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Halloween Costumes made easy with Q-tips! #BeautyQtips

qtip halloween in a box

Last week the mailman brought me something extra special. My Halloween Costume in a Box from Q-tips. My kit included makeup to create my looks, falsies, Pond’s cream cleanser and Precision Tip Q-Tips to create my look. The Q-Tip style guide had lots of great makeup looks but I decided to try a sugar skull after falling in love with the Book of Life movie.

halloween in a box inside 

I followed a YouTube tutorial to create my first sugar skull look. I love Q-tips for regular makeup clean ups but the Precision Tip applicators were amazing for clean ups as well as application. It was easy to wet them for more intense look from my shadow. And I like I could use multiple Q-Tips so I wasn’t cleaning brushes every two minutes.

qtip sugar skull

The Q-Tips made for much easier detail work and I love how well I could apply my eye shadow with them. Being my first sugar skull look I had a few errors and the Precision Tips were perfect for cleaning up just the mistake and not taking off makeup I wanted to keep.


sugar skull 2

I didn’t have any flowers to create an authentic dia de los muertos headpieces. So I found a black lace scarf to improvise my look. It all came together much faster than I thought and I am excited to try more fun looks with Q-Tips.

qtip after sugar skull

After all those layers of makeup I was a bit worried I was going to have a heck of time removing it all. I took a dollop of the Pond’s Cream Cleanser and after working it around my face with a bit of water no more makeup. My skin felt and looked great without any harsh scrubbing. Before you start your Halloween makeup look be sure to grab some Q-Tips to make the job easier.

Q-Tips can be purchased local drugstore, market or mass retailer.


Disclosure: I received product samples and items used to create my Halloween look. I was not paid to write this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Time to stock up on those Q-Tips!

This wasn’t a paid post – I just thought it was fun! I have these things piled up at my house. I use them for everything! Q-Tip’s are the perfect beauty tool, dontcha agree?

Have you stocked up on your Q-Tips Precision Tips??

I am obsessed with Q-Tips Precision Tips! They are so amazing! They are the PERFECT beauty tool – and they’re so cheap! I love the new tips – they are the perfect addition to your beauty regime! (They are a lifesaver when applying liquid eyeliner!)

Q-tips® cotton swabs are America’s most versatile home and beauty tool. Q-tips® cotton swabs are the leading cotton swab brand, trusted for superior quality and value for more than 80 years.

Q-tips® Cotton Swabs Standard Pack

  • Made with 100 percent pure cotton
  •  Q-tips® cotton swabs have more cotton at the tip* than any other swab
  • Soft and gentle for a variety of uses including cleaning, beauty, arts & crafts, baby care and pet care
  • SRP: $3.19 (500 count pack)
  • From the end of the stick to the top of the swab

Q-tips® Precision Tips ™

  • Made with 100 percent pure cotton
  • Specifically designed for precise makeup application and beauty touch-ups
  • Ideal for touching up eye liner, precisely applying concealer and perfecting manicures like a pro.
  • Affordable and clean alternative to makeup brushes
  • Gentle and safe for a variety of uses
  • SRP: $2.49 (170 count pack)

Q-tips® Cotton Swabs Purse Pack and Q-tips Precision Tip™ Purse Pack

  • Made with 100 percent pure cotton
  • Convenient storage in your purse or at your desk for on-the-go uses –anytime, anywhere
  • Flip-top design and refllable packaging make on-the-go touch-ups a breeze
  • Q-tips® cotton swabs have more cotton at the tip® than any other swab
  • SRP: $.99 (30 count pack)

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