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Philosophy windows to the soul palettes

I just had a chance to try a sample of the windows to the soul palettes from philosophy. The colors are very vibrant and with my eyeshadow base stayed put all day. With the range of shades its easy to create a day or night look or bring the palette with you and with a few sweeps turn your day to a night look.  The palette also has a great slate eyeliner color, and a double ended brush for easy application.

philosophy windows to the soul eye palette

the eyes are the windows to the soul, and now they have it all with an abundance of silky, natural colors. the supernatural windows to the soul is an all-in-one eye color kit featuring three perfect shades of silky, fade-resistant mineral powders for lid, crease and shimmer effect, plus a long-wearing, wet-to-dry powder liner for quick definition and an easy finish. the results are naturally-defined, beautiful eyes that reveal your inner beauty. the kit also includes a shadow brush and liner brush for easy artistry, and a built-in mirror for application on the go. love the way you look.


New self tanner from Too Faced!

I never thought about using a lip bronzer…hmm, I’d be interested to try it! Have any of you tried it?

Tanning Bed In A Tube & Snow Bunny Lip Bronzer ($40 Value) is an instant bronzer and gradual self tanner paired with a golden-based Lip Bronzer that bestows a sunkissed glow.

Throw away those tanning goggles and say good-bye to sun damaged skin with Too Faced’s wonder lotion that adds an instant bronze glow with gradual sunless tanner to give you that “just back from the Caribbean” sex appeal. Use daily to build your sunless tan and keep your body in bikini shape all year long! It won’t streak or rub off onto clothing. Also, get a Too Faced Lip Bronzer, which is based on the brand’s best-selling bronzers and is a new take on “The Natural Lip.” Each tube contains Vitamin E, tropical flavors, and two shimmering shades of sheer gloss that blend to create the perfect golden-based, beach-time pout. The deliciously scented and silky-smooth formula is semi-sheer and contains a hydrating blend of Vitamin E and skin-soothing essential oils.

$21.50 – BUY IT HERE!

White Heat!!!

n honor of the upcoming launch of White Heat, the newest book from New York Times Bestselling author, Brenda Novak,check out the new “White Heat” Lip Gloss from Three Custom Color Specialists.

This gloss is like buttah! I have a bad habit of licking or biting my lips while I work which can leave them pretty dry. I was so excited to try Three Custom Colors White Heat lip gloss and was not let down. The gloss is so emollient my lips felt smooth and hydrated for hours and had the perfect hint of color. All the shine with no stickiness this has to be one of my favorite lip glosses ever.

Introducing WHITE HEAT LIP GLOSS ($21.50; available at, a sheer and sexy hot pink gloss with silver-white and opalescent shimmer. Launching July 27th in conjunction with the release of Brenda Novak’s new novel of the same name, the first 50 online customers to purchase the gloss will receive a special gift; a free autographed copy of White Heat.

I love this book, the perfect summer companion White Heat is a great romantic thriller. I have always been so curious about cults and White Heat is based on two security contractors that go undercover into a religious cult based in Paradise, Arizona.  The story is so well written the characters and storyline completely drew me in. If you are looking for something to read by the pool or a great book for vacation check out White Heat.

Check out Brenda Novak’s website to see more about her books and check out her Twitter launch party for White Heat Wednesday, August 4th.

Brenda Novak’s White Heat
A dangerous cult has recently taken over the desert ghost town of Paradise, Arizona. Members worship at the feet—and in the bed—of its charismatic leader, Ethan Wycliff, and obey his orders blindly. They’ve already tried to murder one woman and they’re implicated in the disappearance of another.
Nate Ferrentino, who works for private security contractor Department 6, has been assigned to infiltrate this group. It’s a challenge he welcomes—until he learns that colleague Rachel Jessop will be going undercover with him. Thanks to their shared history, he’d much rather go alone….

The problem is, only married couples can participate in cult rituals. So, like it or not—and they don’t—Rachel and Nate must pretend to be husband and wife.

There’s no choice. Because if Wycliff isn’t exposed, if he isn’t stopped, more people will die. And Rachel might be one of them.

Makeup Tips from Sneaky Ways to Make Your Beauty Products Last Longer!

Beauty products are a little like our best friends—they’re fun and always there when we need a little pick-me-up. That’s why we love ‘em so much. Since some products come with pretty hefty price tags, Glamour rounded up some fab tips on how to get the most out of your favorite makeup products—straight from several genius beauty bloggers we know, including  Glamour’s own Girls in the Beauty Department!

Glamour gave 14 tips, I picked my favorites! See the other tips here!

Drop your purse and shatter one of your favorite products? Worry not, ladies: “If a shadow or pressed powder breaks…you can add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and press the pieces back together. The powder will reset in the product’s metal pan,” says Blitzer.

I love this one! If a hair conditioner is doing a “meh” job on your hair, don’t toss it just yet. “If I ever have a hair conditioner that isn’t doing the job, I use it as a shaving cream,” says Annie Tomlin, BellaSugar editor.

For bronzer that’s almost given its all—or isn’t quite the right shade to use on the face—“mix the remnants with a moisturizer to create a pretty, shimmery lotion and apply like a highlighter to arms and décolletage,” suggests Glamour’s own Susan Cernek.
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