A Quick Guide on Magnetic Lashes: What are they?

For some women, a dream come true is to have naturally long and thick eyelashes. But what would be the cost? Eyelash extensions are among the most expensive beauty products available today. But what if told you that there is a cheaper alternative to the high-priced eyelash extensions – and without the troublesome, time-consuming application – for a lot less money than regular eyelash extensions? Enter: magnetic lashes.

What are magnetic lashes?

magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes are extremely popular with celebrities, makeup artists, and women who simply want longer, thicker eyelashes. They can last from four weeks up to four months or more, depending on usage and the type of magnets used. 

Applying magnetic lashes does not involve the use of eyeliners, mascara, or brushes; thus, no one needs ever know that he or she is applying fake lashes. As a result, you can save a TON of money.

There are two ways to create magnetic lashes: either with the help of an eyeliner brush or with the help of a special magnetic liner. Liners are used when you want more definition or when you want to intensify the color of the eyes. Magazines and beauty shops generally have magnetic lashes available. If they don’t, you can also order these directly from manufacturers.

How to apply your magnetic lashes?

The first step in the process is to use an eyeliner brush to draw a line inside the lower third of the upper lash line. You can choose any color, so long as it’s a light colored liner. The second step is to use a single magnet along the upper third of the eyelash line while using a second magnet along the lower third of the lower lash line. Once you’ve placed all of the magnets in the right place on your eyelashes, you’re ready to put them on.

In some cases, people find it easier to buy magnetic lashes online because there are fewer complications. This method is great for those who don’t want to spend money on mascara, eyeliner, or eyelashes. It’s also great for people who don’t want to spend money on smelly glue or uncomfortable eye makeup. You just have to remember to read the directions carefully before applying and before trying your makeup. Otherwise, your eyes might get irritated.

One thing to keep in mind is that some brands of mascara are designed to be applied on top of natural lashes. These lashes are often called natural lashes and are available separately. If you use the wrong kind of mascara on top of natural lashes, the result is that you won’t get the beautiful look that you desire. To prevent this from happening, use a separate liner on top of your mascara to create a natural look.

Another popular option is the Tori Belle magnetic lashes. These strips consist of a strip of magnetic lashes that are attached to a white magnetic strip. Many women choose this option because they can easily remove the adhesive for washing their eyes each morning. It is very convenient and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Overall, the magnetic lashes are a great buy because they are easy to remove, they are safe, they are pretty inexpensive, and they have really great results.


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