1. Begin with the Eyes

First, apply eye cream. The entire eye orbit (the eyelid and the undereye area) of each eye must be adequately moisturized (but not greasy) with quality eye cream.

2. Prime Your Eyelids

Eyelid primer keeps the eye shadow from smudging. Your eyelids’ skin may lack firmness and moisture and, consequently, the product will sink into the skin. Or try the many other eyeshadow primer alternatives.

3. Prime the Rest of Your Face

Every primer is formulated to boost the appearance of your skin’s smoothness, to minimize pores, and to ensure that your makeup stays in place throughout the day. If you are a woman above the age of 50, you may want to consider using a makeup primer because it instantly lifts your face.

4. Apply Coverage

Spread the foundation/concealer toward the outer edges of your face, starting in the center. Similarly, apply your skincare products upward/outward. This is very effective for defying gravity, it supports sagging skin, and it softens deep creases. Check out Chloe Metzger’s excellent article on The Best Way to Apply Foundation.

5. Fill In Your Eyebrows

Maturing means that you will likely be faced with sparse and/or silver eyebrows. Excessively sparse or thinning eyebrows that are overly faint will surely increase your perceived age, while full eyebrows tend to represent youth, thus framing your eyes/face more accurately and helping you keep a natural appearance.

6. Adjust Your Eyeliner Technique

Gel eye liners are probably the latest rage that is being used by everyone.

Rita Rajput of StyleCraze

Several beauty specialists have recommended that mature women begin using a gel eyeliner because its smooth application is smudge-resilient. However, if you are simply unable to stop using your eyeliner pencil, find a reputable line for your future pencils.

7. Forget the Face Powder

The myth that you should not finish with a powder because it ‘dries out your skin’ is not necessarily untrue. Powders are not the same for every person. Pressed powder foundations and loose setting powders with talc are terrible for mature, sensitive/sensitized, and dry skin.

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