Summer Makeup Trends of 2022: 9 Looks That Will Fill Your Summer

The past summer has been different and sadly, summer 2021 still is. Though things are getting a bit better with the fast-tracked vaccination roll-out, we still can’t get rid of the face masks that hide half of our makeup. 

But that doesn’t mean you should stop putting on makeup for the summer. You can still flaunt your look even with your face masks on! 

So here are the best summer makeup trends that you should try. 

Sun-kissed Glow

Glowy skin has been popular for ages and it still is for summer 2021. With the right bronzer, eyeshadow, and a dash of highlighter, you are already creating one of the best looks of the summer. 

Summer Makeup Trends of 2021
Source: @namvo

Warm Eyes

Another win for the no-makeup makeup look is by using warm shades to your eyes. This will brighten your eyes and freshen up your face. Not only that, but with the right amount of bronzer and a faint hint of blush, you are accentuating the natural curves and angles of your face. 

Graphic Eyeliner

We are all familiar with filled eyeliners drawn close to the lashline but a new trend has been set. Graphic eyeliners are your new eyeliner trend. The negative space is the next big thing! 

No Makeup Makeup

It’s the summer and the weather is hot. And before we know it, our trusty foundation is melting away because of the heat. Learn to flan your natural features by incorporating the no-makeup makeup. Imagine your makeup routine but in simplified form. This means light coverage foundation, barely-there eyeshadow, just a faint hint of blush and contour, and natural-looking lip color. 

Brushed-up Brows

One thing we’ve learned to accept is that sometimes, a groomed brow is enough. The summer heat and all the sweating might not be the best condition to wear makeup. And if you are not motivated to put makeup on at all, just brushed-up your brows and you are good to go. 

Source: @kdeenihan

Bright Colorful Eyes

Summer is the perfect season to experiment with bright colors. And what better canvas to play with than your eyes. Shades of oranges and yellows scream summer and you can definitely spice them up as eyeshadows. 

Satin Lips

This lip formula is where you get the best of both worlds. Not glossy, but not exactly matte either, a satin lipstick is the most practical lip product for the summer pandemic season. There are less likely to smear when you are wearing your face masks and are typically made with hydrating ingredients that keep your lips moist and smooth. 

Source: @hungvanngo

Faux Freckles

Spice up your look with faux freckles. If you are naturally gifted with these, you can always draw them in using a soft brown eyeliner and blending them in using your fingers. It’s a fun way to experiment with makeup and will also give you a natural-looking makeup face. 

Smokey Coral

Coral is such a refreshing color and is definitely the shade perfect for summer. But if you are partying for the summer and you want to brush up your summer coral eyeshadow, make it smokey! 


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