Do Face Exercisers Really Work?

Facial exercises don’t give the same results as plastic surgery, although informational websites argue compellingly to the contrary. Facial exercises are unarguably a no-cost alternative to expensive cosmetic procedures, and they take only a few minutes of dedicated time. However, medical experts at the American Academy of Dermatology say the blink-squint-grimace repetitions you practice in front of the mirror each day only make matters worse.

Facial exercises as an alternative to plastic surgery are an easy sell. Paula Begoun, author of “The Original Beauty Bible” and numerous books on skincare and cosmetic procedures, explains that promoters of facial exercises use the argument that facial exercises are effective because facial muscles are directly attached to the skin rather than the bone. Theoretically, working the face muscles should lead to tighter, smoother skin. However, the movement of the skin is in itself the cause of sagging, Begoun explains. If you’re a believer in facial exercises, look closely in the mirror when performing them. If you see laugh lines and crow’s-feet crinkle and groove with every muscular contraction, you’re merely working on making these a more noticeable feature of your countenance.

The AAD advises anyone who’s been performing facial exercises to prevent aging to stop before they compound their problems. Dermatologist and former AAD president Wilma Bergfeld doesn’t recommend them, although she concedes that they could be beneficial in “controlled situations.” She goes on to state, “However, you would never want to do anything that moves the facial skin, especially as it ages, or over-manipulate the skin because it would create more wrinkling, increasing the loss of elasticity in the skin.” Similarly, facial relaxation exercises like those taught in certain yoga classes won’t reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging already present.

Facial workouts don’t have a physical downside, says New York City-based oral and maxillo-facial surgeon Richard Elias in a March 2007 “New York Times” article. But drooping jowls, a sagging neck and lines around your lips are unlikely to benefit from facial exercises. “Only a face-lift can do that,” Elias says. “When you do a face-lift, you’re removing fat and loose skin, and pulling some skin back.” Skin tightening procedures that use laser devices are a less invasive method of enhancing your cosmetic appearance. The AAD cautions that laser devices don’t give the same pronounced results as plastic surgery (such as a face-lift), but treatments do yield mild to moderate results.

I did a lot of research and reading of this topic. Do facial exercisers really work? From what I’ve concluded after scouring the internet for research is they DO work… a little. Most people who spent MONTHS using them saw very little change in their face. Is it really worth it? All that work for some change that’s only visible if you work really, really hard? I don’t think so.

My advice for keeping your face beautiful and healthy is – and has always been – take care of your skin from the get-go. Don’t pile on the foundation everyday for 20 years and expect your skin to glow when you’re in your 50’s and 60’s. Treat your skin well! Wash your face with gentle cleanser every night. Lotion your face with a mild non-scented lotion every night and every morning. Make sure to lotion your neck as well, every time. The women I know now who are in their 50’s and 60’s who have the best skin – are women who never wore much makeup from the beginning. If you wear a lot of makeup, you have to treat your skin with even more care.

PS: Check out the hilarious video above for Facial Flex. Is that not creepy or what!


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SUPER launches O-Mega Oil

I have combination to oily skin so using oil on my face sounded a bit scary but I am so pleased with the results. In less than a week my skin is feeling fantastic. Not only is my skin not dry but it’s actually less oily. I use about 4 drops every night before bed and my skin is looking the best it has in a long time. O-Mega Oil is also great for dry hands and cuticles.


A modern twist on an ancient superfood, Dr. Perricone has rediscovered the power of chia and elevated this superstar seed to superstardom, giving it the spotlight it deserves.

Traditionally, the superfood pioneer has recommended consuming foods rich in omega 3’s such as wild salmon, sardines and anchovies. Extracting chia seed’s nourishing oil, Dr. Perricone builds on his philosophy “beauty from the inside out” to re-introduce chia in topical form.

Fight off dry, flakey winter skin… O-Mega Oil delivers a 100% natural, emollient synergy of chia seed oil and other beneficial vitamins to keep skin soft, supple and radiant. With more o-mega-3’s per gram than flax or fish, chia satisfies the deepest cravings and restores even the driest skin to leave you with a finish so youthful it might just make you beam.

Banish breakouts… O-Mega Oil is non-comedogenic – in fact, chia oil helps regulate sebum production to maintain that clear canvas.

Indulge in a total body experience… Ideal for not only the face, but hair, cuticles and anywhere that is suffering from chapped, cracked and dry skin.

Proving that everything old is new again, O-Mega Oil is a modern moisture remedy on a century old beauty secret.


Disclosure: A complimentary sample was sent to MHU for review, all opinions are 100% our own.

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What is the strangest gift you have ever received from your significant other?


Try as they might sometimes the person we hope knows us best has no idea what we are hoping Santa will bring. Do you drop hints to save yourself from your partners lack of gift giving knowledge? What is the strangest thing your spouse has given you?


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Katherine Heigl’s favorite Make Up!

She may be one of the many top tier names in New Year’s Eve, but for her day-to-day routine Katherine Heigl likes to keep it simple. Before she rushes out the door, she uses Aubrey Organics Silken Earth Powder Blush. This NPA certified silk-based blush is super safe for the healthy living power mom, but it’s also extremely effective. Katherine said, “The Aubrey Organics Blush is very sheer and light weight. I love the color and feel of it.” The blush comes in an array of colors and provides a natural glow with mica, iron oxides, and hints of beet and radish!

Silken Earth Powder Blush, $11.95,

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