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Jocelyn & Erin

Psst…. want to get great beauty products while on a budget?

My family, like many has had to tighten the purse strings after feeling the economic issues impact our paycheck. I have found a few tricks so even while I’m watching the budget I can fit in some of my favorite beauty products.

I am sure this isn’t news to most of you but Walmart has some AMAZING prices on their beauty products. I just hit my local Walmart recently and stocked up without breaking the bank. I was able to get great everyday items and a few fun ones all while keeping in my budget.

Forget the drugstore find your closest Walmart and save on your favorite brands like Neutrogena, Loreal, Cover Girl, Almay, Nexxus and Aveeno!


Contest Winners!

We should start keeping track of the contest winners, so we don’t pick the same person twice…to give everyone a chance to win. Put the email address for each contest winner, in alphabetical order.

  • (Shades, 3/27/09)
  • (Max Factor 3/18/09)
  • (Max Factor 3/18/09)
  • (Max Factor 3/19/09)
  • (Max Factor 3/18/09)
  • (Shades, 3/27/09)
  • (Shades, 3/27/09)
  • (Shades, 3/27/09)
  • (Shades, 3/27/09)
  • (Max Factor 3/18/09)

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