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2020 Makeup Ideas: Must-Try Trends

Last year, the skin was in. 2019 was set apart by an appreciation for an improved natural complexion, from accentuation on the no-makeup makeup look, to slow decline of contouring, as well as the flame lit-from-inside, highlighting.

Be that as it may, the top makeup trends in 2020 are putting more special attention to bringing back the days when it was about eyes, pronounced blush, and bold lips  — yet, you won’t need to put aside an additional hour to complete it, either. 

As times change, so do skincare routine and beauty habits. The way you put makeup way back in 2020 compared to 2020 is entirely very different and presumably causes you to feel all the feels. 

A start of a fresh decade implies there is something new when it comes to doing things to your face.

More so than ever before, it’s tied in with grasping experimentation. It’s time to try using that bold liner lewk, wearing that bright lipstick, crystals, and glitters when you feel like it.

Here are a few lists of makeup ideas that trend today 2020 that you may try.

Mismatched Eyeshadow

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You won’t get a ton of natural looks this year—2020 is tied in with taking big, bold risks when it comes to your cosmetics. Actually, the perfect example of this is MISMATCHED EYESHADOW.

Pick two bold, differentiating shades of eyeshadow to create this look, but of course, you all have the opportunity to change other hues that may look good for you. Rather than utilizing two differentiating conceals, you can have a go at playing with complementary shades instead. It can be yellow and orange or violet and teal.

Pops of Fluorescent Eyeshadow

When you say 2020 would have been bold, it’s no joke at all. To wake up your minimalist look every day, POPS OF FLUORESCENT OR NEON EYESHADOW can do the favor for you.

This look will definitely be perfect for you, especially if you aren’t an aficionado of going all-out neon. 

You can add a small amount of neon eyeshadow after applying your natural eyeshadow. To achieve this look, make sure you apply it to the inner corners of your eye.

Watercolor Eyeshadow

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It is being said that watercolor eyeshadow is incredibly ethereal, stunning, and feminine. 

To pull off this look, professional makeup artists recommend including some water in your brush before you use it on your palette. Gently clear the brush over your lid after having some product on it.

While picking your colors, always think about your lid as a canvas. You can opt for monochromatic with this look and pick a single tone or blend several shades. 

Rainbow Eyeshadow

2020 is tied in with grasping tone and the rainbow eyeshadow look is the exemplification of this. This is what you have to do to get this look: 

  • Pick three complementary tones. 
  • You must cover a third of your lid using a thick stroke of one tone (remember that it doesn’t need to be exact or precise).
  • Utilize a Q-tip to mix the top. 
  • Rehash this with the other two shades to finish the whole lid. You can likewise utilize a Q-tip to blend the parts where the two tones would meet with the goal that it would look more seamless.
  • All you have to do next is just repeat this step with the other eye. 
  • By continuing the effect under your lid, you can create this look bolder. If ever you still want to make it more subtle, keeping the shadow closer to your lash line is the only step.

Pastel Eyeliner

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Last year was about using brilliant neon eyeliner trends, so 2020 will restrain it with pastel eyeliners. Here are a couple of tips to get this look: 

  • Keep the remainder of your look simple and clean. As much as possible, don’t overly curl your lashes and avoid applying dramatic blush.
  • Select the accurate pastel shade for your skin tone. For instance, if ever you have a reddish undertone, try not to use any pink shade instead settle on mint green.
  • Choose eyeliner that has silk and smooth completion. Try not to go anyplace close to pastel eyeliners that chalk up! 

This new makeup trend may appear to be peculiar for ladies who love and prefer to use dark eyeliners, however, pastel eyeliners can really assist you with accomplishing a fresh yet striking look. A swipe of pastel eyeliner against a single-shade or neutral eyelid can open up your eyes and add an invigorating touch.

White Eyeliner

Your lash line isn’t the only main spot to wear and use eyeliner. You can try for some experiment with a graphic swipe at the inner corner of your eye or even over your crease.

