Cuccio Lemon Skin Lightening Serum


Cuccio Naturale is the first complete natural nail line featuring combinations of botanicals, natural fruits, and alpha hydroxy acids to de-age and protect the nails and hands. It includes unique, innovative products such as grapeseed antioxidant oil to protect the skin from environmental insults that accelerate the aging process.

Lemon Skin Lightning Serum helps eliminate uneven skin tone, age spots, and discolorations. It contains enzymes, such as lemon oil and kojic acid, that balance skin by intensively penetrating the skin layers and retexturing as well as aiding recovery from UV damages. It actually renews skin’s appearance when used continuously.

Results will be enhanced by following these steps:

  • Exfoliate the hands
  • Apply the serum
  • Put hands in electric mittens, warm moist towels, or terry cloth mittens
  • $11.99 – BUY IT HERE!

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    Estee Lauder releases Perfections line – just say no to Botox!


    Now, triumph over wrinkles without toxins, lasers or injections. Estée Lauder Research boldly advances the fight against wrinkles and age spots with this comprehensive treatment.

    Formulated with our exclusive Poly-Collagen Peptides and BioSync Activating™ Complex, this anti-aging phenomenon helps lift away the look of deep wrinkles faster than ever before.

    • An ultimate perfectionist correcting serum
    • Contains BioSyne Complex to stimulate skin’s natural repair system
    • Dramatically helps improve the quality of skin texture
    • Greatly reinforces skin’s natural collagen & elastin production
    • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
    • Offers an instant, visual benefits for your skin
    • Creates a younger, smoother & more radiant complexion

    $55.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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    Mascara without the clumps!

    I usually spend good money on mascara.  I’m a huge fan of Lancome’s Definicil’s.  I pay more because I haven’t found a drugstore mascara yet that is nearly as good.  But after reading about this new mascara from Covergirl, I gotta say I’m tempted to try it out!


    Introducing Cover Girl’s Volume Exact Mascara.

    Plump ‘em, don’t clump ‘em! VolumeExact’s flexible bristles surround-each-lash with microchambers, to plump and separate each individual lash—for volume a whole new way.

    $6.00 – Buy it at your local drugstore!

    And then come back and tell us if you liked it!

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    Need a little “zest” in your morning routine?


    Simply The “Zest” Lemon+Sage Spa-In-A-Box
    A new limited edition set from Bliss has everything to Zest up a spa day.

    What it is:Zesting, zesting, 1-2-3: Take an at-home test drive of Bliss Spa’s skin-smoothing, Lemon+Sage Scrub deluxe treatment with this citrus-scented three-step set.

    What it is formulated to do:Fall head over heels in scrub with these seriously softening fruit and flora-flavored body smoothing treatments, collectively guaranteed to keep you glowing.

    What it is formulated to do:Set includes a 4 oz jar of Lemon+Sage Body Scrub, a 2.5 oz tube of Lemon+Sage Body Butter, and a 1 oz tube of High-Intensity Hand Cream, perfectly packed in a keepsake box.

    $36.00 Buy it here. 

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