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A 3 Step Coconut Inspired Recipe for Perfect Spring Legs!

Need a recipe to help save your dry winter legs? Allow the hydrating results of our new Coconut-infused products to deliver everything you need to show off a little extra skin!

I love the fresh ginger scent of the c. Booth Ginger Sugar Body Scrub. The granules do a great job off sloughing off dry skin and it has the perfect balance of oil to hydrate my skin. Perfect for getting great gams for all your Spring dresses!

Step 1: Scrub Away Winter Woes
A dash of sweet and a pinch spice starts off the recipe for super soft skin! New c. Booth Ginger Sugar Body Scrub energizes and uplifts your senses thanks to fortified sugar granules that stimulate and smooth by removing dead cells on the skin’s surface. The added Coconut Oil will provide deep and real moisture leaving legs super soft.

This razor is AMAZING! I love the Skin Conditioning solid it saves the step of shave cream and is great for traveling. The Coconut and Almond oil scent is downright addicting and it leaves my legs silky smooth much longer than my normal razor.

Step 2: Smooth Legs
Now that you have scrubbed away all the winter damage, give your legs the advanced nourishment they deserve with the reliable Schick® Intuition®, the only razor that lathers and shaves in one easy step. The new Schick® Intuition® Pure Nourishment™, targeted for women with dry skin, features a unique Skin Conditioning Solid™, now infused with Coconut Milk and Almond Oil. As an essential multi-tasking beauty accessory, this new razor is full of antioxidants as well as Coconut Milk to moisture skin for results that are both smooth and radiant.

I am a lotion junkie so it takes a lot to impress me. I have to say c. Booth’s Coconut Fig Body Lotion is my new go to product. First off the bottle is huge and is under $10, so its great on the wallet. Even better is how great is makes my skin feel. The lotion is really rich and moisturizing but absorbs right into my skin with zero greasiness. The Coconut Fig scent is so yummy, I cover my skin head to toe after I hop out of the shower. 

Step 3: Add Extra Moisturize
Complete the recipe with c. Booth 4-in-1 Coconut Fig Body Lotion. The 4-in-1 Multi-Action Body Lotion promotes healthy cell turnover with a powerful combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil to keep skin hydrated, and Caffeine to help firm and tone. Vitamins A and E provide antioxidant support to the skin, while Coconut Oil adds to the delicious aroma and strengthens the underlying tissues for legs you can’t help but show off.

Finishing Touch:
Now that you have smooth and silky legs, give your feet some extra love with China Glaze Coconut Kiss, available at, to complete your spring transformation-as a bonus it dries in seconds!

Skintimate Gets A Makeover!

If you want soft touchable legs this is a can’t beat combo. I love the Skintimate’s new lotionized shave cream I like that is dispenses from the bottom it makes it easier to dispense. It gives my legs protection from nicks without gooping up my razor and leaves my skin really soft.  The Schick Hydro Silk razor gives me the closest shave I’ve had. I really love the moisturizing serum that emits with every stroke, it leaves my legs feeling touchably soft and silk. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold and maneuver for a really close shave.

Skintimate shave cream just got had a makeover! Now it’s a non-aerosol, non-lathering lotion that creates a moisture locking barrier on skin to protect and seal in moisture for softer, smoother legs. Just wet legs, apply a thin layer and shave with no nasty nicks or cuts.

The new Skintimate Lotionized Shave Cream comes in  three varieties:

Revitalizing – a rich créme infused with exfoliating pearls, verbena, olive butter, soy, and antioxidant white tea to leave skin feeling revitalized and silky smooth.
Dry Skin – a luxurious créme made especially for dry skin to give maximum hydration. Enriched with moisturizing olive butter, soy, and antioxidant white tea to leave skin feeling noticeably softer and smoother.
Extra Gentle – a mild, dye-free créme designed for sensitive skin types. A specially designed “cushion” combined with olive butter, soy, vitamin E and aloe vera powder gives skin extra protection for nicks and cuts.

Skintimate Lotionized Shave Cream is available at your local mass retailer for $3.99

After 7 years of research, hundreds of focus groups and testing among thousands of women, Schick is introducing the new Schick Hydro Silk razor.

The proprietary technology is a combination of a water activated moisturizing serum that hydrates skin with each stroke and a patented 5 curve sensing blade with unique skin guards that protect and care for sensitive skin.

