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Finally an ANSR for acne?


How does ANSR work?

ANSR PREP: PREP cleanses the skin for enhanced effectiveness of the phototherapy treatment. The ANSR: BEAM blue light waves kill the bacteria and ensuing infection, while the red light waves rapidly heal the skin. ANSR: NIGHT inhibits the excess secretions that create blemishes, while ANSR: DAY adds a moisturizing element to the acne fighting ingredients to keep skin balanced.

ANSR BEAM: Harmless phototonic energy is utilized by the ANSR: BEAM to assist healing deep below the skin’s surface. The healing light is produced by a special high intensity LED (light-emitting diode) and absorbed by the skin and cells in the body. This light, sometimes called photolight therapy or phototherapy, is converted into chemical energy, which initiates a cascade of events at the cellular level.

The ANSR: BEAM utilizes narrow-band, high-intensity blue and red photolight wave applications for treating acne. Blue light waves (430 nm) are precise wavelengths of light energy that are selectively delivered to the targeted area beneath the skin. Bacteria that causes inflammation associated with acne is known as Propionobacterium Acnes or P.acnes. P.acnes release porphyrins, which absorb the photolight energy and in effect, self-destruct. By removing P.acnes, inflammation disappears and acne clears up. A different photolight wavelength than skin-damaging ultraviolet light, blue light safely kills bacteria without causing dryness, redness or pain.

Red photolight wavelengths (660nm) are longer wavelengths that are able to penetrate the skin more deeply. Red photolight stimulates the collagens to create new, healthier cells – up to 200% more rapidly. In addition to new cell growth, the inflammatory process is slowed down thus curbing the acne cycle. As healthier cells crowd out inflamed and infected cells, the skin becomes noticeably clearer.

Scientists have concluded that the synergistic effect of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory photolight wavelengths creates a safe and effective modality for improving acne.

ANSR TOPICALS: ANSR:’s scientific research team developed a special set of paraben free, acne-fighting topical lotions to help control acne and breakouts.

ANSR: PREP uses a precise combination of salicylic acid, scrubbing beads and exfoliating cleansers to help eliminate bacteria, slough off dead skin cells and remove excess oils to prepare the skin for light therapy application. The cleaner the skin, the deeper the BEAM can penetrate to accomplish its vital restorative work.

ANSR: DAY containshas AURAZIN™, a proprietary combination of natural ingredients that helps inhibit the thickening of skin oils so that they can pass freely up the hair follicles and safely onto the surface of the skin. This helps to keep oils from clogging the pores, preventing outbreaks. The DAY combines salicylic acid, minerals, botanicals and the AURAZIN™ acne-fighting formula with a gentle, non-greasy moisturizer. The skin is nourished and hydrated, and at the same time, more effectively protected against future outbreaks.

ANSR: NIGHT is a more concentrated version of the daytime lotion, but without a moisturizer. Also formulated with AURAZIN™, salicylic acid, minerals, and botanicals, NIGHT helps inhibit the thickening of skin oils, allowing the thinner oils to flow freely to the surface without clogging pores. Unlike its harsh counterparts, this easy-to-absorb gel works throughout the night to help stop acne in its tracks — below the skin’s surface.


ANSR: PREP Wet face and gently massage the refreshing cleanser into a lather. Leave on your skin for an additional 20 seconds to allow the ingredients to work. If drying of the skin occurs, start by leaving ANSR: Prep on the skin for 5 seconds, and gradually build up to the full 20 second application. Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry. Avoid eye area when cleansing with PREP.

ANSR: BEAM Once you’ve thoroughly cleansed your skin, you’re ready to apply both BLUE and RED photolight to the affected areas. Press the BEAM “ON” button for BLUE LIGHT and place directly on the skin. The BEAM will vibrate slightly to let you know it’s working. Using a slow, sweeping motion, gently run the unit along the surface of your skin for 5 minutes. BEAM will then automatically switch to deep penetrating RED LIGHT waves for 5 minutes, followed by automatic shut-off. (You can manually cycle from BLUE to RED by switching the button off and then on again.)

ANSR: DAY After treatment with light, apply a layer of DAY lotion to acne prone areas. Gently massage until absorbed into the skin. If drying of the skin occurs, begin with a spot application, and gradually build up to application over the entire afflicted area. You may apply makeup directly following application of ANSR: Day.

ANSR: NIGHT Cleanse skin and treat with light, as in the morning. Apply a layer of NIGHT gel to acne prone areas. Gently massage until absorbed into skin. If drying of the skin occurs, begin with a spot application, and gradually build up to application over the entire afflicted area.

