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Demi Lovato Goes Pink! Get The Look At Home With Streekers.

Another celeb goes pink! On Saturday, Demi Lovato tweeted,

“Loving my pink hair and obsessed with my new Topshop outfit and Chloe Green shoes!!!!” to fans with a photo of her posing backstage at X Factor. The pop singer debuted her candy hued locks at the X Factor judging table. She later tweeted that fellow judge and show creator, Simon Cowell, was a fan of the pink hair!

Looking to get a similar pop of color for Summer? Try out Streekers ($11.95 at to make an impact with trend setting streaks that wash out the next day.

Get The Look At Home With Streekers!
With a rainbow of shades, Streekers allow you to change your look in an instant. Each candy-colored highlighting hue is true, temporary hair color. Streekers shows up vibrantly on blonde or highlighted hair, and as subtle highlights on darker hair.

STEP 1: Run mousse or gel through your hair and style into a sleek high ponytail, secure with an elastic. Keep in mind that mousse, gel, and other styling products can be used prior to applying Streekers but hair spray should be used after application!

STEP 2: Run the sponge applicator along the tips of your hair to deposit color. The look may not be as full and vibrant as Demi’s permanent dip-dye, but the streaks of color will give you a similar fun style that will wash out the next time you shampoo!

STEP 3: Take one small section of hair from underneath your ponytail and highlight it in your desired Streeker color from top to bottom.

STEP 4: Wrap that brightly highlighted piece of hair around the base of the ponytail until you have completely hid the elastic. Secure with bobby pins.

STEP 5: Finish with a light layer of hair spray (which can be used over Streekers!) for extra hold.

STEP 6: To remove color, simply shampoo as usual!


Photos courtesy of Twitter user, @1DLovatoFans.

Bring out your inner rock star!


Celebs from Rhianna to Kate Moss have been seen wearing colorful streaks in their hair. Now you can be a punk princess without any commitment. Just paint Streekers on dry hair and your set, best of all it washes out with shampoo.

This is a super fun products not only for adults but for kids. I just threw a joint birthday for my daughter and son and we had a hair and makeup station, the girls LOVED adding purple streaks to their hair and even the some of the boys chose a little color for a cute mohawk.  My daughter is now obsessed and loves to have two colors in her hair and I don’t mind since it washes right out in the bath.

I had some pictures to show you all how cute it looks but my camera has disappeared in my house. I swear there are elves sneaking in and taking things either that or my two year old is up to his old tricks!  Once I have found the new buried treasure location I will get some photos up.


An instant off-the-runway look. At 2008’s Fall Fashion Week, purple hues were a part of the hottest fashion shows. Proenza Schouler. Michael Kors, Miss Sixty and DKNY all showcased new looks in this seasons “it” shade. Keep up with the hottest color trends with Streekers, an instant way to create a new, bold look. Available in Purple and Ultra Violet, Streekers lets you bring the runway trends to your hair without the commitment of permanent color.

Each Streekers shade comes in a compact, sleek bottle with a soft-tip applicator that ensures precise and easy application.  Unlike other temporary hair colors like gels and sprays, Streekers hair color bonds to the hair, so you can brush your hair without dulling the color or flaking it off.  Use it like cosmetics for instant impact.


HOW TO USE:  Apply Streekers on small sections of dry hair, from root to tip.  Allow to dry.  Mousse, gel, and other styling products can be used prior to applying Streekers.  Hair spray can be used over it. The lighter your hair … the hotter the color.  Colors are most vibrant on blonde. To remove color, simply shampoo as usual. 

$10.95 Streekers



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