Whiten Your Smile On the Go!


Ever enjoyed a nice glass of red wine and notice your teeth are now a shade of purple? Well  thanks to Supersmile Quikee, you can brighten  your teeth and freshen up your  breath on the go. The Icy Mint flavor is great I like how it freshens my breath as it works to whiten my teeth.

With my first use my teeth were definitely brighter. I have noticed the best results when I use this after drinking wine or coffee. It gets rid of the dull, stain dark drinks can leave on my teeth. Love how fast it works and how great it tastes. A great beauty item to keep in your purse its a must have for coffee and wine drinkers!

Quikee Instant Whitening Polish
Professional on-the-go whitening. Removes stains and freshens breath when you don’t have time to brush. Our on-the-go, instant stain-removing formula with Calprox ® guarantees whiter teeth and fresher breath without brushing or rinsing.

Removes: Heavy coffee, tobacco, and red wine stains.
Advanced Whitening: Calprox® & Urea Hydrogen Peroxide combine to whiten teeth and promote long-lasting fresh breath.
Strengthens: The combination of Calcium and Phosphates re-mineralizes tooth enamel.
On-the-go: Conveniently packaged for whitening and freshening when you don’t have time to brush. The quick-dissolve formula means no need to rinse.

Our Quikee with Calprox® works by gently dissolving the protein pellicle – a thin layer of protein that forms on the tooth surface, to which plaque, bacteria, and stains adhere. Removing the protein pellicle leaves the teeth feeling cleaner for a longer period of time.
The synergy between Calprox® and Urea Hydrogen Peroxide eliminates germs and freshens breath.
The combination of Calcium and Phosphates re-mineralizes tooth enamel, making this the perfect quick-fix to whiten, clean, and protect your teeth between brushings.

1.Squeeze the tube until a pearl-size drop appears on the tip.
2.Apply the drop to your teeth and smooth across with your tongue until completely dissolved.


Disclosure: I was sent a sample for review. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are my own.

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Kristen Stewart goes topless for Balenciaga!


Check out Kristen Stewart’s latest ad for Balenciaga’s Rosabotanica fragrance!

If it doesn’t look all that new to you, it’s probably because it looks a lot like her 2013 ad. I’m a bit bored with the ad, to be honest.

In the photo, Kristen wears a vine of colorful flowers, and that’s about it.

In other Kristen news, the actress has just been announced as the face of Chanel’s Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection. Can’t wait to see those ads!

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Guilt Free Chocolate?


Well the holidays are over and its time for me to get back on the wagon. As much as I love jamming every cookie I can into my mouth my body is feeling and sadly showing the side effects of my cookie addiction. But when a girl is trying to kick her sugar habit she needs all the help she can get.

Enter the super yummy Chocoholicks palette from jane iredale. It’s four lip glosses that smell like chocolate! I am really having fun with this palette. I have been using Chili Pepper or Blood Orange in the mornings and in the mid afternoon when the cravings hit I use the Espresso and Very Berry.  The gloss is fantastic its thick and rich without being sticky and feels so great on my lips. The colors are all soft, warm and very wearable.  A great collection just for the quality of the gloss added to the fact they are chocolate makes them a must have!


(Swatches from left Blood Orange, Espresso, Very Berry and Chili Pepper)

jane iredale CHOCOHOLICKS™
A compact with four irresistible chocolate-y shades in one compact to create a range of day and night looks.

THE LOOK lustrous THE FEEL satiny
It’s housed in a sleeved, slim palette for optimal portability and includes a retractable gold lip brush to ensure precise application and clean storage. Four shades and flavors of hydrating glosses provide a delicious array of options for your lips and your palate.

  • Dip the Retractable Lip Brush directly intochocoholicks and apply product across the lips. You can also pick up desired amount of product with finger and apply directly onto the lips.
  • Apply chocoholicks over your favorite shade of Lip Fixation

Blood Orange is a shimmering copper gloss pairing the flavors of deep, dark chocolate and zingy blood orange.

Espresso is a sultry, rich brown gloss tasting of bold, smooth mocha.

Very Berry is a sheer plum gloss and tastes of luscious berries dipped in chocolate.

Chili Pepper is a wearable red gloss combining sweetness and spice with the flavors of dark chocolate infused with exotic chilies.

You can learn more about Chocolicks and more great jane iredale products at www.janeiredale.com

Disclosure: I was sent a sample to review for this post. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are my own.

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Kim Kardashian spends $21,600 on FACIALS.


Kim Kardashian is getting her body back in gear ahead of her wedding to Kanye West. Rumor has it the two will marry soon – so Kim is hard at work getting her body in tip-top shape!

The reality star has signed on for a $2,700-per-week facial regimen. “The boot camp requires clients to come to a series of 90-minute treatments,” a beauty insider tells Life & Style of the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic boot camp. “Kim gets the acid peel, fitness facial, diamond peel, oxygen facial and light treatments.”

But for ideal results, the clinic advises clients to opt for six to eight visits, which would bring Kim’s tab to $21,600! That’s crazy talk.

While Kim gets her face in shape – she’s also working on her body!

Kim posted these pictures on her Instagram page over the weekend, showing off her sculpted body. When TMZ asked her how she got into shape, she responded, “No carbs, workout and dedication!”

Kim captioned the photo below, “Getting right for the new year.” In the photo she shows off her abs along with BFF Blac Chyna.
The second picture, above, shows off their butts. After re-posting the picture on his Twitter page, Kanye wrote “HEADING HOME NOW.”



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