Part of you loves the DIY options when it comes to hair coloring, but at the same time a part of you worries about the risky nature of it. When first going about it, it is best to consult a professional. But if you are experienced or willing to try, it’s worth a shot. It does allow you to avoid overly chemical options if you choose to go with something more natural. Besides, might as well experiment best beauty products during a time when you will be seen a little less-often.

Cover Some Grays

If your goal is to match colors, matching dye to your base color will give you the best result. To find this, look at the hair growing at the nape of your neck, where there is less sun exposure. That hair is the least oxidized. It probably goes without saying, but remember that hair color kits meant for root touch-ups won’t cover the entire length of your hair. To change the entire color, the process is a little different.

From Roots to Tip

If you want to color your hair from roots to tip, you need to pick one. Choose a box dye and break down the process into two steps: shade and tone. For shading your hair, go half a shade lighter than your first if you’re unsure. For tone, it can be a little more dicey – you need to assess whether your hair would be suited by a warmer or cooler color. Generally however, those with a cool hair tone should pick a cool hair color, and a warm hair tone pick a warm hair color. You can often look at the box dye’s name to determine what kind of tone it is.

If you want to make your hair lighter however, you may have to bleach it. Just using a blonde box dye will not work, but you need to bleach first so that the color will show up. It won’t show up in darker hair, but if you use professional bleach it will make the color look fresh and permanent.

Other Tools

Before anything else, see what tools come with the kit. If you need to add more tools such as gloves or brushes, do so. Tangle Teezers are another additional tool that will color-protect from shampoo and condition for a stronger treatment. Total repair and other products will help it to last and avoid disaster if things go awry. The coloring process damages hair, but with the proper tools you can preserve the health and shine.



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