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Black Eyeshadow Looks

Black makeup looks are definitely one of the most dateless shades in the beauty world and even considered as a gift that continues giving. 

It’s one of the chic ways to turn your look into a sultry and elegant one.

Since dark lipstick is viewed as trendy, it should not be a surprise to anyone that black eye makeup is likewise on the rise of popularity.

To be more specific, dark eyeshadow looks have been voguish into all over online media, and certain you can perceive any reason why. 

Just keep scrolling cause here are a few lists of black eyeshadow looks that will overwhelm you.

Smoky Eyes

Offering a dazzling mix of matte and shimmery shades, this dateless trend keeps on being a top pick for women who are makeup lovers. 

Plus, it’s super flattering on any eye shape, so does it well for you.

Here are simple steps to put Black Smokey Eye Makeup

Step 1

The primer should always be your baseline cause it can help the makeup to last longer. Besides, the primer is effective to make the blending process much easier to do. Then, apply the base and add some concealer under your eyes as well as your eyelids. Take note that it’s important to avoid any discoloration.

Step 2

Get your black eye shadow and start to apply on your eyelid, not leaving out any part.

Step 3

Make sure that you blend out the eyeshadow well so that any harsh lines will be prevented.

Step 4

Next is get your eyeliner and apply it to the lash line and don’t forget to smudge it out. Make sure that you apply it correctly and that it blends with the eyeshadow you already applied.

Step 5

You can apply the eyeliner in the crease and don’t ever forget to blend it well so that you can achieve an intense look. 

Additionally, apply it under your eyes and then smirch it out so that it will give a smokey effect on your eyes.

Black Crease

If ever you’re down to adopt a type of minimalist approach to dark eyeshadow, you can utilize this shade to characterize your crease for an astonishing eye makeup look.

Here are simple steps to get the look of Black Crease

Step 1

Before you start creating any eye makeup look, make sure that you apply an eye primer to give a perfect base to your eyelids. In case you’re all out of primer, you can always opt to use a concealer or a foundation as an alternative.

Step 2

Next is to apply the second lightest shade on your lids.

Step 3 

Here you need to put much focus on your crease and then apply the second darkest shade. Add your black eyeshadow to the outer “V” of your crease to deepen your look.

Step 4

Your next goal is creating a subtle highlight. To finish the look of your eyeshadow, add the lightest shade on your inner corner.

Step 5

It’s now the time to line your lid to enhance the shape of your peepers.

Step 6

Lastly, don’t forget to amp your lashes by adding some dramatic flair to your overall look with the use of volumizing mascara.

Red and Black Eyeshadow

Looking forward to adding something different to your eye makeup look? Try this shade of red and black eyeshadow.

Although there a lot of ways you can follow, here are simple steps for you to get the look of Red and Black Eyeshadow

Step 1

As always don’t forget to prime, prime. You know already how it works, applying a smooth of thin layer primer to your lid to prep.

Step 2

Here is now the perfect time to sweep a black eyeshadow onto the inner half of your lid as well as your crease. Then, apply across the outer half of your lid a shimmer liquid eyeshadow in the shade of red or ruby and blend the color until you notice that it’s even.

Step 3

To finally achieve your overall look, coat your lashes with lengthening mascara.

Black eyeshadow with Navy Dotted Cat Eye

Today, having a pair of black and blue together has become one of the hair color trends, likewise, it’s not something to be surprised with that the two shades

gaining its popularity as well in the makeup world. The genuine epitome of a great bend, this combination of two shades will include a new and roguish touch to your look.

Here are simple steps to get the look of Black eyeshadow with Navy Dotted Cat Eye

Step 1

Before anything that is being done to your look, make sure to prime your eyes.  To get the ball rolling, you have to add a small amount of eye primer to your lid.

Step 2

Get your black eyeshadow and start to put a sheer wash of black shadow to your entire lid.

Step 3

Next is putting a line to your lash line. It’s now the perfect time for you to explore your creativity. You can put a dot on your lid to create a dotted cat eye by using s navy eyeliner.

Step 4

To complete your look, add some mascara. 

Black Feline Eyes

It’s true that having a classic cat-eye never frustrates anyone, but if ever you’re keen on taking your dark eyeshadow look into a couple of notches, feline eyes are an extraordinary place for you to begin. 

Usually, it is created by utilizing blue eyeshadow, this extra hot take gives your eyes an exceptional, eye-catching overall look that won’t go unnoticed. 

Also, this trend can match well with basically any makeup look. Swipe dark eyeshadow over your lash line as well as your lid, at that point, try to extend out the color outward to make and achieve a feline eye shape.

All-over Black

Ready to have a bold look with this shade of all-over black? 

All you have to do is simply pack your preferred eyeshadow onto your lids, then by using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, make sure to carefully blend the color into your crease. 

As simple as that! But since this look is intended to say something, it is being recommended to add some eyeliner and a couple of coats of mascara to complete your overall look.

Black and Gold Eyeshadow

With a lovely shading combination at the forefront of your thoughts, it’s just right to put a dark and gold eyeshadow on your radar. This combination will definitely give you both a sophisticated and chic look that everyone will turn their eyes on.

Here are simple steps to the look of Black and Gold Eyeshadow

Step 1

To start working on your look, make sure to prime your eyes. You’ll be ready for the next step once you’ve done putting a thin layer of eye makeup primer to your lid.

Step 2

Perfect time to put a black eyeshadow across your lid with the use of a fluffy eyeshadow brush as well as your preferred eyeshadow. Then follow up with 

putting a shade on your lower lash line with the use of a small angled brush.

Step 3

Get now the gold eyeliner and start putting a line on your lids.

Step 4

Last but certainly not the least step, you need to pump up your lashes using mascara to complete your overall look.


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