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How Angelina Jolie uses a cosmetic sturgeon on those unsightly veins


As one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses, it was only to be expected that Angelina Jolie would develop a taste for caviar.But instead of eating it, she rubs it into her skin.

After losing a drastic amount of weight, the 32-year-old star has recently displayed bulging veins on her arms, hands and forehead while her normally-glowing appearance lost its lustre.

To combat this, she has become a fan of a £200-a-time treatment extracted from the eggs of Baerii sturgeon, reared on farms in the South of France.

In sessions lasting up to three hours, Brad Pitt’s other half is swaddled like a mummy to sweat out toxins before being smothered all over in the body cream. It promises to ‘drench the skin with moisture and nourishment’ and combat ‘loss of firmness and slackened skin’.

Because of the high oil and protein content of caviar, it is thought to be especially moisturising. The fish smell is removed as extracts of caviar are used instead of whole roe.


She has also been indulging in 90-minute facials using La Prairie’s caviar-based creams.

Miss Jolie became a fan of the treatments earlier this year in Venice, after discovering them at the Hotel Cipriani’s Casanova spa centre. Sir Mick Jagger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney and Kate Moss are also devotees of caviar facials, while Catherine Zeta Jones has been smearing the stuff on her hair to add instant gloss.

The caviar-based creams are produced by extracting vitelline – or yolk sac – from the sturgeon eggs.

The substance contains phospholipids, which are fats key to hydrating and softening the skin, as well as proteins said to contribute to the regeneration of skin cells.

TV beauty expert Nick Ede, who gives tips on shows ranging from GMTV to Project Catwalk, said: “Caviar is packed with proteins and salts, and has lots of vitamins. The nutrients in it make it one of the best things to put on your skin.”

But Jenny Harding, a skincare specialist from the London-based Dynasty clinic, said: “It is true there are omega 3 fatty acids in caviar, but you might as well put cod liver oil on your face.

“The best thing you can do with caviar is put it on a plate and eat it. By the time it reaches a cream, it has been doctored so much you are getting little benefit.

“You would do just as well swallowing a cod liver supplement every day to make your skin glow.”

$100.00 – $2,000.00 BUY IT HERE!

The product Angelina uses runs about $350 – $600 a bottle.  Can you believe that! Sheesh!

My new favorite skincare product!


Another one of the samples in my Sephora clutch was Pure Perfection by Ole Henriksen and I’m a smitten kitten! It feels amazing on your skin and I can really see a difference. The first night I used it I had a new blemish and with the help of the glycolic acid in the skin cream it was almost gone the next morning I was amazed. It also has helped my pores look smaller and my overall skin looks much smoother. This is now at the top of my Christmas list.

Ole Henriksen Pure Perfection

The name says it all. This first class creme elevates skin to a new level of perfection by stimulating the skin’s renewal process, reducing wrinkles, and tightening pores. More youthful and radiant skin are revealed with consistent use.

$48.00 Ole Henriksen Pure Perfection 1.7 oz

Not sure what to get the man in your life?


This would make a great gift for your dad, brother or significant other. Now they can pamper themselves without sneaking your beauty products!

Jack Black On The Road Travel Pack ($80 Value)

The head-to-toe grooming solution for the guy on-the-go.

On The Road Travel Pack includes a 3 oz Beard Lube, 3 oz All Over Wash For Face , Hair & Body, 3 oz Face Buff, 3 oz Industrial Strength Hand Healer, 1.5 oz Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20, and a .25 oz Intense Therapy Lip Balm, tucked safely into a sleek black travel bag.

*Due to the size of this product, we are unable to offer holiday packaging, however a gift message can be included with your delivery.

$56.00 Jack Black On The Road Travel Pack ($80 Value) On The Road Travel Pack

Loved it!!!


I recently ordered a little purse from Sephora that came loaded with samples but I think it was a big mistake. I now have a bunch of new products that I love and I am going to need to start selling my vital organs to pay for my beauty addiction! One of my new faves is Cosmedicine’s MegaDose skin fortifying serum I applied it after my normal morning cleansing routine and the first thing I noticed was it smells pretty harsh, kind of like perm solution. I was a little afraid I was going to stink all day but the smell went away really quickly. Once the serum had dried my skin felt really moisturized but the best part was how smooth my face was and my pores were a lot less noticeable.

Cosmedicine MegaDose Skin Fortifying Serum

What it is:
A multivitamin and nutrient-enriched face serum.

What is it formulated to do:
-Intercepts stress and environmental assaults
-Creates a healing environment that enables skin to repair past damage including fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and loss of elasticity
-Helps stimulate collagen and elastin production to restore skin’s quality, tone, volume, and texture

What else you need to know:
Daily exposure to UV radiation, stress, smoke, and other environmental pollutants increases skin’s free radical burden and is a leading cause of premature lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and loss of elasticity. Antioxidant protection is an important defense against this damage and vital to skin’s healthy appearance.

Clinical trials using state-of-the-art high resolution tools measured:
-63% increase in protection against free radical activity induced by UV radiation

Recommended For SKINSTATES:
-Basic Skin Health
-Loss of Firmness & Elasticity
-UV Damage & Discoloration
-Rough & Uneven Texture
-Fine Lines & Wrinkles

$80.00 Cosmedicine MegaDose Skin Fortifying Serum 1 oz