8 Easy and Helpful Tips to a Sustainable Beauty Routine

The beauty industry alone produces more than 120 billion units of packaging. Out of this, only 9% are recycled, 12% are incinerated and the remaining 79% ends up in landfills, dumps, and worse, into our natural environment. 

So we can only imagine how our beauty routine endangers the Earth. That is, if we don’t do anything about it. Remember, even the simplest and littlest of help makes a significant impact in the environment. But how? 

Improving your beauty routine to be more sustainable and making changes in your cosmetic consumption can be overwhelming. But here are easy and doable tips to shift to a more sustainable beauty routine. 

Sustainable packaging

If it’s not reusable, recyclable, or replaceable, it’s not sustainable beauty packaging. Unfortunately, a massive part of the beauty industry relies on plastic for packaging. Plastic can be recycled, true, but it contributes to a bigger problem of plastic waste. 

To be more sustainable, try purchasing products from companies that are slowly shifting from single-use plastic packaging to eco-friendly glass, corrugated cardboard or paper-based packaging or stainless steel, and tin. 

It also helps if the company offers refills instead of requiring you to buy one whole product if you ever run out. This way, you can purchase one full product then purchase the refill and reuse the packaging.

Aside from that, try reaching for products with minimal or less packaging, like shampoo bars or soap bars. 

Reusable makeup wipes

The traditional makeup wipes you are using now is most probably single-use and made of synthetic materials, such as polyester and plastic. Now, disposing of these makeup wipes causes microplastics to be released into the oceans, causing damage to the environment. 

For a more sustainable beauty routine, switch to reusable or biodegradable options instead, like washcloths or reusable makeup wipes or pads that can be washed and used again. 

Reuse your empties

A wonderful eco-friendly tip is to make good use of your empty containers. For one, you can use it as refill containers for traveling or if you ever need to carry your favorite beauty products with you. Or you can also get creative and use them as storage for other beauty items. Your empty moisturizer jar can be used to store in your hair ties, hair clips, or cotton balls and any other smaller beauty items. 

Organic products

Let’s admit it. We know harsh chemicals are in our everyday beauty products but we use them anyway, because, well, they work for us. But there are a lot of products out there that are made with the cleanest and most natural ingredients that work just as well. 

The best thing is you are steering clear away from harmful chemicals that might irritate your skin and at the same time, taking care of the environment by limiting the use of unpleasant chemicals by switching and purchasing from eco-friendly brands.


Excluding microbeads

In 2015, the Microbead-Free Waters Act was passed. This law bans the ingredient microbeads in any formula. 

Microbeads is a common ingredient that is used in soaps. These are tiny plastic particles that travel all the way into the ocean and pollute the waters and contaminate the food chain with toxins. Though products with microbeads are still being used as of the moment, they can no longer be produced. 

Renewable energy

Take note of which cosmetic brands are taking the more eco-focused approach in, not only their products, but also manufacturing, and purchase from them. Many beauty companies use natural and organic products but also manufacture their products with renewable energy sources, like wind-powered factories. 

Environment-friendly beauty tools

Beauty instruments can be sustainable, as well. Instead of buying single-use and disposable applicators, use washable and eco-friendly beauty tools such as washable makeup blenders and makeup brushes made with recycled materials. 

Reusable shopping bags

You may only be accustomed to using your ecobags only when you are doing your groceries but shopping for new beauty products shouldn’t be any different. Instead of using the store plastic to bring home your newly-bought products, use your eco-friendly and reusable bags instead. 


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