NEW! Jane Iredale 2014 BCA Smell The Roses

I’m excited to share jane iredale’s newest launch with you, the 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness product, Smell the Roses. Available beginning September 2014, 100% of profits (not just proceeds) from the sale of Smell the Roses will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer®.

 “Everyone needs to smell the roses more often, to get off the tread-mill, take a deep breath and appreciate life. That’s why Smell the Roses was born. I wanted to give every woman a simple way to have that little break in their day when they could feel refreshed and alive. Enjoy!”


smell the roses

While I love the smell of fresh roses, I’m not a fan of rose scented beauty products. They usually are so strong and floral they set my allergies off . Finally a rose scented product that smells like real roses! jane iredale’s Smell The Roses smells as gorgeous as a garden of fresh roses.  This light spritz not only smells great but cleanses, tones, tightens and detoxes my skin. Its so refreshing I love to use it in the morning and as a mid day refresher.

On top of being a great product, jare iredale is donating 100% of the profits from this product to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. I love a company that gives back!

jane iredale Smell The Roses BCA (Available beginning September 2014, $29,
jane iredale – THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP® celebrates seven years of partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer® with the launch of Smell the Roses Hydration Spray. One hundred percent of profits from the sale of Smell the Roses Hydration Spray will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer® in support of women affected by breast cancer.

Recommended for all skin types, this moisturizing facial spritz features organic Rose Damascena Flower Water which is an excellent skin tonic and cleanses the skin, calms inflammation and reduces redness without disturbing its natural protective shield. The Rose Damascena Flower Oil and Extracts penetrate into deep layers of the skin where they nourish, tighten, cleanse, detoxify, increase blood circulation, calm and support the skin’s functions. The refreshing and uplifting rose fragrance de-stresses and promotes an overall feeling of wellbeing.

You can learn more about jane iredale products and purchase online at

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary sample for potential review. I was not paid to write this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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New! Tabatha Coffrey’s LUXHAIR HOW QVC Exclusive


Tabatha Coffey, star of Bravo’s hit show “Tabatha Takes Over,” author of OWN IT! Be the Boss of Your Life at Home and in the Workplace, and creator behind LUXHAIR™ HOW™ by Tabatha Coffey will be appearing on QVC tomorrow, September 19th to showcase her newest launch from the LUXHAIR™ HOW™ by Tabatha Coffey collection – a line of professional, high-end, yet affordable, everyday wigs and hairpieces.

Announcing the NEW 10″ Circle Extension from LUXHAIR™ HOW™ by Tabatha Coffey, a QVC exclusive. You may have heard of flip in or halo extensions, which are similar, but this is really something special. The Circle Extension gives you an instant hair transformation without clips or any other form of adhesive. A two layer weft of hair is attached to a thin invisible band, which slips around your head to add lush length and natural looking volume in seconds. The hair is revolutionary Keralon ™ Light heat resistant synthetic fiber, which allows you to style with heat tools up to 320° Fahrenheit. Lightweight, easy to apply and clip-free, the Circle Extension is a whole new kind of hair extension. The 10″ Circle Extension from LUXHAIR™ HOW™ by Tabatha Coffey retails for $79, available at


Slip the halo over your head, with the extension at the back of your head.
Position band around the top of your head like a hair band. Use a fine-tailed comb to pull the top strands of your hair over the band to blend in.
Style using a curling iron or flat iron if desired, and you’re ready to go!

• Keralon™ Light Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Fiber – A revolutionary, lightweight hair fiber that feels luxuriously silky and soft, and can be styled with heat tools up to 320° Fahrenheit. It was developed for the HOW™ collection to the exact denier, thickness and weight as natural human hair.

• Double Layer Weft – Two connected wefts of hair provide more coverage, fullness and volume than the single weft found on most hair extensions.
• Invisible Band – Lighter shade band on the light hair colors and darker shade band on the dark hair colors to better blend in with your hair.

lux hair how tabatha shades

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Would you try clip-on bangs like Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez debuted a new look this week with help from Hairdo Clip-in Bangs. These easy-to-attach bangs changed the star’s look in seconds, without the commitment (no scissors required.)

This fall season, road test Selena’s new look with a Hairdo Clip-in Hair Bangs. This 5″ long blunt cut bang is available in 11 shades here!

According to Nine Zero One Salon Stylist Florido Basallo, who used the Hairdo Clip-In Bang to help create Selena’s look: “These pieces are a great option for those who want bangs, but don’t want to make the commitment.”

