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Stacy Keibler Tweets photo of herself bikini clad and covered in mud.

It seems Stacy Keiber has finally revealed the secret behind her flawless complexion. George Clooney’s current squeeze posted an image of herself covered in mud at Dead Sea on Twitter on Friday. The former professional wrestler showed off her fantastic physique as she posed in a tiny bikini during a holiday in the middle east.
However it seems the posting was not just to titillate, but to provide some commentary about the current trouble between Israel and neighboring Palestinians. The 33-year-old former WWE Babe of the Year wrote: ‘Love that I got to take a dip in the Dead Sea before I left. ‘It’s unfortunate what is going on there now.’


Stacy Keibler talks fitness in SELF Magazine

Stacy Keibler looks absolutely gorgeous in the latest issue of Self Magazine. George Clooney’s girlfriend spoke with the magazine about being healthy, and how important it is to set realistic goals when losing weight.

Stacy on being healthy: “Being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle have always been very important to me. I pride myself in taking care of my mind, body and soul, and not just through exercise.”

Workouts as therapy: “It’s also about getting enough sleep, eating nutritious and organic meals and taking good care of my skin. Working out makes me feel strong and energized every time. It’s my therapy for my mind and my body.”

On her passion for working out: “I love the adrenaline rush exercising gives me—and the payoff isn’t bad, either!”

On confidence: “Confidence comes from within and as long as you are putting forth a respectable effort to take good care of yourself, you should feel confident about that path. Just be sure to set realistic goals for yourself and design a plan that works for you. Also, remember that everyone gets there at their own pace and there’s no losing when you take charge.”

She looks amazing in these pictures! George knows how to pick em!

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