Winners Announced: Modella Holiday Collection – 5 Winners

Congratulations to our winners Jennifer G, KW,  Lisa L, Cystal and Tasana! Please watch your email inbox.

I am a huge fan of Modella bags, they have cute designs and are made really well. We are excited to host this contest for Modella, 5 lucky winners will get a bag from the brand new Modella Holiday Collection.

Modella is offering a limited-edition holiday collection, available on and at Wal-mart locations nationwide beginning the week of November 15, 2010.

The new Modella Holiday Collection contains chic satin purse kits, festive train cases and super-cute manicure sets (hello, stocking stuffers!). And the best part? Everything in the holiday collection is UNDER $10!
* There will be 5 winners.
* Winner will receive a Modella Holiday Collection bag!
* To enter “like” Modella on Facebook. Then leave your name and email info in our comment section on MakeHerUp!
* Contest runs Thursday, 11/11/10 to Friday, 11/19/10
* US residents only
* Please only enter once
* After the winners have been announced, you will have 48 hours to respond.

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So how much does it cost to look like Demi Moore? $140K per year!

Demi Moore may be one of the hottest 48-year-olds on the planet, but those looks come with one hefty price tag. Though she repeatedly denies having undergone plastic surgery (she does own up to her obvious boob job), new reports have emerged detailing the extensive surgical and non-surgical treatments Moore has received over the years. Prepare to have your mind blown.

After turning 40, the mother of three allegedly spent around $311,000 on a head-to-toe overhaul, Heidi Montag style. She spent $25,000 on liposuction, $15,000 on breast implants, and $31,000 on facial work. She also became obsessed with the skin above her knees sagging, so she had them fixed.

More recently are Moore’s Thermage skin-tightening treatments, which run around $3,000 a pop. This technique uses radio frequency to heat the deeper layers of the skin while cooling the skin’s surface. This tightens collagen and stimulates growth, which makes your epidermis appear tighter and smoother. Apparently she likes the results, because she’s been known to go in for treatments weekly.

Whatever she spends, it’s obviously working. I mean look at her! She’s gorgeous!


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Kim Kardashian pleaded with God to make her breasts stop growing!

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian can now add author to their long and varied resumes. Their tome, entitled ‘Kardashian Konfidential,’ is a fun and breezy read that traces their childhood and offers lots of beauty and style tips. It’s also teeming with photos and letters that the girls have penned to each other through the years. It seems their tight sisterly bond is not just for the camera. The trio spoke to PopEater in the middle of a hectic New York book tour.

Kim, you write in ‘Kardashian Konfidential’ how you had a hard time with your body as a young girl.
Kim: Kourtney used to torture me and think I was odd because I had big boobs. I was 11 when I got my period and I started developing. I would sit in the bathtub, take a washcloth, put it under really hot water and put it against my boobs and pray to God, please don’t make my boobs grow any bigger. And Kourtney would be like, “Your boobs are so big and ugly!” She was so mean and then I would have to wear a bra and she would say, “Who wears a bra? That’s so disgusting.” It was so embarrassing.

Do you hate it when people say you’re famous for being famous?
Khloe: I don’t hate it. I just don’t really understand it. I don’t care what people think really, but I do think in my opinion we’ve worked really hard to be where we are. It’s not like we just sit there posing on the red carpet.
Kourtney: I think maybe at first we heard that more often, but people who watch the show see how hard we work and how we have different companies.

Who picks on whom most?
Khloe: I think Kourtney and I team up on Kim a lot.
Kim: I just realized we’re all wearing black and leopard print.
Khloe: Duh. Normally 80 percent of the time it’s me and Kourtney against Kim. We like to keep her level-headed. You might be stunning, little one, but you’re not all that. (Snaps her fingers). We make her cry sometimes. I think it’s a buildup thing though. It’s not that we’re that mean, it’s just like two weeks of picking on her and on the fifteenth day she starts crying.
Kourtney: I think we make her cry once every two years.
Kim: I was just going to say it’s once every two years.

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NEW CONTEST!! Motions – Hair Care Industry’s Best Kept Secret!

The hair care industry’s best kept secret is now ours to share – Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion. This lightweight foaming lotion, traditionally used for thicker and coarser hair types, is an emerging cult favorite amongst beauty industry insiders and high profile editorial and celebrity hair stylists.

This do-all wonder is great for a variety of hair types and does everything from enhancing curls, to holding wraps, wet sets and thermal styles, but is also great for fine/thinner hair types as a texturizing and volumizing mousse. The perfect pre-blow dry lotion, that gives you gorgeous volume, without the stiffness or residue that other texturizing products can leave behind.

The best part about it, you won’t break the bank. You can pick this star product up at any local drugstore for only $4.99!!

I’ve tried the product, and tried it on my sister-in-law, and we both love it! I’m excited to have some to share with you! You’re gonna love it too!


  • I have (3) bottles to give away!
  • To enter, simply leave your name in the comments below!
  • US Residents only
  • Contest ends Friday, November 3rd

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