Any shade of eyeliner works, yet white is a simple method to incline toward this trend. In addition to the fact that it is a seasonal tone, however, it’s not all that splendid that wearing it will remove you from your usual range of familiarity. Plus, most of the makeup artists are using white as a trick in order to 

to make eyes appear brighter and bigger.

Floating Eyeliner

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Floating eyeliner — another eyeliner makeup trend in 2020. Yes, absolutely!  Twiggy’s classic look is making a comeback this year.

Much the same as its name suggests, you will apply the eyeliner on the crease of your lid rather than applying it on your lash line. When you sort out where that is (it’s always diverse for everyone), essentially utilize your eyeliner to draw along the crease circular segment. 

To avoid creating any jagged line, you can always try to do it in one swift motion. You can play with various eyeliners (and even eyeshadows) to get this look! 

Additionally, you can also try to explore with double floating eye shadow if you think you’re feeling extra bold.

Colored Mascara

If ever you feel too lazy to even consider changing whatever else in your everyday makeup routine, painting your lashes using colored mascara is the easiest and quickest way to stay track on-trend. 

Here are a few steps of how you can add colored mascara to your daily routine: 

  • On the off chance that you need to slide into this trend, just add some colored mascara on the top of your black mascara. 
  • Choose darker colored mascaras like green or blue to achieve that subtler look.
  • You can use a colored mascara to get that bolder look you want to create.
  • Don’t be afraid to try a monochromatic look and make your lips match with your lashes.
  • Choose a complementary eyeliner color to be paired with your colored mascara.
  • To add some fun twist to your simple look, color mascara will do the favor for you. Plus, it’s an easy way of making your eyes look more awake.

Polished Brows

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A year ago was about au naturale brows as well as bushy brows, yet this year, you’ll be seeing a different thing when it comes to brow trends.

You’ll be seeing a strong and structured brow rather than unkempt brows in 2020. You will not gonna see wholly made-up brows though. With the use of clear brow gel, you can create this structured brows even with a natural hint.

Pink Lips

Yes, having bold red lips seem so classic, however, if you want to stay to be in vogue, change things up with pink! Much the same as with reds, pinks with blue hints will in general be all around flattering. 

Don’t forget to hydrate your lips with some lip balm first if you prefer to keep your matt lipstick to last longer. That way, your lips can remain smooth, delicate, and uncomfortable under such a tone. 

Trying to use the lip stain look is another way how you can play with pink lips. This barely-lip look is undoubtedly lovely even though it may not be as strong as having a full lip.

For you, to easily copy this look, simply use your regular bullet lipstick. Basically, spot some lipstick on your fingers and apply it directly to the center of your lips. 

At that point, you have to lightly dab it going outwards until such time you arrive at the edge of your lips. You can utilize a Q-tip to blur the edges some more. 

Pink Blush Makeup

Kindly put your peach blush aside since the 2020 makeup trend is tied in with wearing splendid pink to get you glowing.

Furthermore, don’t wear your pink redden just on the apples of your cheeks—clear it on your cheeks, even on your temples, and below your brow bones 

in order to give yourself a fresh and pretty all over flush.

Juicy Lips

There are a lot of 2000s trends that keep coming back in 2020 and it wouldn’t have been long until lip gloss turned up at ground zero.

Not at all like the glosses you wore way back in your high school days, the present formulas give lips a glossy and full look without leaving a trace of stickiness. Plus, wearing lip gloss is a pretty easy thing to do.

It doesn’t make a difference even if you’re doing a smoky eye or no cosmetics, a glossy lip goes with basically anything.

Monet Eyes

Your eyelids will be the canvas since this eye makeup look is a literary masterpiece.

To create a halo shape, get a couple of distinctive eyeshadow tones and apply them in brushstrokes around your upper and lower lids.

A Coral Matte Lip

This is not exactly red and not exactly pink, coral is said as perfect in-between of two shades, and that is the thing that makes it such an extraordinary lipstick option.

Although a sheer coral lip won’t look excessively extraordinary with people having a bare face, Zendaya actually exhibits how to do a matte version as an option in contrast to classic red.

