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Don’t forget our contest!


Shiny Mama, the new cosmetics line by Yana Chupenko (former director of product development and marketing for the now defunct makeup brand Tony & Tina), recently unveiled an assortment of products geared toward a glistening new you.

The Snow Queen collection features two Shimmer All eye shadows in Ice (silvery white) and Pink Crystal (golden pink), which can also be used as blush and powder. Plus, the colors are supposed to glide on easily with a sponge applicator beneath the cap. And get this: The shimmery concoctions can apparently be mixed with just about any other beauty product to achieve a sparkly effect.

Shiny Mama “draws from the most glamorous periods in history to create something timeless and new.” The packaging evokes a feel of vintage Parisian glamour. Shiny Mama Shimmer All is getting great customer reviews, you can use it as eyeshadow, blush, shimmer, or mix it with your lipstick or nail polish for a shimmery pearl effect.

Now you can try this great new product for free! Just enter our contest to win one of two brand new Shiny Mama Shimmer All powders. All you have to do is click on our link to submit a review, and write a review on one of your personal favorite beauty products, Jocelyn and I will pick two reviews at random. You have until Friday August 3rd to submit your reviews so tell us about a product you love and can’t live without. We will also feature some of the reviews on our site to share great beauty finds sent in by our readers. Have a great weekend I can’t wait to read your reviews!

I’m Baccckkk……


My husband and I decided to take the kids to Disneyland last week for a quick 5 day trip. We were having too much fun in California to go home and decided to hit a few more cities. Our final city was San Francisco we had only one day here and were driving out this morning. But as we headed out of the city this morning we decided we just couldn’t leave so we are staying a few more days. We may be living on rice and beans when we get home but for now we are having fun!

So for now I will be posting remotely to make sure no one misses on out any great new makeup products.


Vegas, Baby!


Hello all my product lovers. Well my dear (and lucky) friend Jocelyn was given a trip to Vegas with her hubby for her birthday. So she was whisked away on Saturday evening and won’t be back posting until Wednesday.

Now I know we all feel bad for her sleeping in, enjoying the pool with a cocktail. I know she wishes she could be here with me watching Dora and looking for the next great product. Maybe she will win big any buy me my own Sephora?

I can hear my coffee is now going and I better get posting. Have a great week and don’t feel too bad for Jocelyn. Maybe while she is stuck in those smoky, kid free casinos she will win a bunch of money.

 I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’M THE MAP.


Welcome to Make Her Up!

Make Her Up is a site devoted to all things BEAUTY. Erin & I always want to know what’s hot – what’s new – what everyone’s using.  So we decided to create a site devoted to just that!

FAQ (Advertising & Sponsor info below):

8 CATEGORIES: We’ve broken the site down into 8 categories: Body, Eyes, Face, Fragrance, Hair, Lips, Nails & Skincare.  When you visit the homepage, you will see all the categories – mixed up together.  But if you’re only interested in seeing the “Fragrance” products, all you have to do is click on the tag titled “Fragrance” and you will see all of our posts in the Fragrance category, in chronological order!

SEARCH BY PRODUCT: If you’re looking for a specific brand, or product, try out the Search feature under the header.  It will pull up all the products in your brand – quick and easy!

SUBMIT A REVIEW: This is probably our favorite feature!  YOU can be a part of Make Her Up!  Do you have a product you just can’t live without?  Did you try something that you want to share with others?  Well click on “Submit a Review” and send it to us!!  We want you guys to be writers of Make Her Up too! Become part of the community by submitting your own product review!

Don’t be shy!  Send as many as you like!  Give us your name, where you’re from (we’d say, for example “Submitted by Jessica from Miami, FL), give your post a title, send a picture of your product (a simple google search would give you plenty of pictures) and then write up your review!

Once it’s been submitted – it will come to us, we’ll check it out – and if it fits the site, we’ll post it!  It’s that easy!

FIVE STARS:  Each post has 5 stars at the bottom.  If you’ve tried the product we’ve reviewed, then give it a rating!  Did you try it and LOVE it? Then give it 5 stars!  Did you try it and it was just awful, give it 1 star!  The more you rate the products, the better!  So go wild!

COMMENTS:  Feel free to leave comments, talk amongst yourselves!

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