Oscars Famous Fashion Flops

Oscar night wouldn’t be complete with some major fashion flops. Celin Dion’s backward suit, Faith Hill channeling rainbow brite, Bjork’s swan.

Do you love the bad dresses as much as the good? What is your favorite Oscar fashion flop?

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Britney Spears earns $500,000 in product placements!

Britney Spears
turned her latest video ‘Hold It Against Me’ into a commercial selling several beauty products – including her own fragrance, Radiance!

She also promoted Make Up Forever cream eyeshadow.

According to PopEater, the singer isn’t sweating critics who have expressed disapproval over the display. In fact, she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

The pop star raked in a cool half a million dollars for prominently featuring a number of brands in the video, including Sony and dating site Plenty of Fish in addition to the cosmetics and perfume.

Spears has heard from her fair share of detractors in the industry over the video, including Katy Perry, who tweeted about the obvious product placements, “do it w/style & grace…Not so in ur face like some. U hv to get creative w/it. Some artists don’t care tho, & u can tell.”

Despite the hefty price tag, sponsors whose products were promoted in the video only received a few seconds of air time, with some companies receving only one product shot (in conjunction, of course, with Spears’ implied endorsement of the product).

One group that isn’t complaining is Spears’ advertisers, who are already reaping the benefits of their investment.

Plenty of Fish has already reported a 20 percent increase in traffic to their site since Spears debuted her video last week.

Watch the video here!


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New OPI Texas Lone Star Collection

The new Texas Lone Star Collection has been inspired by the fashion trends on the runway; where white is the new black and brightly coloured botanical prints, relaxed trousers and jackets, fuller and longer skirts have become the new fashion genre.

The Texas Lone Star Collection is unique in its focus on different textures – this colour story contains cremes, sparkly polishes and jellies all in one fun range.

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Beyonce in controversial new photo shoot

Beyonce Knowles is in the middle of a controversy after darkening her skin, for a L’Officiel Paris campaign.

As a celebration of its 90th anniversary, French style magazine L’Officiel Paris is featuring the 29-year-old on its cover as a tribute to Nigerian human rights activist and musician Fela Kuti.

In what the magazine calls, “a return to her African roots,” Beyonce’s face “was voluntarily darkened” for the shoot.

You can check out the video on the controversial photo shoot.

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