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Tanning Bed In A Tube – Face


Need a little sun on your face?  Need a little color? 

Tanning Bed In A Tube is a self-tanner for the face.

Get a beautifully bronzed, clear complexion with Too Faced Tanning Bed in a Tube for the Face. Stay out of the sun and save your skin while achieving the most realistic looking bronze skin this side of the Caribbean. The oil-free lightweight formula vanishes into the skin instantly while delivering silky hydration. Too Faced’s sugar-based bronzing technology magically tans skin gradually and evenly, for a perfect no-foundation necessary, sunkissed glow.

A little goes a long way: Begin with a dime size amount and add more if needed. The streak-proof, oil-free formula has a scrumptious tropical scent. Tanning Bed in a Tube Face is not water-resistant nor does it have an SPF. Be sure to wear SPF over it if you plan a day outside.

$21.50 – BUY IT HERE!

California or Bust!


Jocelyn and I really excited we have been given press credentials for this years MTV Movie Awards on June 1st! We will be working to red carpet to get you the scoop on the best and worst dressed and makeup must haves and mishaps. Since we have been MTV and movie junkies since we first met 23 years ago this is our mecca.

I am trying to find some new makeup for the trip and I love Too Faced’s California Glamin’ collection I’m adding it to my Sephora shopping list.Next up I need to find some great sunless tanner.

New! Too Faced California Glamin’ Extreme Lash And Bronzing Set ($ 62 Value)

What it is:
A boxed set with everything you need to achieve a California Glamin’ beach bunny look.

What it does:
The Too Faced California Glamin’ Extreme Lashes and Bronzer Set allows you to add the perfect glam touch to your makeup. Dust yourself with a naturally golden, pink-undertoned bronzer for the best skin glow this side of the Caribbean. Then use a super-volumizing and lengthening mascara, in a special mini-size tube. Lash injection is an exclusive, 3D formula that actually builds tubes around each lash to curl, fatten, and stretch far beyond the natural lash. Also included is a retractable, portable Kabuki Brush. This one-stop shop of a brush is a serious multi-tasker: apply bronzers, blushers, powders, and shimmers flawlessly.

What else you need to know:
The kit contains a 0.169 oz Lash Injection Mini, a full-size Carribean In a Compact Sun Bunny, and a full-size Kabuki Bronzer Brush.

$39.50 Too Faced California Glamin’ Extreme Lash And Bronzing Set($ 62 Value) California Glamin’ Extreme Lash And Bronzing Set

How amazing does this eyeshadow look!!


Galaxy Glam Eye Shadow by Too Faced.

What it is:
A range of iridescent color swirls for the most glamorous eyeshadow looks this side of the Milky Way.

What it does:
Like metallic meteors from outer space throwing sparks of light across the night sky, Galaxy Glam leaps into hyper drive to deliver star-worthy eyeshadow looks. Futuristic Italian opalescent-pigments are baked into each black domed shadow for intensity and blend together to produce a unique multi-dimensional smoky eye, light-speed ahead of any mere earthly cosmetic product. They give an innovative new twist to the classic smoky eye.

What else you need to know:
Color choices include Deep Space (black with cobalt blue), Moonbeam (black with laser light green), Shooting Star (black with galactic gold), and Supernova (black with peach and pink). Apply either wet or dry for a subtle dramatic effect.

Comes in 4 amazing shades!


$19.50 - Too Faced Galaxy Glam Eye Shadow Deep Space

I want this!


This looks totally fun I need to visit Sephora!

Too Faced ‘Mood Swing’ Lip Gloss

Supernatural formulation starts off crystal clear and blossoms into countless shades of pink from cotton candy to deep fuchsia, depending on the wearer’s emotional state. Are you in love, jealous, angry, happy, or hot and bothered? Your lips will tell the tale and allow you to express yourself like never before! Mood Swings’ secret blend of essential oils and extracts improves elasticity and rejuvenates your lips while natural sunscreens ensure a younger-looking smile. Unique blend of essential oils works with each person’s individual chemistry and temperature to set the mood… pale pink and innocent or bright fuchsia and looking for fun… we have you pegged!

$18.50 Too Faced Mood Swing Lip Gloss

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