Steal Rhianna’s look!


I wouldn’t think to put eyeliner on the bottom lid only – but Rhianna did here, and what do you think?  I kind of like it! 


Need a good blue liner?  Try MAC’s Bang on Blue eyeshadow!  Just wet your eyeliner brush with water – and transform any shadow into a gorgeous eyeliner!

$14.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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12 Brushes for $12.00!!


I have very few brushes, becuase most brushes cost an arm and a leg!  So when I came across these brushes by E.L.F., I was SHOCKED at how affordable they are! I’m totally buying these…like pronto!

A set of 12 brushes – every brush you need AND MORE for only $12.00!

$12.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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Would this work? Nail polish strips?

prod_1042165_lg.gif prod_1042165_xl.jpg

Introducing Avon’s Instant Pedicure Dry Nail Enamel Strips!

World’s First & Only! Base, color & topcoat, all in one…real nail enamel that goes on dry. Includes 16 Dry Enamel Strips. Good for one pedicure. Lasts up to 14 days. Wipes off easily with nail enamel remover.  Comes in 8 colors!

I just don’t know about this… so I’d like to know if anyone else has tried it.  Does it really work?  It looks like one of those products that sounds good in theory – but never really works.  Is it?

ON SALE!! $8.00 $4.99 BUY IT HERE!

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Revlon Skinlights Instant Skin Brightener: The best skin luminater is Revlon skin lights. I swear by this product that it can take you from dull and tired to fresh and glowing! I have been using it for about 6 years now. It takes me one year to fully finish one tube. Because a dime size amount takes you so far!! You can higlight your cheeks, use it on the size of yournose to make it appear more defined, under your eys for a little highlight and even on your chest for that I just romped in my sheets looks!!! Go out and buy it now!!!!!!!

  • Instant luminosity from a pump.
  • This Sheer, oil-free*, Lightweight Skin-Brightening Lotion feels silky smooth.
  • The unique Formula features Light-reflective Crystals and Skin-enhancing minerals to insTantly Brighten Skin, Soften flaws and boost Radiance.
  • Wear it over Bare Skin For insTant luminosity, or With foundation For luminosity With more coverage Vitamins A, C & E and SPF 15 help improve and protect Skin.
  • * No animal, mineral or vegetable oil

REVIEW SUBMITTED BY:  Shannon in South Florida

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