When it comes to product marketing, every brand makes it a story about YOU. But with the Juicy Couture Oui, it gives a subtle and invisible boost to your ego without causing too many heads to turn. The Juicy Couture Oui Eau de Toilette is currently going for $85 USD. It comes in a unique decanter style shape almost worth the price itself with two squares and even the perfume bottle is unique compared to other Juicy Couture fragrance bottles.

It has notes of watermelon, acai, pear, jasmine, honeysuckle, and musk. It’s a floral and fruity fragrance with the smell of a bubble-bath product. Musky with floral undertones. It’s very light-hearted, and great for a nighttime scene. Fruity and of course JUICY, it lasts far longer than other perfumes we’ve tried and the floral notes are some of the last to reveal themselves (especially the amber). The amber remains gentle without stealing the show from other scents.

Additionally, it has excellent shelf life clearly outperforming the Sillage. It can be worn every day and will make you feel and smell young. Would definitely recommend this product and the rest of the Oui brand.


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