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Gone Camping!


We are off! Jocelyn and I headed out camping with our families for a long weekend on Thursday afternoon. We hope you all have a great weekend. In our posting absence check out some of these other great beauty blogs. See you on Monday.


Happy 4th of July from MakeHerUp!


Have a great 4th of July we hope you are having a great weekend with friends and family! Here’s a little video to get you in the mood Long Live the Muppets!

In Remembrance!


Our thoughts and prayers are with the many Americans who are serving our country right now and are separated from their loved ones and to those who have passed fighting for our freedom. Thank You!

We will back with more make up must haves tomorrow and a HUGE contest.

What product can you not live without?


My one can’t live without product is Benefit’s Lemon-Aid, it’s the most amazing product for concealing eye discoloration on your eyelids. I go from looking tired to wow with one sweep of Lemon-Aid across my eyelids. On top of giving me fresh and rested  look it makes a great base for eyeshadow and helps them to last all day. If you haven’t tried Lemon-Aid you need to push it to the top of your makeup must haves, it is simply the best!

Benefit Lemon-Aid

This soft, yellow cream instantly hides discoloration on eyelids, making them look fresh and young … with or without makeup.

$18.00 Benefit Cosmetics Lemon-Aid