Blow Out’s Jonanthan Antin Shares Tips On How To Get The Perfect Bouncy Blow Out

During the Tribeca Film Festival, Conair set up a Style Studio in the Arts and Cinema Lounge to offer celebrities quick touch ups before their red carpet debuts. On hand to assist with blow out’s was blow out pro and celebrity hairdresser, Jonathan Antin- so we just had to ask how he creates the perfect bouncy blow out. Please find his tops below.

Tips for a Bouncy Blow Out from Jonathan Antin:
For an extra voluminous bouncy blowout, begin by towel drying clean, wet hair. Be certain that hair is rinsed VERY thoroughly.
Use a wide tooth comb to untangle hair.
With a professional quality dryer that has a cool shot button, such as the InfinitiPRO AC Motor Dryer by Conair, dry hair upside down. Follow by smoothing out ends with a round brush on a low, warm setting. Engage the cool shot button every 15-20 seconds.
A professional quality dryer with ionic technology is key because the AC motors featured in these dryers dry hair faster minimizing damage and frizz.
When hair is completely dry, divide hair into 2 inch sections.
Begin at the top of the head, toward forehead and work backwards. Wrap hair around a round brush with a medium-sized barrel so that the section is rolled toward the back of the head.
Using high heat and a concentrator nozzle to pinpoint airflow, dry hair from root to end for 8 seconds, then freeze into place using the cool shot button for 5 seconds. This technique is similar to hot rolling and gets volume, separation and definition. If hair is excessively curly, you can dry hair from mid-shaft to end to minimize styling time.
When finished with the top of head, dry hair on sides and back pointing the dryer downward. This avoids getting frizz and fly-aways.
Dab a pea-sized amount of styling cream into your hands, and smooth it into the ends of hair to define and separate tresses.
Finish hair with a light hold flexible hairspray such as Rusk Being Sexy.
Styling Tool Suggestions:
InfinitiPRO by Conair AC Motor Dryer Dryer, $34.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond
Conair Wide Tooth Comb, $1.49 at Walgreens
Rusk Being Sexy, $16.00

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Can great makeup brushes be affordable?

I am really impressed with the new Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman makeup brush line. Not only are they great looking but they are really great brushes. I am amazed at how soft each of the brushes are and they make application of even your finest powders a snap. Everything in the line is under $18! You can check out these great brushes yourself and your local Ulta store.

We are very excited to announce that professional make-up artist turned beauty blogger turned Internet phenomenon, Samantha Chapman, has introduced a brand-new cosmetic brush line, Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman.

After capturing the attention of over 40 million beauty aficionados around the world through her top-notch make-up look tutorials on her “Pixiwoo” YouTube Channel, Sam is taking her acclaimed technique to the next level. The mission of Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman is simple: high-tech brushes and industry-quality makeup tutorials make you the expert. The initial launch contains 10 tools that will upgrade any application for surprising results that are surprisingly affordable (all under $18!).

The collection soft-launches at Ulta stores this April/May, and the e-commerce launch will take place summer 2011. and do visit for more information, tutorial videos, and more of Sam’s inspiration!

your base/flawless

Powder Brush ($12): Evenly apply powders and mineral foundations for smooth, high-definition results
Foundation Brush ($9): The angled cut lets you build the coverage you need for airbrushed, high-definition results
Core Collection ($18): Create a perfect canvas with these essentials (detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush, and contour brush)

your eyes/enhanced

Shading Brush ($6) : From subtle to dramatic, this brush is ideal for creating flawless high-definition results
Lash-Brow Groomer ($6): This precision groomer is essential for defined, separated lashes and beautiful brows
Starter Set ($18): Take eyes to another level with a base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush, and brow brush

your finish/perfected

Blush Brush ($10): Contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended looks
Stippling Brush ($10): This dual-fiber brush is the trade secret for creating airbrushed results with all types of makeup
Kabuki Brush ($10): Use the 2-in-1 kabuki closed for powder, then unfold to sweep on color

on location

Travel Essentials ($18): All you need to create sophisticated looks at home or away (includes essential foundation brush, multi-task brush, and domed shadow brush)

Disclosure: Complimentary samples of some of the above mentioned products were sent to me for an honest review.

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AshleyMadison’s CEO Thinks Affairs Help Keep Marriages Together–Do You?

Do affairs lead to divorce? Noel Biderman, the CEO of, the web’s premier site for wannabe adulterers, doesn’t think so. With 8.5 million users and paying customers in over 10 countries including the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand and Sweden, Biderman (a former sports agent turned Internet mogul), believes that if people were more flexible in allowing sexual encounters outside of marriage, there would be fewer divorces. “I didn’t invent infidelity,” says BIderman. “Or the desire for it.”

What he did invent–after learning that between 10 to 30 percent of people on traditional dating sites were married–is a company that is creating both controversy and cash, with $60 million in profits expected this year. Is he an agent of change, an agent provocateur, or both?

The writer of the article goes on to interview the creator at length. You can read the interview here.

I have been asked to advertise for Ashley Madison in the past. I turned them down flat, because I think it is a despicable, morally reprehensible business. A company that makes money off of cheating spouses? What I want to know is how the people behind that company sleep at night.

But the article asked a question. AshleyMadison’s CEO Thinks Affairs Help Keep Marriages Together–Do You?

Do affairs keep marriages together? What do you think?


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