Kate Moss launches her own hair care line!


KATE MOSS has just launched a new hair care line with best friend and hair stylist James Brown, so it was surely only a matter of time before the pair teamed up to give the supermodel’s locks an update. Following the official debut of the James Brown London range last week – for which Moss rocked an androgynous femme fatale look, in tailored trousers and a Jaeger bow-neck blouse – the model has been stepping out with a freshly-cut long fringe. “We got together after seeing our new hair care range hit the shops and just decided to do it,” Brown told the Daily Mail. “I love Kate’s hair a shorter length and the fringe really looks amazing. She hasn’t had a fringe for a long time but it makes her look really fresh and sexy. There’s almost an element of a young Michelle Pfeiffer from the Eighties.”



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What do we think of Natalie’s lavender lips?


Here is Natalie Portman at the 22nd annual American Cinematheque Awards on Friday.  What do we think of her lipstick? I’m not a huge fan of light lipstick, so maybe it’s just me…but I’m not diggin it. What do you guys think?


If you like this shade, I found the perfect lipstick for you!  Try MAC’s McQueen Lipstick in Masque. It’s more of a pink color, but it’s the same idea…


McQueen Lipstick: The two Lipstick shades used by M·A·C artists to create the look of Alexander McQueen Fall ’07. Pale yet intensely rich with pearled finishes. Leaving no doubt of their inspiration, the outer casing bears the marque of the collection’s logo. Limited edition.

$14.00 – BUY IT HERE

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Thinny Thin Chin!


I have started to think a lot about anti-aging products now that I am 30. Recently I have been wondering what you do to keep your neck from starting to get wrinkled and saggy. I know a lot of face creams are too strong for your neck and decolletage and can actually damage them. I just found this new product from Bliss that I will have to try to prevent the dreaded turkey neck.

Bliss ‘Thinny Thin Chin™’

Bliss‘ new Thinny Thin Chin™ helps pick up the slack (seriously!) with a dual-action complex that tones and addresses signs of v-zone (the area from the chin line to the cleavage) aging instantly and over time. Like a liquid bra, Thinny Thin Chin™ will help overhaul your overhang by firming, hydrating and improving the appearance of neck lines, crepiness and hyperpigmentation.

Bliss tip: Make your neckline look slimmer in seconds by mixing Thinny Thin Chin™ with a bronzer or self tanner (such as A Tan For All Seasons).

$48.00 BUY IT HERE. 

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Do you have ‘stuffies & stressies’?


Man do I need this today it’s one of those mom mornings where it feels like your kids don’t speak the same language. I think I need to drop everything and get to Sephora to pick this up, or find a way to make my children listen when I talk.

philosophy ‘stuffies & stressies’ essential oils set

Take a deep breath and relax. philosophy’s stuffies & stressies essential oils are formulated to give your dreary senses a pick-me-up. Made with congestion-relieving eucalyptus oils, stuffies will immediately help you breathe easier, while the calming scent of lavender oils in stressies will alleviate anxiety and stress.

$25.00 BUY IT HERE.

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