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This Month’s Best Beauty Buys, by Marie Claire!


I’m hooked on the ethereal, soft-focus finish of La Mer Treatment Powder Foundation, $90. Fittingly, its base ingredient is Airgel, a literally weightless material used by NASA.


To soften the edgiest makeup looks, Lancome’s Aaron De May cleverly borrows a stroke from Renaissance painters, highlighting faces with gold—on cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow, or center of eyelids (my personal fave). Best gilty pleasures: Lancôme Poudre Liberté Highlighting Powder, $40, Sensai The Lipstick by Kanebo, $55, and Avon Anew Ultimate Age Repair Gold Emulsion, $36.

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Ouidad Double Detangler, $24, is designed to gently unfurl ringlets. But I found it also effortlessly rakes deep conditioner through my long straight hair, pre-swim, making it my new beach-bag staple.


Runway Dorothy-worthy ruby eyeshadow, sparkling up models’ lids at Prada.
Reality Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Red Iron mascara, $28, and palette, $58, serving up vibrant yet flattering crimson shades that most of us can pull off (seriously). The exception: pale blondes (you’ll want to avoid the albino bunny look).


My beauty crutch: heaps of blush. But fall’s high-drama eyes and shockingly bold lips demand a lighter touch. For a featherweight fix, Sonia Kashuk Super Sheer Liquid Tint, $9.99, serves up just the right dewy dose.

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I finally found it!


So as my makeup collection grows I have been realizing I really need a new case and I have been looking for awhile. I have seen some really beautiful cases but at over $100 it just makes me think of all the makeup I could be buying with that money. Then there are all the cases that look more fit for a teen girl with the bright colors and patterns.

I finally found the perfect case at Target! It’s a very simple black case and what I like best is the 3 removable trays that fit a ton of makeup. One problem I found with a lot of the cases I looked at was the pop up trays they were cute but not very big and hard to access your makeup. I am able to pull a tray or two out and easily access all my makeup, definitely a great case and for the price you can’t go wrong.

Sonia Kashuk® Makeup Case 4-pc. Set

Keep Everything in One Place with this Structured Cosmetic Case

• Vinyl
• Black, Solid Pattern
• Includes 3 Removable Trays
• Clasp Closure
• Dimensions: 12” x 5.5” x 7”

$20.99 BUY IT HERE.

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