makeup Tips: 10 Ways to Winter-Proof your Makeup

Just like how you switch clothes to suit the winter weather, your makeup needs to do some adjustments too! The colder season introduces dry, dehydrated, and cracked skin. This does not only affect your skin but even your makeup routine, as well. But don’t give up on it just yet! We’ve rounded up the most useful winter makeup tips to help you survive the cold season with a perfect look! 

Exfoliate for a glow

During winter, dry patches are more prominent on the skin’s surface and no amount and layer of makeup can ever fix it. This leaves you with less radiant and glow. However, the solution to this chaos is a gentle exfoliating once a week and followed by a layer of moisturizer. In addition, it’s also best to hydrate from within by drinking loads of water. 

Cleanse carefully

Due to the colder weather, the face can feel taut and parched. When it does, it’s time to switch up your cleansing routine. Ditch your foaming, gel-based cleanser and opt for creamy cleansers since they have fewer skin-stripping detergents. Gently massage into the skin and remove with facial tissue. Aside from that, a humidifier also helps fight air dryness. 


A thick layer of foundation is prone to smudging during the snowy seasons. This can emphasize dry patches more and can completely destroy your look. To avoid this, lighten your foundation coverage by mixing equal parts of moisturizer. You can also use a tinted moisturizer. 

Sunscreen (Always!)

Another one of the most popular winter makeup tips is to religiously apply sunscreen. Just because you don’t see the sun as often during the winter, it doesn’t mean its damaging UV rays are not present. If you are planning on some outdoor activities, don’t ever forget to slap on some sunscreen with at least SPF 30. We think it’s a good habit to put on sunscreen regardless of the season so make sure this handy item is always present in your makeup vanity! 

Green-tinted moisturizer for redness

The ice-cold wind can leave you with an inflamed, red face but a green-tinted moisturizer helps reduce redness, especially moisturizers with calming ingredients that can treat painful areas. If redness is present in specific and smaller spots, you can just apply the color-correcting concealer on those areas. 

Set your Makeup

Layers of clothes and scarfs are necessary for the winter and something that’s completely unavoidable. And the most annoying thing about this is that makeup tends to rub off on the coat or scarf. Use a translucent pressed powder to set. It’s better than loose powder and helps cleanly set your makeup. 

Winter Makeup Tips

Use a Salve

One beauty item that helps protect the skin from the cold wind and prevents face redness is a salve. It creates a barrier and protection between the skin and environmental elements. There are a lot of salves in the market and you can choose the one you prefer but one thing to take note of is to avoid those that remove your makeup when you put them on. 

Apply face mask

Flaky skin is common during the winter and it’s not a pretty sight to touch and see. To fight flakes, a powerful and hydrating mask is your best bet. Look for one with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients meant for intense and deep hydration. You can start using it once a week for at least 5 to 20 minutes at night. From there on, observe how often you need to put it on. 

Additionally, foundation is also easier to work over a well-moisturized skin. 

Go easy on product usage

During the winter, the skin is generally sensitive and dry so we suggest you go easy on products. This means it’s time to skip some beauty items on your usually-to-use list. To give your face some life, a blush is enough but usually, the cold wind would activate some natural redness on your cheeks so we think that’s a cute quirk from the winter cold! But of course, for special occasions and winter events you want to dress up for, you can totally go out for your winter look!

Instead of slapping layers of makeup, focus on the eyes, and use a simple shade or two and pair it with waterproof mascara. Buff your eyebrows and you are good to go for a winter walk! 

Drink lots of water

Healthy skin starts from deep within! So make sure to keep your skin hydrated, not only with a hydrating moisturizer but also by drinking tons and tons of water! Don’t forget to keep a healthy diet as well. This is one of the best winter makeup tips in the list so we suggest you take this one seriously.


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