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My new favorite eye liner!


I’ve never owned an eye liner palette before, and man this is so fun!  Smashbox has released a really fun, eye liner palette that has 10 colors and a perfect little brush! I love how compact it is – it’s probably the smallest product in my case! So great!

Cream Eye Liner Palette by Smashbox!

Packed with ten of Smashbox’s most sought after Cream Eyeliner colors, an oversized mirror, and a mini Cream Eyeliner Brush, this palm-sized palette is a definite must-have.

Shades include Lava (deep slate shimmer), Picasso (deep ink blue), Midnight Purple (deep regal violet), Midnight Brown (dark chocolate), Putty (medium brown), Caviar (true jet black), Thunder (mossy gray), Midnight Green (deepest chalkboard green), Deep Bronze (chocolate shimmer), and Cameo (russet brown).

$32.00 – BUY IT HERE!


Planet Beauty is a retail chain of beauty boutiques throughout California providing a unique selection of skincare and hair care products as well as salon services to meet every beauty need, while ensuring excellent customer service through product knowledge and hands on training for all its dedicated employees. Since the first store opened in 1992, Planet Beauty boutiques have drawn a cult following of gorgeously groomed shoppers as well as numerous celebrities including Hilary Duff, Megan Fox, Mena Suvari, Miley Cyrus, Steve Carell and more.” Make Her Up LOVES Planet Beauty, and loves shopping on their website. If you haven’t checked them out yet, now’s the time!

My Review: Smashbox’s Muse Artist Eye Palette


I know Erin has reviewed this product, but I loved it so much I have to add my own review as well.  I was sent this product by the amazing Planet Beauty and I kid you not – I may throw out all of my other eye shadow.  This palette is probably the best palette I’ve ever used.  The colors are AMAZING, and gorgeous when you put it on!  There are 10 different shades – with an endless amount of combinations possible! Think of all the looks you could create with just this one beautiful palette! The brush alone would have cost you $20 – so this truly is an amazing deal.  If you guys trust us at all over here at MHU – you’ll take BOTH of our word for it, and go buy it! Don’t forget to check out everything else at Planet Beauty!

Inspire your inner artist with this one-of-a-kind mirrored palette with 10 stunning shadows plus a custom ARTIST EYE SHADOW BRUSH. Experiment with color and create an endless array of gorgeous eye looks.

TIP: Intensify the smoky eye by applying clear lip gloss (try LIP ENHANCING GLOSS in CRYSTAL) over eye shadow for a runway-inspired wet look.

$48.00 – BUY IT HERE!


Planet Beauty truly is your one stop shop for all your beauty needs! The innovative concept for this privately owned company was thought up in Newport Beach, CA in 1992. The vision was to give women (and more recently, men) a clean, inviting atmosphere filled with the latest and greatest products. Since the first store opened 15 years ago, people can’t seem to get enough. Every store location has reached profitable goals within their first year of operation and we have never had to move or close a store location. In what seems like a flash, Planet Beauty has exploded into a rapidly growing company including one corporate office, 24 locations, and over 250 employees.  Make Her Up LOVES Planet Beauty, and loves shopping on their website.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, now’s the time! 

New! Smashbox Muse

I am a longtime devoted Smashbox fan and I absolutely LOVE the new Muse line. The gorgeous colors are perfect for spring and summer.  I am loving the palette and eye liners, its been fun experimenting with mixing all the shadow and liner colors my other makeup is getting jealous! 

The eyeshadow brush is super soft and makes applying the product a snap and with my shadow base the eyeshadow stays vibrant all day. Top off your flawless face with a Smashbox creamy Lip Paints. The feel as great as they look and go on creamy instead of sticky.  



Smashbox Muse Artist Eye Palette

Inspire your inner artist with this one-of-a-kind mirrored palette with 10 stunning shadows plus a custom ARTIST EYE SHADOW BRUSH. Experiment with color and create an endless array of gorgeous eye looks.

$48.00 Smashbox Muse Artist Eye Palette



Smashbox Muse Cream Eye Liner Pencil Set

Four ultra-creamy, vibrant eye liner pencils to create a masterpiece all your own. Wear each shade alone, blended together, or smudged with shadow – experiment with color and get inspired! Includes 4 pencils in LAPIS, IMPERIAL, SLATE & ANTIQUE GOLD. (Retail Value $64)

$36.00 Smashbox Muse Cream Eye Liner Pencil Set



Smashbox Muse Lip Paints

This rich, creamy lip gloss glides effortlessly over lips for soft color and brilliant shine. Create your own one-of-a-kind artistic hue by mixing and layering shades.

$21.00 Smashbox Muse Lip Paints

Great start, flaky finish.


When I first applied Bionic Mascara I really loved it, my lashes looked fuller and longer. My problem was the longevity of the product. Even with my new tube within a few hours of  applying Bionic Mascara it would start to get dry and flake off. I am a little surprised I love so many of the Smashbox products and was disappointed this wasn’t as great as the rest of the line.

Smashbox Bionic Mascara
What it is:
An innovative ionic mascara.

What it does:
Smashbox Bionic is the first ionic mascara—it will leave you with longer, stronger, and more voluminous lashes! The specially-engineered brush coats lashes with our revolutionary long-wearing, water-resistant formula for a dramatic full lash. Aloe, silk, and wheat protein strengthen and condition.

$19.00 Smashbox Bionic Mascara

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