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I wrote a review on the Jonathan Anton shower filter a few weeks ago and then a reader was kind enough to tell me about the manufacturer Aquasana. The reviews looked great but I have never had problems with my water and thought it probably wouldn’t make a difference. I decided to contact Aquasana and knowing they have a great product they sent a shower filter for me to try. I admit I was skeptical putting it in most products don’t live up to there promises.

I was pleasantly surprised when it was really easy to install, and it has several water options and really good pressure. I am a shower multi-tasker I wash my face and brush my teeth in the shower so it was time for a full test drive. With my first shower I could immediately tell the water smelled better and when I was rinsing my face and teeth I noticed the water tasted good. Better yet 3 days in my hair started getting smoother and when I rinsed my shampoo out it seemed really clean with no build up. I have now been using it a week and my hair has become considerably less frizzy and it’s so shiny I can’t stop staring at it.

My skin has also been softer and it doesn’t seem as dry as it did with my old shower head, I could really tell the difference after shaving. I love the filtered water so much I am now taking a second shower before bed, it just leaves me feeling so refreshed. Bottom line the price may seem like a splurge but you only have to change the shower filter every 6 months and the difference it makes in your hair and skin will save you money in beauty products.

AQ-4100 Aquasana Shower Filter

Softer skin & hair in 1 week, guaranteed!

Voted Best Buy
2006 by Consumers Digest Magazine
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Order now & get FREE Expedited shipping!

The Aquasana Shower Filter has 2 separate filter stages… One that takes out chlorine and balances the pH, the other filters out harmful VOCs and THMs that vaporize while showering and are unhealthful to inhale.
Installs in seconds and provides healthy, filtered water for showering. The healthiest most refreshing shower you’ll ever take! Offers tremendous benefits to people with skin conditions and breathing disorders. The benefits are immediately noticeable and long lasting.

“It’s Like Showering In Natural Spring Water”

Comes complete with 2 stage filter cartridge that lasts 6 months (replacement cost is only $42.00 semi-annually with auto-ship) and the deluxe “Niagara” adjustable pressure shower head, handheld shower wand available.

Stage 1 removes chlorine and enhances pH balance with a natural copper/ zinc mineral media called KDF-55D. The second filtration stage uses a carbonized coconut shell media for the removal of synthetic chemicals and VOCs that vaporize and can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin, potentially causing adverse health and cosmetic effects.

The result is the healthiest, most refreshing shower experience you’ll ever have… for only 21¢ a day!

Anyone who has ever swum in a chlorinated pool knows how chlorine robs moisture from skin and hair. What most don’t realize is that typically there is as much, or more chlorine in your tap water as there is in most swimming pools.

Chlorine strips the natural protective oils from skin and hair, causing excess dryness. Without the harsh influences of chlorine you‘ll notice significant cosmetic benefits… Softer skin & hair in a week or your money back!

Also by removing chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, you eliminate health risks related to inhalation and skin absorption of these chemicals… now known to be a significant source of exposure to harmful VOCs (volatile organic chemicals).

Your shower water will feel better, and be better for you.

On Aquasana‘s “Water 4 Life” cartridge auto-ship program you‘ll receive fresh new filter cartridges automatically every 6 months at discount pricing… and FREE shipping! Required forms included with product.

Order now and in less than 1 week you’ll be showering in naturally healthy, chemical free water!

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

All orders ship the same or next business day!

$84.99 BUY IT HEREUPDATE- click this link to get a 20% discount on your shower filter a Makeherup reader special discount making your cost only $67.99

We all know water is a major factor in beautiful skin to add even more wow to your look try Aquasana’s Deluxe Drinking water system. The water tastes so pure and fresh and right now you can get a free glass decanter with each order which keeps your water clean and pure. Save the landfill waste of bottled water and the expense and get great water right from your tap.


AQ-4000 Deluxe Drinking Water System
Includes 2 filter cartridges‚ faucet adapter & instructions.
For a LIMITED time Get 1 FREE
Aquasana glass decanter.
Installs in seconds!
Easy Install Video

Voted Best Buy for water filter, Consumers Digest 2003/2004/2005/2006
100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Order now & get FREE Expedited shipping!

