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Celeb Must Have: Talika’s Eye Patches

This award winning dry patch acts in 30 minutes, delivering moisturizing and anti-ageing ingredients directly to the skin by osmosis. Developed from a post surgery technology.

Reusable, even washable, it produces gradual and controlled diffusion of the active ingredients, stimulating the skin surrounding the eye area to a younger and smoother appearance.

I’ve tried these eye patches, and I am absolutely in love. How does this work!? It seriously makes my eyes look so much better, after only half an hour! What I love – is you can reuse these! How great is that!? I’ve used the same pack for the last week! And I love the cute little case that comes with the kit. I keep it right next to my bed, and I use it when I watch TV right before bed!

The ultimate eye contour repair :
Spectacular reduction of under eye wrinkles in just 30 minutes!

Eye Therapy is the first cosmetic application of a post surgery, technological discovery, offering exceptional features, benefits and efficiency :
- controlled and progressive release of active ingredients
- spectacular results

This reusable patch, spectacularly reduces all trace of fatigue appearing under the eyes. It is a pleasant, effective, natural and comfortable solution for combating wrinkles, circles and under-eye puffiness.

The results are visible and have been clinically proven by Dermatologists at the “Hôpitaux de Paris de la Salpétrière”.

After just one use:
- wrinkles are lessened
- dark circles and eye puffiness are reduced
- scars are diminished

How to use it ?
Open the sachet, apply each patch to the under-eye area and leave on for 30 minutes. Remove patch and store in jewel case for re-use. Talika recommends using the patch in the evening, 2 to 3 times a week.

Celebs have been buzzing about this new product. Recently Drew Barrymore was interviewed by PEOPLE Magazine, where she gushed about the product.

Editor – “How did your relationship with your looks change when you turned 30?”

Drew Barrymore – “For some reason, since I turned 30 this little crew comes in the middle of the night and they sew little sausages under my eyes! I found some great new eye patches that are so awesome. They’re by Talika. They just take away the puffiness. You put them on for 20 minutes and they’re genius.”

$62 HERE. (Remember – these are reusable! $62 isn’t that bad, when you can use them over and over! PS: You could find some on eBay, I checked it out, there are a few sets for sale, cheaper.)

The secret to flawless skin!

Perfect skin is something on everyone’s wish list, but thanks to makeup artist Pat McGrath’s tricks (via Allure Magazine) on the fall runways (such as at the Louis Vuitton show, above), a new, insanely flawless complexion is not only the trend for fall—it’s attainable by everyone. Try it with these tips that McGrath shared with Allure (for more, see the September issue, on newsstands now):

Prep. Exfoliate and moisturize before you even look at your foundation—massaging moisturizer into your skin will help get the blood flowing.

Get the right base.
During the Fall 2010, makeup artist Pat McGrath used only liquid and cream foundations. We recommend Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation for complete coverage. Before you apply it to your face, put the foundation in your hands to warm it up and swipe over any discolorations—including any redness on your ears.

Conceal. Less is more here. McGrath recommends a matte concealer under the eyes and around the nose, and a creamy one (we like Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer) on drier skin—both applied in little dots on each spot with a pointed brush and then blended with fingers.

Highlight. For ultra-glowing skin, apply highlighter that matches the color of your skin in nine places (yes, nine!) with your fingers and blended softly: cheekbones, bridge of the nose, inner corners of the eyes, Cupid’s bow, and the chin.

Mattify. To ensure skin glows rather than reflects light like a disco ball, gently dab the entire face with a tissue, and dust powder over the t-zone.

Introducing a new awesome face mask from myfaceworks!

Dry, dull skin is a thing of the past! Rejuvenate thirsty skin with the intense hydration of myfaceworks NEW I Need to Replenish facial mask. I Need to Replenish is the perfect addition to complement the skincare regime of any normal skin type with dry tendencies.

This skin quenching mask is packed with potent ingredients to repair, reverse and prevent any future cellular damage in the skin. Sodium Hyaluronate improves skin’s appearance by smoothing out wrinkles while Imperata Cylindrica Extract optimizes collagen synthesis and moisture absorption in the skin. Glycerine is an emulsifier and skin softener that helps retain the skin’s moisture.

These concentrated ingredients are soaked in a soft and light sheet of 100% silk fabric. The transparent netted structure provides superb hydration benefits while accelerating the absorption process of the serum into the skin.

I’ve used this mask 2-3 times already, and I love it. What I do, is put one on when I’m laying in the bath. It’s just so relaxing. I close my eyes, relax in the bath – and let the mask do it’s job. What’s nice is there isn’t as much clean up as a regular face mask. You can feel it tingling and working as you relax. It leaves your skin feeling so clean and healthy. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s a great – great mask. I can’t wait to use it again!

$55 seems like a lot to spend at once on a face mask, but when you consider that it’s for 6 masks, that’s less than $10 a pop! That’s so great!!

Features & Benefits:

  • Skin looks healthier and retains radiance.
  • Skin is brightened and clarified within minutes of application.
  • Repairs, reverses, and prevents any future cellular damage in the skin.
  • Moisturizes the skin for more youthful appearance.
  • Concentrated ingredients are soaked in a soft and light silk fabric, made of 100% silk. The netted-structure provides superb hydration benefits while accelerating the absorption process of the serum.

Key Ingredients:

Sodium Hyaluronate - Helps greatly in improving the skins appearance and smoothing out wrinkles.
Glycerine - An emulsifier and skin softener that helps to retain the skin’s moisture.
Imperata Cylindrica Extract – Optimizes and reinforces collagen synthesis and moisture absorption in the skin.

$55.00 for 6 masks! BUY IT HERE

I’m in love with…Supergoop!

I love this new line from Supergoop! I’ve tried the Everyday Moisturizing Lotion, and it’s awesome!! I also love the ease of the Quickstick with Vitamin C. The products are AWESOME!!

Doctor T’s Supergoop! is proud to release a whole new level of sun protection with Supergoop! PLUS – now meeting new European and Australian recommendations for High Protection sunscreens. New to the U.S. market, the eleven-product line of lotions, sprays, pumps and swipes with Parsol 1789 + Parsol SLX is formulated for active adults and children offering an exclusive combination of two sun filters plus a unique photostabilizing booster to enhance longer lasting photostability and efficacy against UVA and UVB rays.

Always innovating, Supergoop! SPF 30+ today stands fully committed to providing safe and advanced UV protection formulated in conjunction with the stringent standards for Healthy Child Healthy World while also also meeting the new European and Australian recommendations for High Protection Daily Suncare.

By avoiding possible carcinogens such as oxybenzone, proplyene glycol and octinoxate, and endocrine disruptors such as parabens still used in many leading sun protection products, we can ensure maximum skin compatibility and an environmentally-conscious line of products.

Each of our formulas have proven performance in independent clinical testing facilities and we have the paperwork to back the effectiveness, critical wavelength, broad spectrum protection and photostability in each ingredient deck.

Offering a whole new level in sun protection for 2010, Supergoop! PLUS with Parsol 1789 + Parsol SLX will be introduced providing a first-to-market combination of two sun filters plus a photo stabilizing booster against UVA and UVB rays.

New product line includes:

· Refillable Super-Spray ($24)

· Super-Tube ($21)

· 100% Natural Quick Stick ($9)

· SPF Super-Swipes ($34 for 40 swipes; $10 for 8 swipes)

· Slim, Flip-Top Tube ($11)

· Super Pump (Small, $44; Medium, $68; Large, $ 148)

· 4Lips Box Set ($19)

Check out all the awesome products here!