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Make Her Up Wins Judges Pick in the 2009 Glam Network Awards!


Thank you to everyone who voted for us, and who check this site regularly!  We have worked so hard over the last couple years on this site, and to be recognized like this is such a HUGE compliment.  We feel so honored to be picked by the Judges at Glam, and want to thank everyone who chose us! We are so passionate about this site, and we love working on it.  We’re glad you keep checking the site, and appreciate what we do.  Here is a full list of the winners:


Beauty: Temptalia

Fashion: The Fashion Police

Celebrity/Entertainment: The Celebrity Cafe

Lifestyle: Health Castle

Living: Making It Lovely

Shopping: The Purse Blog

Family: A tie between Black and Married With Kids AND Honest Baby


Best Newcomer: Stylemaven

Best Design: V Magazine

Best Use of Photography: Chubby Hubby

Most Creative
: Fafarazzi

Most Humorous: Guanabee

Best Tagline: Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle

Judges Pick: Makeherup

Thanks so much to everyone, the site will only get bigger and better from here on out!

PS: We have a new header that will come out soon, and I think you guys are really going to like it! It’s going to make the site so much cleaner – and will be easier to navigate!

Jocelyn & Erin

Please vote for us!


Make Her Up has been nominated for a Glam Network Award!

Please take one second to vote for us, we’ve been nominated in the Beauty category. You can vote once per day – so if you really want to, vote for me each day! :)

You can go here to vote, or click on the badge in between the posts. PS: You’ll need to click on “Beauty” to vote for Make Her Up.


Jocelyn & Erin

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Contest Winners!

We should start keeping track of the contest winners, so we don’t pick the same person twice…to give everyone a chance to win. Put the email address for each contest winner, in alphabetical order.

  • (Shades, 3/27/09)
  • (Max Factor 3/18/09)
  • (Max Factor 3/18/09)
  • (Max Factor 3/19/09)
  • (Max Factor 3/18/09)
  • (Shades, 3/27/09)
  • (Shades, 3/27/09)
  • (Shades, 3/27/09)
  • (Shades, 3/27/09)
  • (Max Factor 3/18/09)