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24K gold for your lashes!


24K Gold Eyelash Curler by Shu Uemura is a premium 24K gold eyelash curler.

Perfectly measured and finely balanced, the Shu Uemura 24K Gold Eyelash Curler is designed to ensure superior functionality and performance. The silicone pad in a “mushroom” shape provides a protective, stay-put edge for safety and optimum curl. The patented hinge is specifically engineered to apply the perfect amount of pressure on eyelashes. The calculated shape, size of frame length, and ergonomic handles ensure stability and control, while the curved angle suits all eye shapes.

This Sephora-exclusive eyelash curler comes within a luxurious red packaging with a limited-edition design. If you struggle to reach each and every lash, the Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash Curler will give you ultimate precision to accentuate even the smallest lash—especially those in the inner and outer corners.

I’m not exactly sure why this is necessary, but whatever floats your boat. :)

$24.00 – BUY IT HERE!

Relief for your lips!


On top of being a gloss junkie use a lot of  lip balms to keep my lips smooth and hydrated. I have been switching between a few different brands but I found a lot made my lips feel more dry after the balm wears off. Then I found Shu Uemura’s depsea therapy lip balm and the difference has been amazing.

I have been applying it right before bed and my lips feel moisturized all night and through the next day. A great balm to soothe summer worn lips and keep them protected into the cooler fall and winter months.


Give lips the benefits of Depsea moisture for soft, supple lips. This smooth, sheer lip balm maintains hydration for 8-hours and prevents lips from chapping. SPF 15 formula protects lips from harmful UV rays.


Want Rihanna’s nude lips?


Rihanna’s makeup artist Mylah Morales first lined her lips with a taupe liner, then applied a warm beige Shu Uemura lipstick and finished with a glossy coat of a pink CoverGirl Fruit Spritzer.  Those with darker skin should pick a deep beigy nude, while those with fairer complexions are flattered by a pinker hue, says Morales, who suggest pairing a pale lip with pink blush or bronzer to avoide looking washed out!


Rouge Unlimited by Shu Uemura is a rich textured lipstick.

What it is formulated to do:
The creamy, rich texture allows for ultra-smooth application. Ceramide shield provides eight-hour moisture comfort.

What else you need to know:
Rouge Unlimited offers a high-tech, high-pigmented lipstick formula for unlimited color variation. High color fidelity allows for truest color payoff, as well as empowered brightness and vividness of color.

$23.00 – SEPHORA


Pamper your lips with fresh, fruity flavor, a burst of shine and the smooth feel of a lip balm! Each pocket-sized tube of Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers by CoverGirl has a conditioning formula, with botanical ingredients, helps improve lip condition over time and lock in moisture for hours.

$5.99 at your local drugstore!

shu uemura Rebirth Collection Pressed Eye Shadow


Upon my arrival to my hotel on my fab NYC Beauty Editor trip I was treated with a gift bag from Shu Uemura filled with great products. One of my favorite is the Rebirth Collection eye shadows from shu uemura, the eye shadow goes on silky smooth and the colors are beautiful. When I first saw the shadows I wondered how well they would blend and look on my eyes. Even though the shadows are vivid you can have a hint of color with one swipe or layer for a more dramatic look. The shades look amazing on and the color stays true throughout the day.

Order yours soon these are a limited collection item!


shu uemura Rebirth Collection Pressed Eye Shadow

What it is:
A single shade pressed eyeshadow from shu uemura.

What it does:
When you apply shu uemura’s Pressed Eye Shadow, two different shapes of micro-fine powders adhere firmly to the skin for even, long-lasting finishes. Silicone-coated powder results in the truest color pay-off and a non-fading finish. Light-capturing powders absorb and reflect light for a multi-dimensional finish.

What else you need to know:
Pressed Eye Shadow offers gorgeous single eyeshadows with light-capturing powders in metallic finishes.

Revitalize your look this Spring with shu uemura’s limited edition Rebirth Collection. Inspired by the purity, energy, and innocence of the spring season, Mr. Uemura designed the 126th Mode Makeup collection to celebrate its 40th anniversary by using a combination of soft and vivid hues embellished with a unique and graceful leaf motif to communicate the revitalization of nature occurring at this time of year.

$20.00 shu uemura Rebirth Collection Pressed Eye Shadow IR Earth Brown


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