Selecting your preferred eyeliner can be a chore. Here, we will discuss each of the types of mediums in which eyeliner is offered with advice from other makeup fanatics so that you are better informed about your options for different types of eyeliner.


Pencil eyeliner has always been a classic, as it provides simplicity. This type of eyeliner can easily be blended, rubbed in, or manipulated to your liking. Many people prefer to use a pencil eyeliner when filling in their water line. Doing so will prevent liquid product from irritating your eyes. Very thin lines tend to be more natural-looking and, if you’re looking for a shade to better highlight your eyes, shades of violet often accentuate brown eyes while shades of grey often accentuate blue eyes.

While pencil eyeliners tend to be easier to control, this type of eyeliner leaves a mess of sharpened shreds.


When going for more of a conservative look, a retractable pencil in varying tones of brown is always a safe choice. When going for more of an eye-catching look, you can never go wrong with a dark black no matter your complexion. People love both the accuracy and not being bothered by sharpening anything. They also love it for the ‘ease of application.’

Be careful not to twist this liner out too much because it might break off. You wouldn’t want to waste it, even if it’s only drugstore mascara.

For a soft look, draw a fine line onto your upper and lower eyelash lines, remembering not to pull on your upper eyelids.


This type of eyeliner is versatile, long-lasting, and simple for everyday use. Each precise, bold line creates an attractive striking feel. This liquid liner is valuable when masking a morning hangover and is optimal for providing a sexy feel on a night out. This liner is exact and simple to use. Master ‘winged eyeliner’ with this liner because it doesn’t need to be sharpened, isn’t messy, and goes on smooth.

We all fear the possibility of a hillbilly-style application. Try not to get carried away when attempting to perfect it. If you screw it up, it’s okay to start over. If the left eye comes out immaculate but the right one doesn’t look as good, it’s fine to start over. Starting over is a lot better than going around looking goofy.


For a fine bold line, try a brush tip in your liquid eyeliner. Produce a clean nonglossy texture that is more easily removed than the felt tip option.

While it takes patience and accuracy to perfect, brush tip liquid eyeliner will last all day and, although we love this long-lasting aspect, it doesn’t always come off easily as different types of eyeliner. To prevent eye-rubbing, cover a cloth with eye makeup remover and carefully massage each eye.


Whether you’re going out on the town or would simply like a bit of a challenge, give gel/cream eyeliner a try. Gel eyeliner is optimal for trying different hues, as well. It does not smudge and adds the finishing touch to a smoky eye look. The use of a brush with gel eyeliner may create defined lines while boosting your overall look. Try using a thin, angular brush for more intricate control.

However, no one likes seeing one of our favorite items be wasted and gel eyeliner can dry up if not used daily. If it looks a little dry, just insert a few drops of water and stir.


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