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Estee Lauder Introduces Idealist




Beauty on a Budget! Albolene is the perfect cleanser!


Albolene® Moisturizing Cleanser is an effective and gentle makeup remover that is clinically proven by the Skin Study Center to moisturize better than the leading brands in its category, keeping your complexion clean, soft and supple. This dermatologist-recommended, moisturizing cleanser liquefies on contact with skin to thoroughly dissolve makeup (particularly hard-to-remove waterproof mascara and lipstick), dirt and environmental grime.

Used daily, Albolene rinses clean without any soap-and-water residue. It is available in 3.25 oz., 6 oz. and 12 oz. containers in both scented and unscented formulas. Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser has a long history for removing makeup and keeping skin feeling and looking younger, and it is a favorite among makeup artists and theatre performers who have to remove stubborn stage makeup each night.

  •  Independent clinical studies demonstrate that Albolene’s “Makeup Removal Index” and “Moisturizing Index” are significantly higher than the leading brands in its category.
  •  Albolene is strongly recommended for use every day to remove makeup, particularly any tough, smudge-proof or waterproof makeup.
  •  Using Albolene daily will not only rid the skin of makeup and environmental residue, but it will also protect the skin’s outermost layer from becoming dry and damaged.
  •  Daily use of Albolene will promote vibrant, healthy skin and a younger-looking complexion.
  • Because of its high moisturizing content, Albolene will help prevent dry or irritated skin.
  • For soft, clean, hydrated skin, smooth on Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser and remove makeup with the swipe of a tissue.

Albolene contains mineral oil, petrolatum paraffin, ceresin and beta-carotene. Unlike some of its cleansing competitors, Albolene has a higher moisturizing content, making it possible to use on a daily basis without drying of the skin. This product is not recommended for individuals with oily skin.


According to the Albolene® Take It Off survey*, 73% of American women wear makeup, however, 40% of them report that they sometimes don’t bother to wash it off before bed. Mistakenly, 12% believe that they don’t always have to wash their face at night because their makeup wears off during the day. Not true, say beauty experts, who emphasize that taking makeup off properly is just as important as the care you take to put it on.

Although it’s tempting to just go to bed without washing your face, DON’T DO IT. The survey found that more than one-third (36%) of women indicate that if they don’t remove their makeup each night, they find that they experience skin problems. Here are three easy steps for removing makeup and moisturizing your face at the same time:

  1. Push your hair back from your face.
  2. Start by removing more stubborn eye makeup with a dollop of Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser. Apply Albolene to the eye area, massage in and tissue off.
  3. Smooth Albolene onto the rest of your face and tissue off. No need for soap or rinsing.

Albolene is a one-step makeup remover and moisturizer that will keep skin smooth, soft and younger looking. Clinical studies demonstrate that it removes makeup and moisturizes skin better than the leading makeup remover brands.

Albolene® is available at the following retailers in your area: $7.00 – $11.00!
Rite Aid
Duane Reade
Discount Drug Mart
Kerr Drug

Introducing Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care


I had the pleasure of trying this product, and to be honest I had never used any Vichy products before. I was excited to try a new product, and was totally thrilled to see the results after 2 weeks of using it!! My skin was clearer – healthier – and all around better than before I tried it!

Vichy Best Seller: Oil-free hydrating care that is clinically proven to stop the cycle of acne imperfections. Replenishes skin with balanced moisture while Zincadone+ and Salicylic Acid purifies and prevents future breakouts. Patent-pending Intra-Pore Technology controls shine.

Health Facts about Acne Prone Skin

1) Despite being frequently associated with teenagers and oily skin, imperfections can appear at any age and on any skin type, due to skin imbalances, stress, environment, hormonal changes or use of inadequate skincare products.
2) Products that are too harsh ore drying can stimulate the skin to produce excess oil. This reaction is the skin’s natural defense mechanism, known as the “rebound effect”.

What are indications of skin with acne imperfections?
Clogged pores, blemishes, blackheads, microcysts, dilated pores, shine, redness

How does new Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care work?
It’s clinically proven to stop the cycle of acne related imperfections by:
> Providing oil-free hydration that replenishes the skin with balanced moisture
> Containing Zincadone + and Salicylic Acid to purify and prevent future breakouts
> Using patented Intra-pore Technology controls shine

  • Clinically proven results in 4 weeks. Allergy tested. Tested on sensitive skin. PURIFIED AND SOOTHED SKIN
  • Healthier Looking Skin: 80%

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