No matter what your winter plan is, either you like celebrating the season with fancy meals together with your friends or incorporating hitting up the occasion party circuit, there are unlimited chances to try something new makeup trends.

After all, it’s the one season when glitter, gold,  and extreme sparkle are worthy as well as encouraged. But it still depends on you, however, why can’t you give yourself a chance to try out all the most interesting cosmetics looks you’ve been seeing on the internet throughout the season?

Adding new winter cosmetics looks to your collection can help lighten up those dreary, too-cold days. 

Needless to say, how you care for your skin is significant, as well. Low dampness can prompt dry skin, so you would prefer not to apply cosmetics—particularly face powder—over a shriveled complexion. It’s important to get your winter makeup routine under control for a faultless look.

Here are five makeup application tips for winter that you may follow.

In the midst of ever-dropping temps and blustery winds, it is really essential to put some extra special care into your skin. You can follow these five makeup application tips before you do apply winter makeup.

Winter Makeup Tip 1

Since the weather can do a lot of changes on your skin especially it’s getting colder and colder —so why not consider changing your gentle cleanser to remove your makeup at the end of the day.

All you have to do is simply saturate a cotton pad with the micellar water and then wipe the pad all over your skin — remember no need for rubbing or rinsing.

Winter Makeup Tip 2

Make sure you use a hydrate post-cleansing when the winter days come since colder temperature tends to drier your skin.

Using a hydrating face serum is one of the best ways to help lock in moisture on your skin. You just need to simply apply it directly onto your damp skin right after cleansing. If ever you feel hesitant to add a Stephanie to your daily skincare routine, put in mind that makeup applies much better to hydrated skin.

Winter Makeup Tip 3

Perhaps you know these tips already, since using a moisturizer is a big must when the winter days come. Using a separate moisturizer for day and night is one of the best tips. 

During the day, you can layer on a lightweight moisturizing cream that will definitely work well with makeup applied overtop.

When the night comes, you can opt to use a thicker moisturizer or you can use an overnight face mask.

Winter Makeup Tip 4

Using a luminous finish foundation can be effective to get rid of or prevent having dry and dull-looking skin during winter days.

All you have to do is apply it to your skin together with a makeup blender. Just squeeze a little amount of foundation onto the blender and use rolling and dabbing motions so that the product will blend evenly.

Winter Makeup Tip 5

Spritzes — the easiest way not to mention the quickest way as well to set your look and help your makeup to last longer.

On the other hand, here are a few lists of winter makeup looks you may try.

Gold Eyes + Berry Lips

Gold eyes and berry lips make for a lovely matching. These differentiating hues do some incredible things to include the perfect amount of dimension and bling to your winter makeup look.  You can set the stage by dusting a touch of gold eyeshadow across your lid. Then, using a pencil eyeliner trace your upper lash line.

Wrap up by blending your gold eyes with a splendid berry lip.

Sultry Maroon Eyes

Maroon is one makeup shading trend that is not disappearing at any point in the near future. One of the number one fave ways to shake maroon cosmetics is on the eyes. 

To start with, apply a nude or light brown eyeshadow tone, as your base. At that point, layer the eyeshadow onto the outer corner of your upper lid. Next, follow along your upper lash line with the eyeliner. After you’ve put a coat or two of dark mascara on your lashes, include a couple of swipes of striking eye Mascara. You’re all set.

Metallic Inner Corner

You can show off your festive side by lighting up your inner corner using an eyeshadow or metallic eyeliner.

All things considered, the special seasons are about glitzy shades like gold and silver. You can wear a neutral eye shadow, at that point, apply the pencil eyeliner in Silver or Gold to your inner corner for a pop of metallic sparkle.

Two-Toned Eyeliner Trend

Why wear only one color of eyeliner when you could layer two? This two-trend is about personalization—layer any two shades based on your personal preference and consider to call it — lewk.

If you need a little motivation, however, you can’t turn out badly with black and gold.

Disco Makeup Trend 

This winter cosmetics trend will definitely make you need to move to a 1970s disco. Between the jet-black to the thick silver eyeshadow, spidery eyelashes, this look is essentially made for your companion’s yearly occasion party.

Monotone Makeup Trend

The winter cosmetics trend isn’t completely about being bold, shimmery tones. Monochromatic cosmetics (like this all-over peachy shading scheme) will likewise be on the table for the chilly-climate season, so begin to pair your number one eyeshadows and lipstick TN.

The ’90s Lip Trend 

Is a matte, ’90s-inspired lip ever not pertinent? No, which is the reason you’ll certainly be seeing a ton of them in the winter makeup trend. Simply ensure you polish off the look with a spritz or two of setting splash.

White Feline Eyes

Leave the exemplary cat feline eye behind, and step things up with white cat feline eyes. This winter cosmetics look includes utilizing white eyeshadow to make an emotional winged shape. You can set the stage by applying liquid eyeshadow cosmetics everywhere on your lid. Make a point to stretch out the shading outward to make the stunning feline eye shape you love.

Silver Ombrè Eyes

Take the chill factor up a couple of scores with the assistance of silver ombré eyes. This dazzling trend permits you to flaunt your blending aptitudes with a multi-apparent look. Rejuvenate this look with the eyeshadow conceal in silver. 

You can start preparing your lid by using an eye cosmetics preliminary and then dust the lightest shade from the palette on the inner corner of your lid. Apply the grayish-silver shade onto the focal point of your lid and the darkest tint on the outer corner. Make a point to ensure that you blend gently and evenly for seamless progress in shading. Amp up your lashes with a couple of layers of mascara.

Purple Eyeshadow 

Vibrant color— this is what a  purple eyeshadow trend all about. Don’t hesitate to layer a couple of shades on your lid to get an extra shine and dimension.

‘Messy’ Brow

The ultra-defined soap brows are getting its popularity in TikTok and Instagram, however, there’s something so cool, so stunning when it comes to this brushed-up brow trend. You can use a brow gel, either clear or tinted, depending on your preferences.

Warm Contour

Having a warm, glowy contour is not only ideal for summer days.  You can definitely wake up your face with a healthy dose of contour powder as well as a highlighter. You can always pair it with lip gloss and mascara, then you’re all set for the day.


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