10 Sustainable Clothing Brands You Should Have in Your Closet

Better fashion, better planet. It would be such a wonderful feeling if we are fashionably saving the Earth. 

However, that’s not the current case. Each year, the fashion industry produces 13 million tons of textile waste. 95% of these could have been reused or recycled instead. This number alone makes the fashion world one of the biggest contributors to pollution all over the world. 

Aside from waste, the production process is also lethal, with chemicals and waste killing not only the environment but human beings, as well. 

Fortunately, more and more brands are being aware of these negative effects and are turning into sustainable and environmental-friendly production methods. Aside from the clothing companies, cosmetic brands are also creating products the sustainable way.

If you are wondering what wonderful brands are practicing these Earth-saving systems, check them out below! 


Sustainable Clothing Brands

Boden is a UK-based sustainable clothing brand that creates adult and children’s apparel, swimwear, loungewear, and sleepwear. Their eco-friendly practices involve the use of sustainable cotton and fibers, a transparent supply chain, and eco-friendly packaging. 

It is expected that an environment-friendly brand like Boden would pay extra attention to its sourcing and supply chain. Whenever they can, the company uses sustainable and organic fabrics and is highly ethical in all processes of its supply chain. 

Boden has apparel for adults, children, and even babies so imagine your whole family wearing sustainable clothing. 

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Sustainable Clothing Brands

Pact is from Colorado and produces clothes for adults and children, as well as basics and underwear. The company uses GOTS certified organic cotton, operates with fair trade practices, and has a clothing donation program. 

The brand’s GOTS certified organic cotton uses up to 95% percent less water than traditional cotton and is noticeably softer than the others. The company also refrains from using chemicals. 

Pact is well-known for its basics, as well as its comfortable underwear. 

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Organic Basics

Sustainable Clothing Brands

Organic Basics from Denmark creates adult apparel, loungewear, underwear, and accessories. The company uses organic cotton and recycled fabrics and its production process are 100% eco-certified, utilizing solar and wind energy. 

Wearing Organic Basics will make you look and feel wholesomely clean with its wonderful eco-friendly range and high-quality range of apparel, including sweats, underwear, and tees. They have a versatile product range that you can use for work, yoga, or a dinner party. 

Organic Basics gives back to organizations and activists who advocate for climate justice and biodiversity. 

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Based in Los Angles, Vetta makes apparel for women, capsule wardrobes, loungewear, and workwear. The brand uses sustainable fabrics, responsible factories, the production is partially solar-powered, and uses recycled packaging. 

If you love clean capsule wardrobes, Vetta is your must-go brand. The company specializes in five-piece themed capsule collections that can be mixed and matched into a month’s worth of outfits. Vetta utilizes organic and Pima cotton, natural linen, Tencel, deadstock fabric, recycled polyester. 

If you are not into capsule wardrobes, you can also purchase the items individually. 

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People Tree

People Tree is a London-based sustainable clothing company and makes products on women’s apparel, activewear, underwear, and essentials. The brand operates with sustainable and ethical practices and is a PETA-approved vegan company. It uses Tencel and organic cotton. 

Product from People Tree is guaranteed fair trade, eco-friendly, organic, and colored with GOTS-approved dyes. The brand even prints its labels on FSC-certified paper. The clothes are high-quality and surely something you won’t regret purchasing. 

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tentree is based in Canada and makes adult and children’s apparel, loungewear, activewear, and accessories. The brand is certified B Corp, uses sustainable fabrics, and operates with responsible and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. 

tentree, as the company’s name suggests, plants 10 trees for each item bought. The brand aims to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. Currently, it has planted 55 million trees. Their activewear and loungewear are all made from varying blends of sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton and Tencel. 

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Thought Clothing

Based in London, Thought Clothing produces adult apparel, sleepwear, loungewear, socks, and accessories. The brand uses sustainable and organic materials, operates with eco-friendly production, and uses plastic-free and recyclable packaging. 

Thought Clothing’s items are all made with eco-friendly fabrics like hemp, bamboo, and GOTS certified organic cotton. Made with love, for both you and the planet, their items are all high-quality and sustainability in mind. Say goodbye to boring colors for this brand has it all: bright colors, wonderful knits, and trendy patterns. Another good news? Everything is under £150.

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Two Days Off

Two Days Off is based in Los Angeles and makes women’s apparel, accessories, and home and body goods. The brand uses carbon-neutral, natural, and deadstock fibers, every order is made-to-order or produced in small batches and they use plastic-free shipping. 

Gina Stovall is a geologist who studied climate solutions in graduate school. She founded Two Days Off to reassess responsible production. All items are made in-house in Los Angeles, in a made-to-order system, or produced in small batches. 

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Soluna Collective

Soluna Collective is based in Los Angeles and produces women’s apparel accessories, and home and body goods. It uses sustainable and organic materials, eco-friendly dyes, artisan and ethically-made and women and BIPOC-led. 

As a company that’s led by women of color, Soluna Collective lives by wonderful values. Their products are ethically made with better materials and eco-dyes. They are all handmade, as well. Aside from that, they are artisan-made from all around the globe, including Peru and India. 

Don’t worry about a thing and purchase from this brand. You are assured that every piece from Soluna Collective will match your existing closet. 

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Back Beat Co.

Another sustainable clothing brand from Los Angeles is Back Beat Co. It produces adult apparel, activewear, loungewear, underwear, and accessories. It uses low-impact fabrics with sustainable and renewable fibers and recycled packaging. 

Highly inspired by the surf and skate culture of California, Back Beat Co.’s item is all on cool and casual comfort. The brand uses low-impact fabrics, such as hemp, linen, and organic and recycled cotton. They have a wide range of products as well, from tops, bottoms to underwear and outerwear. 

The company ships from its Los Angeles studio with plastic-free packaging that’s compostable or recycled. 

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