What is your favorite beauty tip from your Mom?

My mom was always big on looking natural. Makeup was to enhance your beauty and not change your look. When I was young I wanted to paint myself with all the colors of the wind but now as I have grown up I appreciate her words so much more.

What is your favorite beauty tip from your Mom?

Come join us in the amazing BlogFrog community and let us know your favorite beauty advice from Mom.

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Would you wear temporary lip tatoos?

I saw this new product on Stylist, and at first I thought – that’s interesting, might be cute…. but I’d never do it. Maybe if I were 10 years younger (and had bigger lips?).

Violent Lips has released a line of Temporary Lip Tattoos. The wet-and-apply stick-on tattoos come in an array of styles, including leopard, rainbow and glitter.

I don’t know that this will find a huge audience outside of popstars and teenage girls, but I could be wrong.

These lip tattoos will run you $15 for a pack of three, so I guess it can’t hurt to try it out?

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Hot Chocolate Bath?

Are you a chocoholic? This may be the product for you! Cadbury is about to launch a new range of bath products which will smell like three new flavors of it’s Dairy Milk bar.

The confectionary giant has joined forces with cosmetic company Anatomicals to create a truffle bath creme, toffee body butter and a hazelnut exfoliating wash.

But sweet-toothed fans of the brown stuff won’t be able to pick this chocolate treat up from any old corner shop. The limited edition products will only be available from John Lewis and online fashion store asos.com.

Cadbury’s Bliss bars launched in September last year, while the range of good-enough-to-eat bath products will be available to buy in June.

This is the first time Cadbury has dipped its toe into this new market, which it hopes will attract young females and support what they call the ‘luxury theme’ of the Bliss brand.

I don’t know about this one. I’ve never smelled a chocolate beauty product that smelled good to me. I don’t think I’d want my body to smell like chocolate. I’d have to try this and see what I think. Feel free to send me a sample. :)


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‘Jersey Shore’ stars reveal their beauty “Must-Haves” for filming in Italy!

TV’s favorite fist pumpers are trading the Jersey Shore for Italy, but what will the famous GTL-ers not leave home without? The cast members of Jersey Shore took off on May 4 to begin filming season four, but before leaving America, they exclusively told Life & Style their must-have packing items.

“I can’t leave without packing my bronzer,” Snooki tells Life & Style. JWOWW wants to keep her glow as well, so “I will not be leaving without my spray tan,” she says.

Hair is very important to the cast, even internationally. “I’ll have my blow-dryer and hair gel to stay fresh to death,” Pauly D tells Life & Style. “I’m taking my hair straightener and two European [electrical] adapters, just in case one burns out,” says Sammi Sweetheart.

The stars also want to be sure to stay fit while abroad. “I can’t go to Italy without my protein powder,” says Ronnie. “There’s a lot of food there, but I’m bringing Special K meal bars,” Deena tells Life & Style.”

Vinny adds that he’ll be packing his shower caddy and Mike “The Situation” insists there will be a situation if he forgets his Chap Stick.

I could lie to you and tell you I’m over Jersey Shore… but I’m not gonna. I cannot wait for the new season!


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