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Two Catwalk by TIGI products I’m using right now!

Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray!

This is another great hairspray by Catwalk. Those guys just get it right every time, don’t they!? I love this hairspray. It is definitely my #1 go-to whenever I need good – solid hold, without looking like I’ve been attacked by Aqua Net. (Oh, remember the Aqua Net days?)

This is the perfect accessory to lock in your silky smooth and sleek hair style. A lightweight formula with a blend of honeysuckle and lychee helps provide superior humidity resistance for a long-lasting, natural hold.

Spray 10-12 inches away from the hair and throughout layers for added natural hold and texture.

Session Series Dry Shampoo!

I love me some dry shampoo. There are (sadly) many days where I shower, but I don’t exactly wash my hair. Who has the time to wash their hair every day!? I love this dry shampoo because it makes my hair feel clean and freshly washed – every time! I love the smell of this stuff. I’m going to start using it as air freshener. I kid, I kid. Anyway, this stuff works great!! Believe me!

This lightweight invisible dry shampoo will instantly refresh the hair and provide remarkable manageability. A blend of rose and sandalwood helps condition the hair while adding volume and texture. Hair is left oil and odour-free with a stylish matte finish.

Shake well, spray all over to refresh while adding volume and texture.
Use as a base or as a finishing touch.

Three Awesome TIGI products!

High Density Eyeshadow Palette

Includes 8 pigment packed shades: Vanilla, Flirt, Chocolate, Champagne, Purple Haze, Glitz, Posh and Black

Use product dry or wet with Liquid Enhancer!

A variety of shadows to compliment cool and warm skin tones

Usage Tip:

Entice customers by substituting your hand mirror for the palette when showing clients their new style

I love this quad eyeshadow! You get four HUGE shadows. You know how sometimes on these palettes, you only get a little slice of shadow? Not this palette. You get what seems like four FULL SIZED shadows! Love it!

Decadent Lipstick

Shades: Gossip, Honesty, Happiness, Peace, Loyalty, Beauty, Power, Passion, Faith, Luxury, Bliss, Finesse, Fierce and Splendor

Stay put formula with a hydrating finish

Variety of matte to light reflective shades

Dense and rich formula promotes moisture retention

Usage Tip:
Apply lipstick to the center of lips and blend out for a soft pout

I love this lipstick! No weird taste, just perfect, beautiful lips! Stays put for hours, and won’ t dry out your lips!

Perfect Eyeliner

Shades: Black, Brown, Green, Peacock, Royalty and Blue

TIGI®s top selling formula

Smooth and stress-free eyeliner application

Pair with any TIGI® eyeshadow or wear singularly for a statement look

Usage Tip:
Apply along waterline for defined eyes, create sharp lines or use smudgie tip to soften edges

This is a really solid eyeliner. It’s easy to put on – and stays put! What more do you need from an eyeliner! Love it!

All three products are available here!

Combat fading with TIGI Colour Goddess.

I decided to change things up for fall and go for a deep copper color. I love the rich shades but now I  have the disadvantage that the color get stripped off my hair with every single wash, fading and it can end up looking dull. Add to that my obsession with showers and washing my hair daily not the best odds for a long term brilliant copper shade.

 I decided to check out the TIGI Color Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner. The consistency is a sheer taupe colored gel like formula that comes from a tube. A formula that is sulfate free is a good thing for colored hair, and it still works up into a lather making it easy to work through my hair.

Now a few weeks post coloring and using the Color Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner I haven’t noticed any loss of color or vibrancy. On top of that I love how shiny my hair is with these products. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with color treated hair. If you’re a blonde, there’s a Color Combat range for you  “Dumb Blonde – Therapy for Highlighted or Bleached Blonde Babes”.

TIGI Bed Head Colour Combat Colour Goddess Shampoo
Defend your hair against colour fade and dullness with the TIGI Bed Head Colour Combats Colour Goddess Shampoo, a gently lathering formulation with Colour LockDown Technology.

Keep those rich caramel brown and sweet cherry red hues as delicious as the day you put them in! This gentle sulphate-free shampoo smoothes and shines like no other, helping to repair surface damage and prevent dryness. Your hair’s health is maintained after chemical treatments, with a blend of proteins that keep hair supple and soft.

TIGI Bed Head Colour Combat Colour Goddess Conditioner
Get deep nourishment your fiery red or beautiful brunette hues with the TIGI Bed Head Colour Combats Colour Goddess Conditioner.

Check yourself in for some therapy to battle faded, dull and dry coloured hair, and boost moisture, softness and shininess in one fell swoop. Hair is conditioned, detangled and silky, with increased combability and slip – no roughness here!

The innovative Colour LockDown Technology protects your colour from the triple threat of pigment fading water, colour molecule degrading heat, and damaging, discolouring UV rays.

Available for purchase at your local salon.

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