  • In consumer testing women said they preferred the new Schick Hydro Silk razor over others for these reasons:
  • The water activated moisturizing serum keeps legs hydrated throughout the entire shave
  • The 5-curve sensing blades gives an incredibly close shave
  • The unique skin guards help protect skin from irritation, nicks and cuts
  • The oval cartridge helps get a close shave in hard-to-reach areas
  • The ergonomic handle is easy to control and grip

The Schick Hydro Silk razor is available at your local mass retailer for $9.99


Get Organized with the Simplicity Project!

Are there myriads of beauty products overflowing your bathroom? Is there a ‘junk drawer’ you can’t even begin to organize? Does the simple thought of the papers on your desk stress you out? Schick Intuition is here to help! With the launch of Simplicity Project, the brand provides professional advice from Organizational Expert Jill Pollack on easy ways to keep things simple in just a few short steps! Just visit for more!

Jill says:

  • “Designate a drawer or shelf as a home for purses and wallets, cell phones and chargers, sunglasses and loose change.”
  • “Categorize and store like items / like uses together; Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Cooler, Blankets.”
  • “Get belongings ready the night before for quick and easy access in the morning. Try placing items by the door to shorten and simplify your routine.”
  • “Make sure to schedule time for yourself that is nonnegotiable. A Skype chat with an old friend, a yoga class, a massage.”

To simplify your beauty routine, Jill recommends using Schick Intuition,  the only razor with a skin conditioning solid surrounding surrounding four ultra-thin blades to achieve the closest shave possible. Schick Intuition offers women the ultimate multi-purpose beauty accessory in one easy product, available now in three new, limited edition handles!

For additional simplicity tips from Jill visit Schick Intuition on Facebook and click the ‘Simplify and Save’ tab. There you have the opportunity to take our Simplicity Personality quiz and receive up to $4 off Schick Intuition products!

Schick Hydro Silk™ Razor, Your New Best Friend!

Hydro Silk is Schick’s first five-bladed razor for women, each blade is mounted individually for better movement. It also helps reduce  irritation and dry skin with a water-activated serum that sits in tiny reservoirs.

This little gem is really an amazing razor. On first try I noticed how easily it glided along my legs and gave me a super close shave much faster than usual. My favorite part of the razor? My clean shave lasts longer! I have been able to double the amount of time between shaves and my skin feels so silky smooth. Definitely stocking up on refills for summer!


After seven years of extensive research, including hundreds of focus groups and testing among thousands of women, Schick® will revolutionize women’s shaving with the introduction of the new Schick Hydro Silk™ razor.

Water-activated moisturizing serum hydrates throughout each shave: The act of shaving is known to strip skin of essential moisture and can leave it dry, dull and irritated. The Schick Hydro Silk™ razor has moisturizing serum that activates with water to help replenish skin’s natural moisture throughout each shave. This advanced lubricating reservoir is more than a reinvention of the traditional lubricating strip – it is a totally re-engineered system to be more effective, delivering soothing lubricating ingredients while hydrating the skin.

5 Curve-Sensing Blades deliver an incredibly close shave: this is Schick’s first 5-blade razor for women and it leverages 7 years of blade technology research to bring women Schick’s closest shave yet. Unlike many of their razors, the Schick Hydro Silk™ razor blades are individually mounted to the cartridge which allows the specially designed blade tips to flow smoothly over a woman’s distinctive skin contours.

Unique Skin Guards help protect skin from irritation: the invention of Skin Guards on the top of each blade–to smooth the skin while shaving, which helps reduce irritation–represents both a completely new approach to achieving closeness and an industry advancement in shaving comfort and irritation reduction. The result is a unique shaving experience that no other women’s shaving system offers.

Compact oval cartridge shape for closeness and hydration in all zones: the unique design was developed to answer consumers’ calls for a razor head that easily fit into sensitive and/or hard to reach areas as well as easily maneuvering around curves and contours.

Beautiful, ergonomic and soft aqueous handle: Recognizing that the design aesthetics are as important as the actual functional purpose that the handle serves, Schick spent two years developing the handle. This is Schick’s most beautiful, feminine handle that is as easy to control and maneuver around curves as it is attractive.

The New Schick Hyrdro Silk Razor is available at drugstores and mass retailers.


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