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Rainforest Unearths Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients


Rainforest Unearths Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients

The NEW Alba Botanica Rainforest collection is formulated with nutrient-dense Rainforest botanicals that have been chosen for their unique anti-aging properties. The collection of skin, hair and body products are enriched with Rainforest botanicals offer users a natural anti-aging experience.

Utilizing potent, nutrient-rich, sustainable sourced botanicals found in the tropical rainforest, Alba Botanica Rainforest Body Care collection rejuvenates skin, leaving it healthy and radiant. Acai, Andiroba and Cupuaçu neutralize free radicals, soothe, heal and hydrate skin from head to toe.

Alba Botanica’s new Rainforest Hair Care utilizes nutrient-rich botanicals such as Açai, Cupuaçu and Copaiba to provide antioxidant protection, restore hair’s softness and elasticity and soothe and protect the and tackle every hair care need whether it’s turning straw-like strands into silk or soothing and protecting the scalp.

Alba Botanica Rainforest Skin Care collection effectively hydrates, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates skin, leaving it healthy and radiant. At the heart of the collection is Tiger Nut Extract, which reinforces the “shock absorbing” layer of the skin. Rich in oligosaccharides, Tiger Nut increases skin resilience and promotes collagen production (based on clinical test results). Additional ingredients including Açai, Andiroba, Buriti and Cupuaçu combine to neutralize free radicals, soothe, heal and hydrate skin.

I have always loved Alba products and the new Rainforest Skin Care collection is no exception here are a few of my favorite products from the line.


The perfect toner for the warm summer months, I love how clean and refreshed my skin feels after using Alba Refreshing Mist Toner.  It leaves me skin hydrated and cooled without any tightness, it also works great to cool down and freshen up on long days.


Hydrates and restores skin’s natural balance

Signature ingredient: Tiger Nut is rich in oligosaccharides which create enhanced resilience through reinforcing the mesh network layer of the skin and through increasing collagen production.

Product description: This refreshing facial toner is infused with extract of Tiger Nut to boost elasticity, Andiroba Oil to renew and antioxidant-rich Açaí Oil to neutralize free radicals.

Features and benefits: Hydrates and restores skin’s natural balance.

Who should use this product? Perfect for all skin types.

Directions for use: After cleansing, lightly mist face and neck with toner. Follow with moisturizer while skin is still damp. For a refreshing pick me up, mist face anytime of the day.



A light and moisturizing lotion, it absorbs super quickly  leaving my skin soft and supple.

AÇAÍ Antioxidant Body Lotion

Nourishes, protects and neutralizes free radicals

Signature ingredient: Açaí has highly concentrated and a diverse range of antioxidants and is proving to be an excellent source of essential fatty acids.

Product description: This antioxidant-rich body lotion contains protective Açaí to help neutralize free radicals and reduce the signs of aging. Rich, nourishing Cocoa Butter and Brazil Nut Oil moisturize and hydrate for healthy skin.

Features and benefits: Nourishes, protects and neutralizes free radicals.

Who should use this product? Perfect for all skin types.

Directions for use: Apply lotion daily over entire body. For best results, moisturize after bathing.



A delicious smelling shampoo leaves my hair clean and silky smooth, I can see a definite improvement in the shine of my hair!

AÇAÍ Antioxidant Shampoo

Helps protect hair from damage

Signature ingredient: Açaí has highly concentrated and a diverse range of antioxidants and is proving to be an excellent source of essential fatty acids.

Product description: This nutrient-dense shampoo with antioxidant-rich Açaí helps protect against the damaging effects of free radicals. Nourishing Passion Fruit Oil and Jojoba Oil soften and add shine for silky, manageable hair.

Features and benefits: Cleanses and helps protect hair from damage.

Who should use this product? Perfect for all hair types.

Directions for use: Apply shampoo to wet hair and work into a rich lather. Rinse clean. For best results, follow with Açaí Antioxidant Conditioner.




Crystal from Beauty or Bust just commented that she is addicted to the Wonderbar right now. I’ve never heard of it so curiously went in search of more info and after reading up on the Wonderbar  I want need to try it! A specialized facial soap that clears skin, reduces pores and clears up the random bumps and splotches skin tends to get. I can’t wait to get my hands on a bar, if any other readers have tried it let me know how it helped your skin!


The 25gm Wonderbar from Wonderbar USA, 4-6 weeks supply, is a facial bar which is enhanced by the unique combination of Chlorey’nahre and Heilmoor clay of Austria.
The Wonderbar from Wonderbar USA, is a facial bar which is enhanced by the unique combination of Chlorey’nahre, our proprietary complex extracted from algae, with 3000 year old Heilmoor clay of Austria, a natural therapeutic ingredient. The use of nanotechnology to develop Chlorey’nahre results in quick & complete absorption into your dermis to help your skin stay supple, radiant and youthful. Chlorey’nahre also helps the skin become healthier and allows it to regain its natural ability to rejuvenate the cells quickly.

