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Patricia Wexler’s Fastcriptions!


Another great Patricia Wexler product, fastscriptions do just what the title implies by working quick to beat your beauty woes. This is the perfect product for spring with allergies my eyes are constantly puffy, with a little dab by the time I’m out the door my eyes look brighter and more awake and free of the puffy bags!

Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology
Fastscription™ Instant De-Puff Eye Gel

The votes are in! Patricia Wexler MD Dermatology Fastscription™ Instant De-Puff Eye Gel won the Allure Best of Beauty Award in the Best DePuffing Eye Product Category. The ultimate way to send your bags packing. Cooling and correcting, this miraculous gel immediately reduces visible puffiness. See long-term benefits with continued use. Specially formulated yeast complex firms the undereye area and softens the appearance of fine lines. Visibly renews and improves skin inside and out.

* Reduces the appearance of fine lines
* Suitable for all skin types
* Safe for those who wear contact lenses
* To use: Pat onto skin under eyes and on brow area using a light touch. Can be used 1-2 times daily
* LIMITED TIME! Take $10 off your eye cream!

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Now: $9.50!


A great skincare product to add to your routine. Not only will it work to correct your wrinkles and improve your skin it helps smooth out your skin it works to smooth right away making your makeup go on that much easier.

Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology
Fastscription™ No-Injection Instant Line Filler for Lips & Eyes

Fill in the lines, take away the time. This formula works immediately to fill in and temporarily erase visible lines around the lips and eyes, crow’s feet included. Apply and watch lines get lighter, thinner and less visible.

* Visibly renews and improves skin inside and out
* With continued use, significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines
* Fragrance-free
* Suitable for all skin types
* LIMITED TIME! Take $10 off your eye cream!

Online Only – Limited Time!
Now: $7.50

Chilled to perfection!




Nothing beats a cool shower on a hot day, and now Kenzo has the perfect face cleanser to cool you down. Their new Cleansing Ice Jelly melts into your skin instantly cooling it while washing away impurities.

I love Kenzo face wash and  the new Cleansing Ice Jelly is no exception. I love how it feels and the cooling sensation  as it cleans is euphoric! I keep mine in the fridge to make it extra chilly. My skin is left soft, smooth and clean without being overly dry.

Kenzo Cleansing Ice Jelly

- Gently cleanses
- Removes makeup
- Tones

This self-cooling cleansing jelly turns into a soft, water-like cleanser upon skin contact, and doubles as a gentle, non-irritating make-up remover. Its unique texture makes it effective on even waterproof makeup. Inspired by nature, KenzoKi skincare pairs advanced research with four natural elements from Asia to create the ideal balance of performance and pleasure. Four plants, four fragrances, four collections that delight the senses while enhancing the natural beauty of skin.

$28.00 Kenzo Cleansing Ice Jelly

Splurge worthy!


I have loved pretty much every La Mer product I’ve had the chance to try and the new La Mer Body Refiner is no exception. There is something instantly spa like when you see the trademark soft green color and great La Mer scent.

What is great about it? Well La Mer seems to have perfected the consistency, not too thick or thin it was easy to work into my skin and didn’t wash away before I was done.  The buffing particles worked great on my skin and with no sharp edges it was a nice break from some of the overly coarse products out there. My skin felt amazing when I was done, on top of feeling fresh my legs and arms were as smooth as baby skin.

La Mer introduces The Body Refiner
Diamond Infused. Moisture Rich.

Ever since The Max Huber Research Labs began engineering their first body treatments, they have incorporated the most luxurious ingredients to care for skin all over the body. Now, they have poured a wealth of knowledge into the creation of La Mer’s latest innovation, The Body Refiner. True to La Mer’s heritage, this multi-faceted treatment utilizes precious ingredients—including 1.75 carats of pure diamond dust— to deliver a cushiony resurfacing treatment that both polishes and softens the skin.

Plush, creamy, and calming, The Body Refiner incorporates fermented acidic sea muds harvested from a natural marine source to detoxify and purify skin for a bright, healthy appearance. Their low pH level makes these muds extremely gentle and especially suitable for sensitive skin. This essential purification process clarifies the skin and helps to restore its smoothness.

Pure diamond powder and polished sea quartz act as physical exfoliants, as this precious treatment instantly lifts away dull cells, gently retexturizing skin to reveal a smooth and supple new surface. The Body Refiner’s cream base serves to cushion the skin and protect its moisture barrier.

“To create the most effective exfoliator on earth, we incorporated the hardest material on earth – diamonds. When diamonds are crushed and polished they provide an extremely thorough yet gentle exfoliation,” says Loretta Miraglia, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Innovation. “Each Body Refiner contains over one and a half carats of diamond dust to lavish the skin with extraordinary softness.”

As The Body Refiner is massaged into skin, La Mer’s piezoelectric (electrically-charged) minerals – tourmaline and sea quartz – convert the massage action into energy, helping to stimulate circulation and awaken skin. A new vitality appears to glow from within.

For best results, massage with circular motions until the large particles completely dissolve. Rinse well. Use once or twice a week followed by The Body Crème. Skin is left instantly smoother and brighter as its radiant fresh surface is revealed.

$110.00 La Mer The Body Refiner

Here are some great tips on protecting your skin!


Here are some tips from renowned dermatologist Dr. Fran Cook-Bolden about protecting skin in the sun and preserving it for the future:

“When going out into the sun, always use a sunscreen formulated with SPF 30 or higher,” Dr. Cook-Bolden instructs. “For normal skin types with no tendency toward heat reactions, SPF 30 is sufficient; however, for those with pre-existing skin conditions or sun sensitivity, a higher SPF is preferable. I recommend Skin Medica Environmental Defense Sunscreen™ SPF 30—the formula protects against UV rays, environmental pollutants and free radical damage. Micronized zinc oxide provides maximum UVA and UVB protection in a single transparent ingredient, while Parsol® MCX provides superior UVB absorption to prevent sun damage. For those with sun sensitivity, Vanicream for Sensitive Skin SPF 60 is recommended. Vanicream™ Sunscreen SPF 60 is a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects your skin throughout the UVA and UVB rays. Vanicream™ Sunscreen SPF 60 contains zinc oxide, an ingredient that offers additional protection from the UVA rays which may contribute to skin damage and premature aging of the skin.

“To avoid a sunburn, don’t exfoliate skin before heading into the sun, as exfoliation speeds up cell turnover and makes sun damage more likely,” explains Dr. Cook-Bolden. “Be sure to avoid Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (found in chemical peels) as well, as this will increase the severity of sunburns. Instead, exfoliate at night to reduce sunburn and inflammation, use an exfoliator formulated with Vitamin C or Retinoids to correct sun damage overnight.

“To treat a sunburn, use creams containing tea tree oil, chamomile or peppermint to help reduce inflammation,” Dr. Cook-Bolden recommends. “ For severe burns, visit a dermatologist for Biafine, a prescription-grade treatment that heals skin after sunburns and reduces scarring.”

“If you have existing signs of sun damage, use a Feruelic Acid treatment,” advises Dr. Cook-Bolden. “Feruelic Acid features antioxidant-rich coffeeberry, which helps break up pigment in sun spots.”