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The Best 10 Natural Moisturizers for Different Skin Types

One of the most popular skincare products that everyone almost always reaches for is moisturizers. But how many of us take the time of the day to find out the content of this product? How safe are these commercialized products when compared to natural moisturizers?

SafeCosmetics has compiled a list of chemicals to avoid in beauty products and named it “Red List.” The chemicals are connected to long-term health concerns like cancer and reproductive problems. 

With the risk and the number of moisturizers we use every day, it’s the right time to consider shifting to cleaner and more natural moisturizers that offer the same texture and results as the conventional and commercialized ones.  

We have a whole load of reasons why we should switch to plant-based skincare products, one of them is that it is more healthy for our skin (also the most important reason of all!). 

If you are looking to change to natural moisturizers, read on to our top picks! 

Doctor Rogers Restore Face Cream

Natural Moisturizers

Developed by dermatologist Heather Rogers, MD, this face cream is designed to moisturize dry and flaky skin. It is made with all-natural ingredients, including shea butter, centella asiatica, and squalane. It is perfect to use for both winter and summer and will result in baby-soft skin. 

Peet Rivko Daily Moisturizer

Natural Moisturizers

This daily moisturizer is made with few simple plant-based ingredients but this is what makes this perfect for those with sensitive skin. It’s a gentle moisturizer that contains jojoba oil and shea butter. It is void of common skin irritants like fragrances, essential oils, or limonene. 

Pai Skincare Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream

Natural Moisturizers

A natural face moisturizer that’s designed for skin prone to redness. It has a soothing formula made with chamomile extract and anti-inflammatory rosehip oil that calms down the redness and prevents skin irritation. This is also recommended for anyone dealing with rosacea or eczema. 

Base Butter Radiate Face Jelly

For those with oily skin, rejoice! Here’s a natural moisturizer for you. This face jelly has a gel texture so it won’t feel sticky or greasy at all. It contains lavender extract that helps balance the skin’s oil production. To keep the pores clean, it is also infused with antibacterial tea tree oil. 

Youth to the People Superfood Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer

Natural Moisturizers

This natural face moisturizer has a very light texture but don’t be deceived. It is an ultra-hydrating moisturizer that contains all-natural and organic superfoods like kale, spinach, and green tea. 

Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer

If you are struggling with blackheads, whiteheads, or angry cysts, this natural face moisturizer is the perfect one for you. It is made with clarifying minerals, such as copper, zinc, and magnesium, that help inflammation and prevent dead skin cells and oils from clogging the pores. 

Beautycounter Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream

For anyone looking for an anti-aging natural moisturizers, try this one from Beautycounter. This moisturizer contains plant-based bakuchiol and Swiss alpine rose that smoothen your face lines, as well plumps and firms your skin. 

Epara Moisturizing Face Cream

This face cream might as well look like a Whole Foods order with its natural-filled ingredients. It is known to hydrate and brightens your skin due to ingredients such as shea butter, marula oil, and vitamin B3. 

Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer

This moisturizer can be worn as a primer under the makeup or a standalone moisturizer. This amazing formula contains TCF8 complex, black tea, fruit enzymes, algae, and avocado oil. It also has the amazing effect of making the skin look filtered upon application because of its blurring powders and plant-derived polymers. 

OSEA Blemish Balm

If you are struggling with acne-prone skin, we offer this lightweight cream that might help! It contains algae and tea tree oil that will calm and soothe the skin. 


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