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Hot Hair this Winter with UMBERTO Beverly Hills‏

This is a really great Blow Dry Lotion, I have used sprays before but this is my first foray into a lotion. Its super light and doesn’t gunk up my hair but really speeds the drying time. After a few days use my ends are looking better and my hair is so soft and frizz free! It even works great when I air dry my hair and leave it curly. The Umberto Blow Dry Lotion is a great deal for $9.99 you get a LOT of product.

UMBERTO Beverly Hills Blow Dry Lotion
Before achieving picture perfect hair this holiday season, prep your tresses with ! Blow Dry Lotion cuts drying time in half and protects against heat damage. The extra conditioning formula helps revitalize dry and damaged hair, and will help hold your style all day. It’s your secret weapon to a salon look in a snap.

Price: $9.99
Available: Target,

Get the Look: The Ladies of Mad Men

Although we knew it would eventually happen, we’re still bummed that one of television’s hottest shows, “Mad Men”, has come to an end. But if there is one thing that is making our Don Draper separation anxiety a little less painful it’s the bevy of 60’s inspired beauties we’re seeing on the streets this season!

While you’re out there scoring the perfect cocktail dress and sweater set, don’t forget to revive your hair color! Celebrity hairstylist Umberto Savone makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to achieve the Blonde Bombshell (Betty Draper) or Radiant Redhead (Joan Holloway) look with his cutting-edge line of foolproof professional at-home hair color, U Color by Umberto Beverly Hills!

With shades like Natural Light Blonde, Mid Blonde, Red Mahogany Brilliant and Red Cayenne these vibrant, demi-permanent hair colors will be sure to turn heads!

U Color by Umberto Beverly Hills retails for $12.00 and is available for purchase at Ulta stores nationwide and

No measuring, no mixing, no mess. Salon color has never been easier! The one-step sachet packet system of color, developer, and equalizer is ready-to-use. Developed by master colorist Umberto of Beverly Hills, this easy to use semi-permanent coloring system can be applied directly to hair. With little to no ammonia, Umberto uses permanent color pigments which provide richer, more vibrant color in addition to lasting shine. Unlike other products that offer shine benefits, U Color penetrates the hair during the chemical process while the hair shaft is open resulting in lasting shine. To achieve results similar to U Color using other products – at home colorists would have to use a color, then a gloss or toner, and a conditioning treatment taking in total over an hour of your time! U Color’s sachet system achieves all these benefits in 25 minutes. Foolproof, professional color has never been easier!

Feature: Available in 24 shades; Umberto’s “magic” equalizer works during the chemical process to balance color absorption for beautiful, even color from roots to ends; The one step sachet packet system contains everything you need: color, developer, and equalizer; No or low ammonia gel formula that is pleasantly scented and so convenient it can be applied directly to the hair; U Color opens the hair shaft during processing, allowing the equalizer to penetrate the hair to lock in lasting color, conditioning, and shine all in one easy step.

Professional hair color, at an unbelievably low cost!

Introducing U Color by Umberto – the cutting-edge line of foolproof professional color in a no-measure sachet system that is so simple, anyone can get salon-style results in the comfort of their home.

At a time where money is tight and women are really cutting back on spending, Umberto wanted to provide women with a product that allows them to both look and feel beautiful even if they don’t have the money for in-salon color or frequent touch-ups. This specially formulated demi-permanent color has richer pigments for vibrant color. The formula is gentle like a semi-permanent but long lasting like a permanent color and because of the Equalizer it covers gray. It is conveniently packaged in a mess-free Sachet Packet System designed to apply directly to the hair. Just snip, squeeze and smoosh!

I love this product because it actually feels and looks like you spent salon $$ on it. It’s so easy to use, and the finished product looks beautiful! I am so excited to find this product, actually, because I can’t afford to dye my hair in the salon anymore. To know that I can do it myself – and easily – for only $12?? Yes please! U-Color comes in 24 colors, and you can find them at Ulta – and online!

Umberto stood by his philosophy: “Hair is magical. You can do more with hair than an artist can do with a paint brush.” In creating this line, Umberto gives women everywhere the simple tools they need to create any look they want.

No Measuring, No Mixing, No Mess!
Salon color has never been easier! U COLOR’s one-step Sachet Packet System of Color, Developer and Equalizer comes ready-to-use making the system fool proof for even the least savvy. The magic Equalizer is the key to achieving results that no other at home product can duplicate.

Even Color from Roots to Ends.
The Equalizer is the magic ingredient that works together with the color and developer during the chemical process to balance color absorption. Because of the Equalizer, you’ll get full gray coverage and there’s no need to worry about a line of demarcation, or ends that ‘grab’ color and get too dark.

Lasting Color, Conditioning and Shine.
The Equalizer also contains an added Clear Gloss and Conditioner. Rather than use a pre- or post-conditioning treatment that only coats the hair, U COLOR opens the hair shaft during processing allowing the Equalizer to penetrate the hair, locking in lasting color, conditioning and shine all in one easy step, avoiding another chemical process and time consuming step.

Kit includes:
• 2 Sachet Packets (6 Fl. Oz. total) including Color, Developer and Equalizer that comes ready to use
• Mini Detail Brush
• Latex Gloves
• Illustrated Instructions

Simply fold the sachet packet and snip, squeeze and smoosh! The one-step Sachet Packet System contains everything you need: Color, Developer and Equalizer in a no or low ammonia, pleasantly scented, gel formula. Distribute color evenly through hair and let it process for 25 minutes. After the process is complete, rinse, shampoo and condition as usual!

U Color is available in 24 shades for a suggested retail price of $12.00 at leading beauty supply outlets and and

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