Elizabeth and James NIRVANA


Nirvana an intimate moment captured in two distinctive fragrances for her. Created by Ashley Olsen & Mary-Kate Olsen. Ashley and Mary-Kate wanted the signature fragrance for Elizabeth and James to embody the same sense of duality inherent to their partnership and the brand. The result was not one, but two blends—distinctly different, but undeniably connected.


Floral, fresh, feminine and addicting. Elizabeth and James Nirvana White is one of those scents you just can’t get enough of. If Black is the dark sexy version, white is the romantic, alluring version. The gorgeous combo of peony and musk is amazing, long wearing and it just gets better as the day goes on. Its a scent your man will love as much as you do. Perfect for your Valentine date night.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White $80
The Elizabeth and James Nirvana fragrances embody the brand’s inherent duality. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black’s sensual, woody scent with notes of violet, sandalwood and vanilla is contrasted by Elizabeth and James Nirvana White’s alluring floral musk with notes of peony, muguet and vanilla. Two blends- distinctly different, yet undeniably connected.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White is a captivating blend of delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication.

Peony, Muguet, Tender Musk.
Sophisticated. Feminine. Captivating.


The more sexier scent of the two, Nirvana Black is the perfect combo of musk, vanilla and sandalwood.  There is something dark and sensual about this scent and the best part its not like anything else you own.  A true standout, I love wearing this on a night out and am always amazed how long the scent lasts. You can’t wear this out without people asking what the amazing fragrance is your wearing.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black $80
Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black is an addictive blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla that strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.

Violet, Sandalwood, Vanilla.
Sensual. Mysterious. Warm.


Available exclusively in Sephora stores and online at www.sephora.com.



Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary sample for review. I was not paid to write this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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New! Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

CYMERA_20160210_150354 (1)

I have tried a few dry spray antiperspirant’s and while they worked I found most crumbled and/or left white powder on my clothes. When Dove released their Dry Spray Antiperspirant I was interested to see if their formula could work without the mess.



First formula I used was the Clear Tone Skin Renew, I love how light the spray was and easy to apply. It didn’t clump or crumble on my underarm skin and it keep me dry and smelling great all day. Whether I am working out, hiking or just sitting at my desk work I love that I know this product will leave my underarms smelling great and dry! And the Clear Tone Skin formula will help even out the skin tone on your underarms so no unsightly dark pits.

Clear Tone Skin Renew Dry Spray Antiperspirant $6.99
Clear Tone Skin Renew Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on instantly dry and delivers 48 hour odor and wetness protection with Dove’s unique ¼ moisturizers for softer, smoother underarms. Enjoy the light fragrance with notes of watermelon and pear mixed with violet, rose and sandalwood.

dove dry spray

For you sensitive skin ladies look no further. The mildest formula you can find the Dove Sensitive Skin Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes and and dries immediately. With built in moisturizers it leaves your skin dry, smooth and hyrdated. And this formula has no harsh fragrances that will irritate your skin.

I love that it keeps my underarms smelling clean and dry for up to 48 hours.

Sensitive Skin Dry Spray Antiperspirant $6.99
Sensitive Skin Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on instantly dry and delivers 48 hour odor and wetness protection with Dove’s unique ¼ moisturizers for softer, smoother underarms.

Learn more about the Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant line at www.dove.us.

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary sample to review. I was not paid to write this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Free Beauty Events February 2016


Looking for some great new beauty products ? Check out FreeBeautyEvents.com, they list all the events in your area with the latest and greatest products.  Just enter your zip to find out what great events are going on near you. They even host a monthly contest with some of the latest and greatest beauty finds.



Their February Beauty Basket Giveaway includes products from Lumene Skincare, Vaseline, Simple Skincare, Clear, Essie, Elf Cosmetics and more! The Contest runs from now through 2/29/16, winners will be chosen on 3/10/2016 and notified by 3/15/2016.   Be sure to like the Free Beauty Events Facebook Page to enter to win prizes. 


To find out what is happening near you click here.

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It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation: Flawless Skin in 30 Seconds


Winter for me means pale, spotty face a mixture of paper white skin and redness from blemishes and environmental irritants. The last few weeks I just couldn’t get my makeup right my summer shades were too dark and my winter shades didn’t hide the ruddy undertone of my skin. I heard about IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation and had to check it out.

Celebration Foundation comes in four shades from Fair to Rich, in the photo below I am wearing medium-beige. My skin below on the left had only moisturizer and eye makeup. I used the enclosed puff and applied one thin coat across my face of the Celebration Foundation. First thing I noticed was so silky and light it felt, it glided right across my skin and felt amazing on my skin and the product is so light it doesn’t look or feel like foundation.

Next step was a side by side comparison, and with that I was hooked. I have had a pesky blemish on my face for weeks that is fading but so slowly I spend all day reapplying concealer to mask the redness. And as you can see on the right my blemish disappeared under just one swipe of Celebration Foundation. Not only did it make my blemishes vanish it made my crazy big pores disappear and evened out my rudy, shiny undertone. I have to say my skin really did go from winter blah to perfect in 30 seconds. And now 6 hours later the foundation is still going strong and my skin looks amazing. I am so glad to have found this and am going to start using it with a brush to get even smoother coverage. If you have been struggling to find the right foundation check out It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation, it takes your skin from blah to flawless faster than you can say Celebration Foundation.



it cosmetics celebration foundation


Full-Coverage Anti-Aging Foundation with Hydrolyzed Collagen, Peptides and Drops of Light Technology

Why You Will Love IT

A full coverage, Anti-Aging hydrating powder foundation that truly gives you the power to achieve flawless, airbrushed complexion perfection in no time! Delivers highly pigmented perfect coverage that will never crease or crack and is designed to not only cover, but to make you skin appear younger at the same time. The Anti-Aging technology in this formula blurs away pores, fines lines and imperfections giving you a flawless airbrush finish that looks and feels like silk. It absorbs oil and shine, without settling into lines and wrinkles.

Developed with leading plastic surgeons and infused with Anti-Aging ingredients including Hydrolyzed Collagen, Peptides, Antioxidants, Grape Seed, Olive, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose, Aloe, Niacin, Silk and Vitamins A, C, E. This Anti-Aging foundation treats skin with Anti-Aging benefits resulting in a more youthful-looking complexion. Hydrating, full coverage and crease-proof, it glides on easily and lasts all day. Formulated without Talc, Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Synthetic Fragrance and Phthalates.

  • Highly pigmented hydrating powder foundation – covers absolutely everything and anything
  • Infused with amazing ingredients for younger looking skin
  • Doesn’t crease, doesn’t crack and doesn’t make you look older
  • Packed with Anti-Aging ingredients and gives a true airbrushed look that works for all ages!

You can purchase  It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation online at www.itcosmetics.com.

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary sample to review. I was not paid to right this post and all thought and opinions are my own.

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