Aquasana is the #1 rated home water filtration system in America, works better & costs less than any other brand!
Top 10 Water Filter Comparison

This patented twin cartridge drinking water filter installs in seconds to standard kitchen faucets and provides up to 30 gallons an hour of ultra-filtered high quality water for drinking, cooking and other beverages. Includes filter housing‚ chrome faucet diverter‚ twin filter cartridge set (lasts 6 months/filters 500 gallons), easy to follow instructions and cartridge re-order forms. Replacement filters cost $48.00 every 6 months/500 gallons…that’s only 9¢ a gallon/ $8.00 a month for a virtually unlimited supply of “healthy water”.

You get the very best water, the best value and the most convenience, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water!

This is our very best product and our very best price, FACTORY DIRECT!

Aquasana’s exclusive dual filter system uses a combination of carbon filtration‚ ion exchange and sub-micron filtration to produce truly healthy‚ great tasting water at the convenience of your kitchen tap. Filters out chlorine‚ lead‚ VOCs, MTBE and Cysts (chlorine resistant parasites), and leaves in the natural trace minerals!

Naturally healthy, great tasting water at the touch of a button for under 10¢/gal. No other product, at any price, has ever produced better results than Aquasana!
Aquasana’s contaminant reduction capabilities are 3rd Party tested and certified by the California Department Of Health Services.

$124.99 BUY IT HERE.   

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A must have Sephora product


Since my first introduction to nail polish I have been a strictly pink polish lover. I always loved the darker colors on other people but figured with my fair skin it might look weird. I was at Sephora last week and figured since I have hit the ripe age of 30 it’s time to get out of my rut and try something new.

I decided to try the Sephora brand polish, I liked the little bottle and at $4 a bottle it’s worth the try. I tried their new nail lacquer in Figue and I LOVE it, with two coats of polish it’s nearly black. It went on so smooth no bumps or bubbles and dried quite quickly. It ended up looking so good people kept asking me where I got my nails done. So if you have yet to try it run to Sephora and try their nail lacquer, and if you are stuck in a color rut like me go crazy and pick outside your normal colors you might just find a whole new world of polish to love.

My new Favorite color, Figue:


Sephora Lacquer Nail Polish

What it is:
Chip-proof nail lacquer.

What else you need to know:
Featuring the same wide assortment of shades you’ve come to expect from Sephora Nail Polish, these lacquers drench your nails in rich, high shine color. Each long-lasting shade is packaged in travel-ready bottles, so you can tote several of your favorite shades for quick changes on the go.

$4.00 BUY IT HERE.

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Michelle Rodriguez at a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show, September 10


Michelle Rodriguez is in desperate need of our “How to have beautiful, healthy hair” post!

Okay, that’s really all I had to say.  I was posting pictures on ICYDK – and came across this picture.  Yikes!  Cut it! Style it! C’mon gimme something!

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How to have beautiful, healthy hair!


Jennifer Garner at the Toronto Film Festival to promote her new film, “Juno” on September12th.   I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought that Jennifer has had the most beautiful, healthy hair.  Want to know how to do it yourself?  Try these 3 steps!

Three main things are needed for a good-looking head of hair – haute hair – good health, the right attention to cleanliness, and caution when using cosmetic treatments.

1. Adequate Diet

Hair growth depends on an adequate diet. A widespread diet problem which causes loss of hair is iron deficiency Anaemia. The cause is too little iron in blood, brought on by a diet containing too little meat, eggs, cereals or peas and beans. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also needed to provide vitamin C, which enables the body to absorb iron.

2. Cutting the hair

Although cutting the hair is not essential to its well-being, it is easier to keep the scalp clean if the hair is kept reasonably short. Regular cutting does not make the hair grow strong or faster.

3. How hair can be damaged

Although scalp hair is hardy, and can withstand a lot of abuse, it can be damaged by too much or inexpertly applied perming, dyeing – Blonde to Brunette, bleaching and massage. The amount of beautying the hair can take varies from person to person. Occasionally the scalp is allergic to the dye and becomes inflamed and swollen. To prevent this occuring, the dye should be tested by applying it to a small area on the arm. If a patch of inflammation has developed, the dye must not be used on the hair.

Most people who bleach their hair do so with hydrogen peroxide. If the peroxide is repeatedly applied, it may make the hair brittle. Hair SOS If this happens the hair may turn rough, develop split ends, or become thinned or shortened.


Want some good hair products?  Go here to see the latest and hottest products!

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