Frosted Eyeshadow

Remember  ‘super shimmery eyeshadow’ is always having its moment in this kind of look. And it’s definitely simple to understand why: It improves each eye tone and provides you a look that is more awake. 

Since metallic copper rose shade is not very warm or excessively cool, it’s always gorgeous to use it on any skin tone.

Pearl Accents

Disregard the shimmery champagne eyeshadow or black eyeliner that you’ve been wearing since your high school years.

To enhance your tried-and-true eye makeup looks, putting actual pearls around your eyes will do all the work.

Sky Blue Eyeshadow

Alright, blue eyeshadow may be the furthest thing from the trend of no-makeup makeup, yet take a gander at how flawless and stunning it is on Mandy Moore, so does it look gorgeous to you.

Rather than directing your most-loved ’80s romantic comedy with all-out cobalt blue, why not opt for a pastel sky blue.

Contrasting Eyes & Lips

Indeed, wearing a bold eye and lip simultaneously is a nice idea. Simply take a gander at how Tracee Ellis Ross squashed the outdated rule of makeup with her orange lip and violet shade of eyeshadow.

Do you need some suggestions? You can actually pair differentiating conceals together and play with its textures. For instance, go with satin lipstick and pair it with a matte eyeshadow.

Colorful Lower-Liner Makeup 

Rather than just letting your top lash line have some good times, why not instead try something new this 2020 makeup trend has offered. 

Here, all you have to do is simply line your lashes with the use of a lighter shade or with the same color than the one that’s on top. Super easy to do yet added an extra fun element into your overall look.

Animal-Print Eyeshadow

It’s definitely the perfect time to channel and boost your inner self of Carole Baskin and rock the makeup trend this 2020.

Regardless of whether or you’re not a huge fan of those animal prints, you can’t reject or even deny that this look is very imaginative and cool AF.

However, put in mind that this one’s sort of extreme, so in case you are new to the world of makeup/ cosmetics, you may need to give yourself some additional time to practice and practice until such time you achieve that perfect look.

Bright Mascara Makeup

The 2020 makeup trend is an ideal and perfect opportunity to give a break on your black mascara from a long time of usage and try to experiment with something new this year.

Using colored hues on your lashes perhaps can be your newly found mascara friend that you’ll love.

You can always opt to use a green or deep-blue mascara if having a bright-pink color might be too much for you. At first glance, this colored mascara seems so neutral yet will def make people do a twofold take.

Neon Makeup

Indeed, even as someone like you who cherishes doing the most with your cosmetics, the allover neon trend you’ve been constantly seeing on your feed is getting smidgen tiring. Fortunately, things are getting a new minimalist makeover trend this year 2020.

Rather than using a neon shadow over your whole lid, why not experiment or try tapping a neon shade into the corners of your eyes for a brisk trace of shading.

Subtle Lip Stain Makeup

You don’t generally need to go super bold with your lip color since this barely-there lip stain is getting more trendy this year 2020.

Lip stains actually give you a dreamy color, a wash of soft and are excessively low maintenance as well (no smears, no final details).


In 2019, monochromatic makeup was the trend, but what about the other way around?

Another cool way to try or experiment with color is through using this intentional color-blocking with clear shades.

Whether you like to pair a popping green eyeshadow with a pink blush or using a blue eyeshadow with an orange shade on your lip, don’t hesitate or be afraid to have more fun with combining the colors, as Moore encourages everyone.

Negative Space

There is only so much warm, bronzey textbook glam where you can take a look every day. Negative space— only means leaving part of your eye unpainted. Typically, it’s your lid that has a bold cut crease. However, of course, you can always try to use any kind of lines, shapes, and colors.

Makeup trend in 2020 is all about getting yourself more creative as well as stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new you haven’t done before.

Red Smokey Eye Makeup 

Now’s the perfect time to switch things up especially if you’ve been putting the same black smokey eye you’ve been using since high school years.

Instead of opting for a dark color such as navy blue or forest green, try to road-test the makeup trend in 2020: switch to apply ruby-red smokey eyes.


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