My new favorite peppermint soap.


I recently went on a hunt for a great peppermint soap. Finally after weeks of looking and sampling I have found the best! Dr. Bronners organic peppermint soap. It has pure peppermint oil that leaves your skin squeaky clean and tingly. Because therapeutically peppermint oil is a mild stimulant, it also increase vitality and clarity. I’m not a morning girl and this soap is all I need to get up and going (don’t tell Starbucks). Dr. Bronners uses all organic and fair trade ingredients so you can also feel good about buying this soap. It’s only $3.99 a bar and they have and additional 7 scents.

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Soft smooth legs to die for.


Get the sexy smooth legs that will keep your man day dreaming all day. Try Kiehls Simply Mahvelous Legs After-Shave Lotion. This superb formulation soothes and moisturizes skin after shaving to help prevent the dryness and irritation associated with shaving. Our ultimate leg after-shave moisturizer – Try it! You’ll fly it! Leaves your legs soft, smooth, beautiful. For the Ladies from Kiehl’s.

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Save youself the pain of pinching your cheeks.


Rated one of Instyle magazines best buys of 2007. Revlon’s Pinch Me gel blush retails $13 .45oz. I love the cheeky cherry for that perfect flushed look to my face.

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Looking to get Katherine Heigls vampy red carpet eyes?


Katherine had long and thick lashes on the Emmy red capet thanks to DuWops’s Lashlacquer which is a two-step, double-sided mascara. The formula on one side thickens and the other adds length.

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