I HATE bangs…. because I don’t have the patience to put up with the grow-out. This seems like the perfect way to change up your look without committing to something permanent!

How do you feel about clip-on bangs?

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A skeptic’s review of Jamberry Nails.


I’ll be honest. I’d never heard of Jamberry Nails before September 7th. You know what I DO know? Shellac ruined my nails permanently, and ever since that craze, I’ve been turned off of all things nail-related. Give me some basecoat, polish and topcoat and I’m calling it good.

With that said – nail polish DOES suck – doesn’t it? You’ve got a couple good days, and then it’s chipped to high-hell no matter what expensive topcoat you use. Am I right or am I right? I think I just resolved myself to a life of dull nail polish, and then Jamberry came along.

Let me start out by saying I am CRAZY laid back when it comes to my beauty routine. Don’t tell Erin, but sometimes I wear my makeup 2 days in a row (if the lashes don’t look wonky, then why not?).

Another beauty confession: When I get my hair done, I tell the poor girl I will be wearing my hair in a ponytail most days….so the highlights need to look good up. Seriously, I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine.

Back to my nails. A year ago, I went out and bought one of those shellac do-it-at-home kits. I loved it for a while….but that was until my thumbnail split, and it’s my forever reminder to never do that again. Sold the kit on eBay and swore of shellac permanently.

Then Sarah Anderson with Jamberry reached out and asked if I’d be willing to try Jamberry. I am not going to lie, I was VERY skeptical. I Googled Jamberry and read many reviews. Some were fantastic – some not so much. So I reached out to Sarah and told her my main concern was getting the dang things off. She shared with me this easy-to-remove tutorial, and I was put at ease.

So I gathered my materials.


Basecoat, polish (for the other non-accent fingers), topcoat, acetone, cotton swabs, nail file, nail scissors, Q-Tips Precision Tips and a blowdryer. I looked at the clock – it’s 5:00. GO TIME!

I cleaned my nails with the acetone, then filed them down to the perfect size. I applied basecoat, and then trimmed my Jamberry sample in two. One for each ring finger.

I peeled the Jamberry sticker off, and then held it under the dryer for about 10 seconds. Then – something miraculous happened! I stuck the sticker on – and it just FIT! First try! No bubbles, no wonky-ness. It just FIT! I used my finger to press it down firmly. I trimmed up the excess sticker with my trimmers, then I held it under the dryer for another 20 seconds or so to make sure the seal held.


It held.


I thought – that’s way too easy. Things like this are just NOT that easy! So I moved over to my right hand, and did the same thing. Peeled off the sticker, and held it under the dryer for 10 seconds. Stuck it on my right ring finger – and voila!! Perfect again! It really went on so easily and smoothly, my skepticism was falling away. These things may be brilliant.

Looked at my clock…. it’s now 5:10. That took 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES!? That’s nothing – AND it was my first time! Next time I’ll have that cut in half for sure!

So then I moved on to paint my other 8 nails and that’s where my trouble started. Why is it I can’t just paint my nails? I have to paint all the freaking skin around the nails as well. I painted my nails, and then spent a solid ten minutes cleaning up the polish off the skin. But this is the end result. Pretty amazing, no? I’m really in love with these little buggers, and that is NOT how I expected this to go!

PS: Do not judge the polish on my fingers. Can’t be helped.


Jamberry Nails are so easy – it’s not even funny. I’m thinking I need to buy a sheet for every girl in my family and stick it in their stockings this Christmas. How fun would it be to receive something like this in your stocking?

I visited the website, and the choices are ENDLESS. Like, this could become a problem for me. There are more styles to choose from than I could EVER imagine. Check out their store – it is WORTH looking into!

I am dying to pair this design with this design. How hot would that be? Although this has me written all over it.

Anyhoo – point is – there are THOUSANDS of options. The possibilities are endless! I think I’m sold on Jamberry Nails. What a fun, safe, alternative to that horrific shellac stuff. I will be buying some of these sheets for SURE.

This post WAS NOT SPONSORED. I was not paid to write this post. This is my genuine opinion, unbiased. If you are interested in checking out Jamberry Nailsplease visit this link – and go nuts!

You won’t be sorry – I promise!!


I officially can’t decide which wraps I want to buy first, so I’m thinking of going with the Stylebox.


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