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Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick

The reign of no-makeup makeup is officially over: It’s the season for bright red and pastel glazed lips, bronzed complexions and lids with a pop of pink. Check out one of Spring 2016’s top beauty trends, Poppy Lipstick. Red lipstick is classic of course, but never have makeup artists been as united on the shade front as they were this season.

Indulge in a dose of moisture that’s been married with color in Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick in Poppy ($28).This luxurious formula is ultra-soft and delivers an efficacious blend of skin-conditioning watermelon and apple extracts to help lock in moisture, and peptides to help lips look instantly plumper.

arbonne smoothed over poppy


I love a great red lipstick and the new Poppy Smoothed Over Lipstick from Arbonne is an instant favorite. The creamy formula feels great going on and leaves my lips hydrated, and looking fuller. I love the vibrant color and am amazed at how long wearing this lipstick, even drinking this lipstick lasts me 4-5 hours without a touch up.

The lipstick has a beautiful glossy looks and when it finally does start to fade it leaves a pretty red tint to my lips. It looks as great as it feels, I can’t wait to try more colors.


arbonne smoothed over poppy swatch

( 2 coats of Arbonne Poppy Smoother Over Lipstick)


Arbonne Cosmetics Smoothed Over Lipstick, Poppy #7927
Sublime lips start with our moisturizing formula that smooths on long-wearing, luxurious color. Infused with fruit extracts for lip-volumizing effects and to-the-max hydration. Smooth, satin-glossy finish. 10 shades available.


You can purchase and find more great Arbonne cosmetics online at www.arbonne. com.



Disclosure:  I was sent a complimentary sample for review. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Where have you been?



Erin here,  I wanted to make a quick apology to our MakeHerUp readers…. well the ones who stuck around through the drought to read this. I aim to get one review up a day but the last two weeks I have really fallen short. This is my first year with 3 kids in school and with 2 schools, 3 kids, soccer and just me running the show I got a bit overwhelmed. Throw on that schedule 2 sick kids and you can see why things got a little behind. By the time I finished packing lunches at night I was too tired to sit. let alone write anything out.

But I have a few weeks under my belt now and we are getting a hang of this new schedule. I have lots of great products I need to share with you and I’m working on some new contests. So thank you for your patience, and hopefully you are still checking in time to time and haven’t given up on me.

As always I love to hear from you girls and guys on the other side of the screen. If you have a product you want me to check out or something you have tried and loved or want to warn the world about let me know. You can always email me at







On Vacation!



To all the wonderful MakeHerUp readers, just a notice I will be on vacation the rest of the week. Taking a few days offline to spend with my kids before school starts back up. I will be back and posting on Monday the 24th. Stay tuned for new contests and reviews for great new products for Fall!

Have a great week!


Pardon the down time

sick woman


Please excuse the lack of posts this  week. I picked up a bad stomach virus and spent the week battling nausea, fever, fatigue and stomach pains that I am pretty sure where worse than labor pains. Ended up in urgent care getting an IV for dehydration. But I have made it over the hard part and am on the mend. I am sorry for neglecting the site this week but if you saw my house you would know this wasn’t the only ball I dropped.

I have been trying some great new products over the last month. A great skincare line, self tanners, gel polish and even coloring my own hair and then having to fix it. I will be back on Monday with lots of reviews to help you get the best bang for your beauty buck.


Have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy!!!