Check out the testimonials!

Brand Introduction: Dr. Denese

A QVC favorite Dr. Denese has a lot of faithful clients due to her high quality products. I recently had a chance to sample some of the Dr. Denese line and wanted to share my thoughts.


Dr. Denese Advanced Firming Facial Pads

A great exfoliant a slight tingle when I first started using but my skin is glowing! It has helped clear my skin and my overall skin tone is so improved I can get away with just powder on my face.

What is it?
A set of 100 daily firming pads infused with Actizone Firming Factor, a unique cocktail of ingredients. Each pad delivers exfoliation, radiance, improved skin tone and clarity, and helps reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and pores in one easy step. After just one use, skin is firm, exfoliated, and radiant; visible pores are smaller; and skin tone appears more even.

Who is it for?
Anyone with dull, lackluster, or uneven skin tone, a lack of radiance and firmness, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles; and anyone who wants their makeup and other skin care items to work better and desires a dramatic change in the look and quality of their skin.

$35.00- $48.00 60-100 ct pads


Dr. Denese SPF 30 Defense Day Cream

A truly great SPF 30 day cream, it goes on so light and absorbs  quickly. It doesn’t leave any residue or make my face shiny.

What is it?
An innovative day cream that, if worn every day on the face and eyelids, delivers important SPF 30 UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection to help prevent wrinkles, lines, and age spots. It is naturally tinted with self-adjusting melanin technology for instant, sheer coverage that’s flawless, hydrated, and even.

Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to prevent or protect skin from future lines and wrinkles; those who wish to instantly create a flawless complexion; and anyone who desires superior SPF protection against aging for the face.

$49.00  Dr. Denese SPF 30 Defense Day Cream


Dr. Denese Glow Younger Self Tanner

A clear gel it has no tell tale self tanner smell which is great. I learned through trial and error on this product you need to use an extremely light hand when applying. If you just apply a really light layer it leaves a great glow that brings you natural tone up a notch without being orange.

What is it?
A clear self-tanner that delivers a natural, glowing tan to the skin. Infused with peptide technology and hydrating, antiaging ingredients, it also helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while keep skin moisturized.

Who is it for?
Anyone who wants an easy-to-use, fragrance-free self-tanner that delivers antiaging ingredients to the face and body as well as natural-looking, sun-kissed color.

$32.00  Dr. Denese Glow Younger Self Tanner

NEW REPORT: Tanning Beds DEFINITE cause of cancer.


It’s no surprise that too much time in the tanning bed can be dangerous for your health. But a new study released yesterday reveals just how much.

International cancer experts say that the ultraviolet radiation from tanning bed bulbs is a definite cause of cancer. For years scientists have described those UVA rays as “probable carcinogens.”

Medical journal Lancet Oncology published the research. It now ranks tanning beds and ultraviolet radiation into the top cancer risk category, alongside tobacco, the hepatitis B virus and arsenic.

“Whether it’s sunshine or ultra violet tanning in a tanning bed, there is no safe way,” said Dr. Mark Koone, a dermatologist at Texoma Dermatology Clinic in Sherman.

Dr. Koone said it’s especially important for Texans to be wary of ultraviolet rays, because the sun is so intense in this region.

“If you’re getting ultra violet radiation enough to the point where you get a tan it means you’ve caused DNA damage, you’ve caused mutations in your skin,” explained Dr. Koone.

But what do these findings mean for local tanning businesses?

Joan Thompson owns Electric Beach Tan, the first tanning salon to open its doors in Denison 20 years ago. She says the reason customers keep coming back is because they enjoy the tanning experience.

“It’s just relaxing for a lot of people because it’s their me time,” said Thompson.

And even though that relaxation could come at a price, she said she isn’t too worried about her business.

“I think no, it’s not going to change people that really love to tan, because this business has been in place for too long,” said Thompson.

Dr. Koone seems to feel the same way, although he hopes people will heed the research’s findings.

“My gut feeling is the behavior overall probably won’t change that much, this is just confirming what we’ve already suspected,” said Dr. Koone.

The new analysis combined about 20 studies and concluded that the risk of skin cancer jumps by 75 percent when people start using tanning beds before age 30.

One mother said she’s been following the research and is always adamant about sun protection for her family. Kate Whitfield of Sherman said it’s an effort worthwhile and will pay off in the long run.

So as for “fake n bake?” Well she said that’s out of the question.

“We haven’t had any skin burns and we’ve never had anybody even ask to go to a tanning parlor because they know that would be not acceptable,” said Whitfield.