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New Salon Find!


Last Fall I made the very poor decision to try to skip a trip to the salon and try to color my hair myself. I tried to color my hair a pretty chocolate brown color but as I stepped out of the shower I realized my hair was raven black! It was fun for awhile but then I wanted to go back to my normal blonde color unfortunately my hair was not ready.

Now nearly a year later and many trips to the salon to lighten my hair it was still a dark shade of red. I tried a new place called Salon Hair Say and had the owner Eddie color my hair. I am so excited because my hair is finally blonde again and it looks amazing. Eddie spent over two hours weaving the blonde in trying to lift as much color as possible. I have a ton of hair and he spent a lot of time making sure I left happy with my color and cut.

If you are searching for a new hair place in Beaverton, OR I highly recommend Salon Hair Say. The salon was really cute and I felt really relaxed while I was there, all the stylists were friendly and helpful. They even have a kids play room if you are unable to find a babysitter.

To get pricing or make an appointment call them at 503-644-6409 or check out the website

I tried to get a good close up of my color:



Memory Lane…


Over a year ago, I posted a article on men’s toe nail polish.  It obviously piqued a lot of interest – because people are STILL leaving comments, 15 months later.  Some of the comments are hilarious – and thought maybe you guys would want to check it out. 

Go here to read all 56 COMMENTS!  56! Can you believe that?

Keira Knightley on Vogue’s September Cover- HOT OR NOT?


Gone Camping!


We are off! Jocelyn and I headed out camping with our families for a long weekend on Thursday afternoon. We hope you all have a great weekend. In our posting absence check out some of these other great beauty blogs. See you on Monday.


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