Vegas, Baby!


Hello all my product lovers. Well my dear (and lucky) friend Jocelyn was given a trip to Vegas with her hubby for her birthday. So she was whisked away on Saturday evening and won’t be back posting until Wednesday.

Now I know we all feel bad for her sleeping in, enjoying the pool with a cocktail. I know she wishes she could be here with me watching Dora and looking for the next great product. Maybe she will win big any buy me my own Sephora?

I can hear my coffee is now going and I better get posting. Have a great week and don’t feel too bad for Jocelyn. Maybe while she is stuck in those smoky, kid free casinos she will win a bunch of money.

 I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’M THE MAP.

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Anyone else shine like the sun by high noon?


No matter what I have tried I always get shiny by the afternoon. I have used blot powders and blot sheets but I like that you put this on first and then can go on with your day without touch ups. Has anyone tried this product?

Chanel Purete Idele Serum  -Intense Refining Skin Complex

This daily serum is targeted specifically for skin with excess sebum.

Lightweight and oil-free, it absorbs rapidly to instantly refine skin texture and soften the appearance of imperfections.

Helps balance oil production for a long-lasting matte finish.

$72.oo Buy it here.

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So Laque! Nail Enamel


Bourjois So Laque! Nail Enamel
Enriched with vinyl to speed the drying time and to provide a high impact shine, these super sexy shades slide on and stay put, and are super slick-looking for seven days. Vinyl reinforces the flexibility and resistance of the finish, while a blend of highly reflective resins enhance shine and boost adherence to the nail itself. The super flat brush produces the ultimate lacquered effect.

6 colors to choose from, I love the Rose Vamp I think its the perfect pedicure color for summer.

$9.00  Buy it here.

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Glowing Goddess lips?


DIOR Summer Play Extreme Shine Lip Gloss 

What it is:
Dior’s playful dice charm filled with a dazzling Dior Pink Lip Gloss.

What it is formulated to do:
Gives you glowing, goddess lips with super shiny, gorgeous color.

What else you need to know:
This chic accessory in gleaming bronze is adorned with amber crystals on all five sides. Tie it around your summer bag and go.

$55.00 Buy it here.

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