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Heat Treat to Beat Your Blemishes and Dark Spots


We all get tempted to squeeze a blemish to treat the problem, but with a risk of infection and scarring is there a better way? Heat treatments promise faster and safer blemish treatment, but how do they work?

Heat treatment devices attack a blemish to reduce the size and appearance in several ways.  Heat works to increase blood circulation and promote healing. Heat therapy can also help bring an infected blemish to a head so that it can be drained. The concentrated heat helps kill the  bacteria causing the blemish, and speed up the healing process while reducing inflammation.

For people with sensitive skin that find topical acne treatments too drying Heat Treatment devices can be a great way to battle acne. Here are a few popular treatment devices that use a heat and light technology to fight blemishes.



The first preventative acne-clearing system. By combining a topical acne treatment with a massaging heat the Zeno Heat Treat kills 99.9 percent of acne-causing bacteria in one hour.

ZENO HEAT TREAT Blemish Prevention Kit
HEAT TREAT Blemish Prevention Kit is a breakthrough in acne prevention. It combines the science of a medicated anti-acne solution and gentle massaging heat to kill acne bacteria, unclog pores and prevent new blemishes from forming. Device has unlimited use, Treatment is 0.5 oz. and the kit includes two AA batteries.


The Tanda Zap combines three acne-fighting technologies—blue light, sonic vibration and warming—to clear or fade blemishes in 24 hours.

Tanda Zap

• Eliminates acne bacteria
• Helps prevent future breakouts
• For all skin types & tones
• Starts clearing blemishes immediately



The Klima Magic Wand uses heat and light technology to fight blemishes. Along with a promise to be one of the fastest acne treatment devices it also has a permanent tip saving you money with no replacement tips needed.

Klima Magic Wand

The Klima Magic Wand is a hand-held, battery operated device which makes pimples disappear fast. Using twin technologies of gentle heat and specified blue wavelength light. When the bio-compatible tip has direct contact with a blemish on the skin, it transfers heat deep into the follicle at a safe and pre-set temperature. It also zaps the blemish with specified-wavelength blue light. Both the heat/shock response and the radiated light aggravate the active proteins that keep the blemish thriving. This causes self destruction of the acne lesion, reducing inflammation and allowing the skin to return to a healthy condition. How effective is it?


Zeno Mini- The power to zap blemishes in the palm of your hand!


Zeno Mini technology makes 90% of pimples disappear or fade significantly within 24-48 hours, and for treating acne pimples, it’s the most scientifically advanced and effective device available without a prescription.

Zeno Mini

• A lightweight, handheld, portable electronic beauty device that is clinically proven to make more than 96% of pimples disappear or fade significantly within 24-48 hours

• Treats individual pimples with a revolutionary, patented and proprietary technology called ClearPoint™ that delivers a safe and painless dose of heat to a blemish to kill the bacteria that causes it to surface and worsen

• FDA approved and dermatologist recommended

• Safe, natural and chemical-free

• Applies the latest in scientific, medical and electronic technology to the treatment of blemishes

• Treats blemishes in just two-and-a-half minutes and may be done anytime, anywhere, with no down time.

• Won’t leave skin feeling dry, out of balance or flaky

• No doctor’s visit or prescription is needed to purchase or use a Zeno Mini

• Clinical trials indicate there are no side effects associated with using a Zeno during pregnancy and while nursing or while using over-the-counter treatments

• May be purchased at major department, beauty and drug stores nationwide and online for a suggested $89

• Operates on two AAA batteries (included), is easy to maintain and requires no cleaning or special care

Zeno ClearPoint Technology

• A proprietary and patented technology developed by Zeno Corporation that uses the science of heat to kill the bacteria that causes roughly 90% of all blemishes

• Has an internal microprocessor to modulate the temperature continually to match the heat absorption of the individual user

• Has an internal timer to control precisely the two-and-a-half minute treatment time

$89.00 Zeno Mini

Zap breakouts before they hit


As warmer weather arrives and sun worshippers starting laying out acne issues can arise. Now with Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device you can treat acne before you breakout. Just press the heated tip onto spots where you feel a breakout coming—and incredibly, it gets rid of acne in 24 hours. $185 A small price to pay for flawless skin all summer. Buy it now at .

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