Ways to improve MHU

Jocelyn’s Notes/Ideas

Utilize Twitter more

  1. Received over 100 followers last week alone – when I worked on sorting through contacts, and adding “lists”
  2. Show Erin how to use “lists”
  3. Contact people through Twitter – make “connections” with fellow bloggers, make up artists, brands, etc.
  4. Maybe do a weekly Twitter roundup?
  5. Twitter can be very beneficial – need to work on using it more!

Better quality pictures

  1. If good quality pictures aren’t sent with the email, email the sender asking for better quality pics.
  2. If sender doesn’t have better pictures, google product.
  3. Pictures can’t be any larger than 565. Make sure Erin has a good photo-resizer…

Features for site?

  1. Using Twitter, try and connect with makeup artists – see if they’d be willing to submit “How-To” articles – in exchange for link back, etc. Once a week or so – try and get a makeup artist perspective? Maybe their current favorite product…current favorite technique…current favorite “fad”
  2. Once a month we should announce the new products that launched that month – or at least the ones that stand out to us as good finds.
  3. Might consider using a newsletter. Have to look into it – may be some cost, but it might be worth it.
  4. Maybe start adding Fashion content?
  5. Talk about posts-per-day. Are we happy with the amount of posts being done?

Proofing posts before publishing

  1. Before clicking “Publish” – really need to re-read the post, and make sure everything is correct.
  2. Make sure pictures aren’t linked – etc
  3. Make sure no content is ever pasted into “Visual”. All content should be pasted into “HTML”

Need to clean up sidebar

  1. Sidebar is one big mess…needs to be cleaned up
  2. Update brand list – remove brands not used very often, add new brands that have come up.
  3. Email subscriptions function not working – need to look into that
  4. At some point, we’re going to need a re-design, or clean it up so it looks nice

Make content more personal

  1. Add more personal content rather than copy/paste. (Mostly referring to myself here – I’m the queen of copy/paste)
  2. Try an include more personal stories – personal touch to each post
  3. Try to include product pictures we take ourselves. I’ve noticed this on other beauty sites – the writers taking pictures of themselves wearing the product. Makeup/nail polish. This might make the connection to us stronger – more personal…
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